Bedford Speedway » 2013 Results


August 3rd, 2013
 Robby Black came from deep in the field to score another win in Limited action at Bedford Friday night.  It was his fifth Limited victory of the season and came before a huge crowd as the track celebrated  $5 nostalgia night.  Not to be outdone, the Semi Lates featured the second photo finish in the last four weeks as Zane Weicht eeked out a last lap win.   Point leader Bill Replogle returned from a grinding crash only a week ago to take his fourth Pure Stock win of the season before Jonathan Taylor led another family event in the Economodifieds.  Randy Doty won the All American Outlaws event before Cale Martin took the 4 Cylinder nightcap.
    Travis Calhoun,  seeking his first career win at the track led from the start in the Limited event,  but Robby Black was climbing through the field fast.  Black was up to fourth by lap six.   Black got by Craig Perigo a lap later and began to close on Curtis Heath who was closing on the leader.  As the tightening trio encountered lapped traffic on lap nine, Black slid by Heath and set sights on Calhoun.
     Black shot by for the lead on lap 12 and immediately opened up a huge lead over the chasers over the next three laps.  That lead was wiped out when Perigo and George Dixon tangled up with a few lapped cars on lap 16, but on the restart Black again sped away.   At the finish, Black scored his fifth win of the season ahead of Calhoun,  who held off a challenge from Heath.  Dixon, Ron Bottenfield and Tim Smith trailed.   Black, Calhoun and Perigo won the heats.
     Tom Warren led the Semi Late field early on as the mob raced behind him.  Bob Jay and Greg Hainsey  led a four car pack in hot pursuit but it was Zane Weicht who was coming hard.  Weicht had worked up to third  when a huge pileup slowed the action on lap nine.  On the restart, it took two laps for Weicht to clear Hainsey and he went to work on Warren.    He took the lead as the pair took the white flag but Warren fought back to lead on the backstretch.
     Undaunted.  Weicht rallied coming off turn four and charged to the outside of Warren coming to the line.  In another split decision,  officials waited to view the picture which showed Weicht slightly ahead at the line.  Warren, looking for his first win in quite a while settled for second, ahead of Jim Sayler, Hainsey, Jay and Chris Chamberlain.  Jamie Swank, Hainsey and Weicht won the heats.
     Viv Vandergrift led the Econimodifieds early but the Taylor family soon arrived at the front.  Jonathan Taylor got by for the lead on lap six and led to the finish.  Evan Taylor got by Vandergrift on lap nine and took second, ahead of Vandergrift, Brandon Lasalle and Adam Daniels.
     Bill Replogle who was involved in a grinding crash last week which broke a section of the cement wall, rewarded car owner Pork Sell for a week of hard work with a come from behind Pure Stock win.  Charlie Walter led the field from the start, but it was ten cars in a pack at the front.   Replogle showed up second by lap 8 and was all over the leader.   Walter hung on until the fateful last lap when Replogle squeezed by to take the win.  Dave Riley who was third and looking for a path by both front runners, also got by on the frantic last lap to take second.  Walter was third..  Travis Group, Terry Norris, Jim Moreland and Kyle Beckett followed in hot pursuit.  Group and Riley won the heats.
    Randy Doty won the All American event.  Hunter Nestor led early  Bryan Green took over for a lap when Nestor’s car failed but Fred Collum took over on lap ten.   Doty harrassed Collum before getting by on lap 16 and romping to the win.  Collum was second followed by Green, Justin Collum and Jim Minter.
All American heats were highlighted by a wild crash on the frontstretch when Carrie Fryfogle and Al Daniels crashed hard and Daniels climbed the wall almost flipping.  Doty and Nestor won the heats.
     With the clock winding down on the program the 4 Cylinders took to the track.  Ryan Peer led early but Martin led lap two.  Peer was back to lead lap three before Martin took over again.  When a series of cautions ran the clock down, Martin was ahead when EJ Johnson hit the wall hard  on lap eight.  During that caution,  the clock ran down and Martin was declared the winner.  Andrew Pluta was second ahead of Dustin Drake who came all the way from 14th in the eight laps, Eric Boozel, Peer and Keith Deeter.
Peer, Boozel and Robert Pluta won the heats.
LIMITED 18 LAPS  1  Robby Black,  Travis Calhoun,  Curtis Heath,  George Dixon,  Ron Bottenfield,  Tim Smith,  Josh Berrier,  Dan Zechman,  Nathan Lasalle,  Troy Swindell, Donnie Farlling,  Craig Perigo,  Dion Lasalle,  Travis Cottle,  Matt Eckman,  Bob Foote,  Matt Wilson,  Andy Stotler,  Rob Dixon  Larry Foor,  Bryan Benton,  Chaz Billet
SEMI LATE  15 LAP  1  Zane Weicht,  Tom Warren,  Jim Sayler,  Greg Hailsey,  Bob Jay,  Chris Chamberlain,  Jamie Swank,  Kerry Molovich  George Beckett,  Brian Duffy,  Mike Corbin,  Jim Sacco,  Greg Cornell,  Jesse Snyder,  Don Wyles,  Rick Wright,  Lane Hessong,  Tom Wakefield,  Dave Whetstone,  Chris Cogan,  Matt Krause,  Mike Lauffer,  Lou Wannyn,  Ryan Beckett,  Dennis Collins
  ECONOMODIFIED  12 LAPS  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Viv Vandergrift,  Brandon Lasalle,  Adam Daniels,  Justin Milburn,  Matt Fulton,
PURE STOCK  12 LAPS  1  Bill Replogle,  Dave Riley,.  Charlie walter,  Travis Group,  Terry Norris,  Jim Morelamd,  Ryan Beckett,  Dave Lambert,  Jim DeArmitt,  Trent Clark,  Kaydee Smith,  Bill Noll,  Bruan Ringer,  Mike Lewis, Greg Beckett  Dave Green,  Josh McClellan,  Ed Vogel,  Ty Alkine,  John DeArmitt,
4 CYLINDER  8 LAPS  1  Cal;e Martin,  Andrew Pluta,  Dustin Drake,  Eric Boozel,  Ryan Peer,   Keith Deeter,  Matty Diehl,  Garrett Watkins,  Tyler Beckett,  Nick Zborovancik,  John Brady,  Bailey Johnson,  Wayne Brenize,   Jeff Vasos,  Ryan Martin,  John Diehl,  Stan Muir,  Steve Frederick,  EJ Johnson,  Mike Meck,  Robert Pluta,  Bryan Kinser,  Nick Iski
Nathan Altobelli,  Pat Brehm
ALL AMERICAN  20 LAP  1  Randy Doty,  Fred Collum,  Bryan Green,  Justin Collum,  Jim Minter, Steve Jorda,  Carrie Fryfogle,  Dave Eggs,  Scott Jorda,  Jim Chenowith,  Brittany Coleman,  Todd Paul,  Hunter Nestor,  Tony Jorda  DNS  Al Daniels