Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


June 7th, 2014
After a season he’d like to forget, Matt Parks rose to the occasion to score the 25 lap Late Model  win at Bedford Friday night. For Parks, the 2013 big winner at the track, it was his first 2014 win and 7th of his track career.  In other action, Lou Wannyn came from the pack to score the Semi Late win, Ed Vogel won the Pure Stock event and Ryan Peer won the 4 Cylinder finale.   The Taylors once again dominated the modified race, this time with Evan doing the honors.
    The late Model 25 lapper was like a take of two races.  Matt Cosner got the drop on the field at the start and ran off.  Cosner got away as Matt Parks and Chuck Clise chased but lost ground every lap.  A yellow on lap 7 for Dave Troutman which went longer after a Travis Wilson crash changed the entire complexion of the race.  
     Parks took off with renewed vigor and blew by Cosner for the lead one lap later.  Cosner fell back into the clutches of Clise  battling for second until Mike Altobelli arrived and occupied Clise’s attention.  Clise fought off Altobelli’s challenges in a battle that went on to the last lap as Parks stretched out the field
      Parks had a comfortable lead but Cosner made for some last lap drama.  As the field took the white flag, Cosner’s car erupted in a mass of smoke as the motor began to unravel.  With no oil on the track the green stayed out and Parks romped home for the dominant victory.  Cosner ran it as hard as he could as Clise and Altobelli closed fast.  Altobelli zipped Clise and the smoking Cosner on the last lap to grab second at the line.  Clise got third and Cosner limped across in fourth.  Jeff Rine came from ninth to take fifth at the finish.
    Altobelli and Clise won the heats.
      Kerry Molovich looked like he was on tap for his first Semi Late in a long time at the track.  He zipped off from the pole and led easily for 11 laps.  But Lou Wannyn slowly picked his way forward after starting sixth and was on his bumper by lap nine.
      After a battle, Molovich slipped a bit and Wannyn rushed by for the lead.  Four laps later Wannyn was the winner.  Molovich led a herd across the line in finishing second.  Ryan Beckett, Brian Duffy and Jim Sayler completed the top five.  Sayler had started dead last in the field.  Duffy and Greg Cornell won the heats.
    The Taylors once again dominated the Economodified action.  This time Evan Taylor started on the pole and ran off from the field.  Jonathan Taylor chased him for second ahead of Bruce Dreistadt and Brandon Lasalle.
    Ed Vogel, like Parks, recovered from a rough early season with his win.  Low point average placed him on the pole and he never looked back, going the distance in the all green flag 12 lapper.  Bill Noll, Brad Feight and finally Travis Group chased Vogel to the finish.  Group finished second, ahead of Terry Norris, Feight and Charlie Walter.  Norris, Group and Walter won the heats.
    As the most recent winner, Ryan Peer had to climb up from either spot to grab his 4 Cylinder win.  Nick Zborovancik led early and looked like he’d be the underdog winner.  But Wayne Brenize and eventually Peer ran him down.   Peer zipped the leader on lap 5 and ran off for the win.  Dustin Drake  rallied late to take second ahead of Bailey Johnson Tom Brady and Cale Martin.  Drake and Peer won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1  Matt Parks,  Mike Altobelli,  Chuck Clise,  Matt Cosner,  Jeff Rine,  DJ Troutman,  Matt Sponaugle,  Wayne Johnson,  Travis Cottke,  Eric Zembower,  Dave Troutman, Travis Wilson.
SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Lou Wannyn,  Kerry Molovich,  Ryan Beckett,  Brian Duffy,  Jim Sayler,  Justin Michael,  Bob Jay,  Greg Cornell,  Chad Gambol,  Dave Brown,  Dave Whetstone,  Jim Sacco,  Jesse Snyder,  Scott Sturtz,  Paul Gambol,  Tyler Beckett,  Vigi Zuccollotto
ECONOMODIFIED 12 LAPS  1  Evan Taylor, Jonathan Taylor,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Brandon Lasalle,  Adam Daniels,  Alyssa Rowe.
PURE STOCK 12 LAPS  1  Ed Vogel,  Travis Group,  Terry Norris,  Brad Feight,  Charlie Walter,  Bill Noll,  Kyle Beckett,  John Howsare,  Shawn Ringler,  Dave Lambert,  Willy Ling,  Amber Mills,  Denny Norris,  Keith Killander,  Trent Clark,  Matt Diehl,  Cale Leppert,  Dakota Foor,  DNS  David Riley,  Josh McClelland,  Greg Beckett,  Brad Nesline.
 4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Ryan Peer,  Dustin Drake,  Bailey Johnson,  Tom Brady,  Cale Martin,  Steve Frederick,  Dave Harclerode,  Nick Zborovancik,  Mike Meck,  Dave Grimm,  Wayne Brenize,  Josh Ringler,  Ed Plummer,  Chris Reckner,  Jordan Helsel,  Rusty Martin,  DNS  Dustin KInser