Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


May 21st, 2017
Mark Smith and Jeff Rine were the big winners as the URC sprints joined the regular Late Model program at Bedford Speedway Fridaynight.   Smith took the URC event to score his third career Bedford win,  while Rine’s Late Model win, the 22nd of his career and second in a row, moved him into a fourth place tie with Rick Eckert on the track win list.  In other action, Bob Jay moved to the top of the Semi Late career win list with his 30th conquest, Wayne Brenize won the 4 Cylinder event and Tyler Ritchey took the Pure Stock win.
      Chris Coyle led the URC field to the green flag and led the opening laps.   A lap seven caution closed the field on him and led to the most severe accident in the event as Brett Michalski and Keith Prutzman tangled on the restart, but Coyle hung on.  
     Mark Smith charged around Dave Franek for second place on lap eight and took the lead a lap later.  From that point on, inthe event slowed by only one more minor caution, Smith ran off from the field.  Franek held off Coyle and a late charging Derek Locke for the duration.
   In the late stages, while Smith whipped through lapped traffic, Franek began to close a bit,  but Smith ran to his third career Bedford feature win.  Franek beat out Locke, Coyle and Curt Michael.  Former URC Bedford winner Bill Unglert, Chuck Hebing and Franek won the heats.  The B feature was cancelled after a short rain delay affected the show and promoter Joe Padula elected to start all the cars.
     The Late Model event started off with a bang and ended with late race drama.   Front row starters Chuck Clise and DJ Troutman tangled at the start and crashed together the length of the front stretch.  While taking evasive action, most of the field balled up behind them creating a crash which saw Matt Cosner flip wildly entering turn one.
   After the red flag delay, Clise led lap one before Troutman got by.  Matt Sponaugle got by for second on lap three and Jeff Rine arrived in third on lap four.   The trio ran that was, interrupted only by a few minor yellows, until Rine discovered the high lane around lap 17.
     Rine  squeezed by Sponaugle on lap 19 and closed the distance on Troutman in only one lap.  He blew by Troutman on lap 22 and held the lead.  A lap 24 caution for Gene Knaub closed the field but Rine ran off to secure the win,  his second in a row.   Troutman hung on for second while Andy Haus completed a furious charge from the rear in third.  Sponaugle  and Keith Barbara completed the top 5.  Cosner and Walker Arthur won the heats
    Dave Whetstone led the semi Late event early but Bob Jay got by on lap 4.  From that point on, Jay led the field while Whetstone held off the mob.   A lap 13 caution gave everyone one last shot, but Jay held on for the win.  Whetstone was second ahead of Brian Weyandt Jr, Jesse Snyder and Bill Replogle.  Jay and Snyder won the heats
      The Pure Stock event was the usual gangfest at the front as ten cars were in the lead group.  Kevin Weyandt led early ahead of Dakota Foor and Trent Clark.   Tyler Ritchey weaved among the crowd, taking second from Foor on lap six.   At that point he hounded Weyandt until getting by on lap 11.   After that Ritchey escaped the mob and ran off to the win.  Weyandt took second ahead of Brad Feight, Joe Dearmitt and Kyle Weyandt.  Ritchey, Dave Riley and Kyle Weyandt won the heats.
    To end the program, the usually wild 4 Cylinders went straight through green to checkered.  Darren Howsare jumped off to the early lead bu Wayne Brenize hunted him down.    Brenize made a bold move in lapped traffic on lap nine and emerged with the lead, which he held to the finish.  Howsare, Chris Reckner, Josh Ringer and Todd Price trailed.  Reckner and Brenize won the heats.
URC  25 LAPS  1  Mark Smith,  Dave Franek,  Derek Locke,  Chris Coyle,  Curt Michael,  Chuck Hebing,  Robbie Stillwaggon,  Adam Carberry,  Glendon Forsythe,  Eric Tomaczek,  Chris Allen,  Bill Unglert,  Bryn Gohn,  Ed Aiken,  Brett Michaelski,  Jordan Givler,  Chris Frank,  David Quackenbush,  Ryan Higgins,  Daulton Dietrich,  Jason Clauss,  Keith Prutzman,  Scott Good rich,  Steve Drevecki,   DNS  Colby Wormer,  Josh Wellar,  Jimmy Stitzel
LATE MODEL  25  LAPS  1  Jeff Rine,  DJ Troutman,  Andy Haus,  Matt Sponaugle,  Keith Barbara,  Walker arthur,  Chuck Clise,  Curtis Heath,  Wayne Johnsion,  Gene Knaub,  Jeff Johnson,  Nathan Lasalle,  Mike Altobelli J,  Dave Trtoutman,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Matt Cosner,  DNS  Brian Booze
SEMI LATE 15  1  Bob Jay,  Dave Whetstone,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Jesse Snyder,  Bill Replogle,  Boyd Brode,  Travis Calhoun,  Brandon Hoover,  Tom Brady,  Cale Martin,  Mike Patterson,  RT Troutman
PURE STOCK  15 LAP  1  Tyler Ritchey,  Kevin Weyandt,  Brad Feight,  Joe Dearmitt,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Dakota Foor,  Erik Weyandt,  Barry Weyandt,  Dave Riley  Kyle Beckett,  Casey Fleegle,  Jim Dearmitt,  James Foor,  Trent Clark,  Brad Hoffman,  Laura Chamberlain,  Tyler Thomas,  Justin Rosenberger,  Michael Shaw,  Josh Frankenberry,  Denny Pittman,  David Green,  David Barb,  DNS  Cody Lenhart
4 CYLINDER  15 LAP  1  Wayne Brenize,  Darren Howsare,  Chris Reckner,  Josh Ringer,  Todd Price,  Mike Meck,  Mike McDonald,  Jimmy Iser,  Devon Iser,  Rusty Martin,  Shawn Miller,  Steve Martin,  Bryan Ickes,  Harold Crawford,    DNS  Kolby Crawley,  Phil Best,  Morgan Price,  Chris Strout