Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


August 19th, 2017
      Colby Frye rose to the occasion and scored the big win in the biggest race of the season Friday night at Bedford.  The event, a salute to Bedford’s first feature winner back in 1936, Billy Winn,  was worth $8100 to Frye and car owner Larry Baer.  It was Frye’s 6th career Bedford win and his first at the track since 2015.  In other action, Jonathan Taylor beat his brother to score another Emod win and Ron Aurand dominated the 305 event.
     Colby Frye shot by pole sitter Gary Stuhler to lead the first lap and took command of the 50 lap event.  Stuhler remained in hot pursuit early  but by about lap 5 felt the pressure of fast closing Jason Covert.  Frye opened up a huge lead and was into lapped traffic by the first caution on lap 14 for a spinning Kyle Lee.   

     On the restart, Fourth runner Matt Cosner got by Covert for third.  A lap later he took Stuhler for second and set off after Frye,  who had again opened up a large lead.  A yellow on lap 18  closed the field and gave Cosner a good look at Frye’s back bumper, but Frye again scooted away on the restart.
     After falling back some, Cosner began to close on Frye and was in a challenging position over the next 12 laps before a shredded tire by Brandon Sheppard again closed the field on lap 31.  By that time, track point leader Jeff Rine had forged his way into the lead group and was all over Covert for third.
    On the restart,  Frye seemed to pick up the pace and got away from Cosner, although the pair got away from the third place battle and the rest of the field.     A quick caution on lap 40 closed the field, but the top 4 remained the same to the conclusion.    Covert withstood the challenges of Rine to claim third, followed be Bryan Bernheisel,  who came from 17th starting position.  Dylan Yoder started behind Bernheisel and followed him through the field, claiming fifth at the line.
    Stuhler, Frye and Matt Lux won the heats.  In earlier time trials, Brandon Sheppard set a new track record at 18.631.
    Beau Aikey led the first Emod lap before Jonathan Taylor shot by.  Aikey then held off Evan Taylor for several laps until he go tby to chase his brother.   From that point onward, the Taylors battled between themselves at the front.  Dave Brown,  returning for the first time since his vicious flip in June, ran down Aikey and got by for third on lap 14 but the Taylors were far ahead.
  At the finish, Jonathan led the family parade ahead of Evan while Brown, Aikey and Bill Pluts completed the top five.   Point leader Alyssa Rowe was a non finisher after a lap 22 crash,  causing the only yellow of the event.  Evan Taylor and Pluta won the heats.
Ron Aurand took the  lead at the start and dominated the 305 event which went all 20 laps green.   Steve Kennawelll got by Jim Kennedy for second on the first lap and chased Aurand the distance before finishing in that spot.  Ryan Lynn took third ahead of Scott Lutz and Reed Thompson.  Kennedy and Kennewell won the heats.
LATE MODELS 50LAPS  1  Colby Frye,  Matt Cosner,  Jason Covert,  Jeff Rine,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Dylan Yoder,  Matt Lux,  Jared Miley,  Matt Sponaugle,  Matt Parks,  Mike Lupfer,  Andy Haus,  Travis Stickley,  Austin Berry,  Waylon Wagner,  Dan Angellichio,  Chuck Clise,  Gary Stuhler,  Brandon Sheppard,  DJ Troutman,  Kyle Lee,  Walker Arthur,  Chad McClellan,  Curtis Heath,  DNS  Dave Troutman.
EMOD  25 laps  1    Jonathan Taylor, Evan Taylor,  Dave Brown, Beau Aikey,  Bill Pluta,  Rich Goodman,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Drake Troutman,  Ray Kable III,  John Whitfield,  Justin Milburn,  Mike Meck,  Dennis Perigo,  Alyssa Rowe.
305 SPRINT  1  Ron Aurand, Steve Kennawell,  Ryan Lynn,  Scott Lutz,  Reed Thompson,  Bob Garvey Jr,  TimLash,  Joe Zap,  Ray Sheetz,  Matt Kline,  Jim Kosinsky  Jim Kennedy,    DNS  Drew Ritchey