Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


August 21st, 2017
    Derrik Quade grabbed his first ever Bedford win as the Mason Dixon Limited group made a Sunday visit to the track Sunday night.  In other action on $5 night, Dave Whetstone took the Semi late win,
Barry Weyandt took the biggest  Pure Stock win of the year and Darren Howsare rallied late to score another 4 Cylinder win.  Alan Pahulik took the special event for the Penn Mar Vintage cars.
    Derrik Quade got the jump on Donnie Farlling in the Mason Dixon Limited event and held pesky Farlling off for the 25 lap distance.  After several early cautions, the field settled down and went 10 green laps, allowing Farlling to take several shots at Quade but he was held off.   As the race wore down to the later laps, Robby Black and Justin Weaver joined the pair at the front and waged their own battle, going several laps side by side, and Eric Irvin came from 15th starting spot to join the front four, But Quade held on for the win.
   At the finish it was Quade, Farlling, Black, Weaver and Irvin.  Shawn Jones, Ralph Morgan, who jumped into Ron Bottenfield’s car and started last in the field,  fellow last row starter Devin Hart, Brian Lowery and Andrew Yoder completed the top ten.  Morgan, Dillon Stake, and Farlling won the heats.
   Dave Whetstone led the Semi Lates to the green but it was Brandon Hoover with the lead on lap one.  Hoover held off Brian Weyandt Jr and Jesse Snyder until he spun on lap three, collecting Weyandt . Snyder also made contact and was called to the pits for repairs.  Whetstone inherited the lead and held off Kyle Weyandt for the remaining 12 laps to score the win.  Dan Cornman, in a cameo class appearance took third, while Weyandt and Snyder rallied to fill out the top five.  Chris Chamberlain and Snyder won the heats.
    The Pure Stocks went their longest distance of the year at 50 laps, and it was old pro Barry Weyandt leading the distance.  Kyle Beckett maneuvered himself into second and chased Weyandt over the first 26 all green laps.   While the front two got away,  there was a ten car pack hard at it from fifth on back.
    The front pair ran in that order after a few caution laps with with Jason Haggerty in pursuit until the action halted  with a red flag on lap 35, when Joe Dearmitt’s rear came unglued and he flipped in turn one, a crash which collected Jim Dearmitt.     Refreshed after the break,  Weyandt then easily stretched out the field over the last 15 laps to score the win.  Beckett and Haggerty followed,  while Kyle Weyandt and Dave Lambert rallied from deep in the field to complete the top five.  Beckett and Tyler Ritchey won the heats
     Heat race action was interrupted briefly as Brandon Inglish heavily impacted the back stretch wall,  actually breaking it and severely damaging his Ford.
    Kolby Crawley was the early 4 cylinder leader but he was hounded by a group of five cars.  Action was dramatically halted on lap three as CJ Parrill heavily impacted the turn one wall in a crash which included Shawn Miller and eventually Delmar Donavan.   Miller got the worst of it, barrel rolling at least four times before stopping.
   On the restart, Crawley’s car got sick and he headed pitward, allowing Darren Howsare to grab the lead which he held to the end.   Chris Graybill, Wayne Brenize Steve Frederick and Rusty Garlock were the top five.  Casey Fleegle and Graybill won the heats
    Glenn Pobletts and Scott Rickrode led the vintage race early but Alan Pahukik rallied late to take the win.  Rickrode and Mark Rickrode followed.  Mark Rickrode won the heat.
MASON DIXON LIMITEDS 25 LAPS  1  Derrik Quade,  Donnie Farlling,  Robby Black,  Justin Weaver,  Eric Irvin,  Shaun Jones,  Ralph Morgan,  Devin Hart,  Brian Lowery,  Andrew Yoder,  Dave Leidy,  Alan Sagi,  Matt Murphy,  Taylor Farlling,  Kadden Smith,  Devin Frey,  Waco Williams,  Dillon Stake,  Devin Weyandt,  Rick Lias,  Bruan Benton,  Travis Group,  Herb Hillyard,  Curtis Heath,  Matt Wilson,  DNS  Ron Bottenfield,  Larry Neiderer
SEMI LATES 15 LAPS  1  Dave Whetstone,  Kyle Beckett,  Dan Cornman,  Brian Weyandy Jr,  Jesse Snyder,  Brandon Hoover,  Tom Brady,  Chris Chamberlain,  Bill Replogle
PURE STOCK 50 LAPS  1  Barry Weyandt,  Kyle Beckett,  Jason Haggerty,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Bill Replogle,  Josh Frankenberry,  Tyler Ritchey,  Brad Feight,  Laura Chamberlain,  Denny Pittman,  Trent Clark,  Erik Weyandt,  Joe Dearmitt,  Jim Dearmitt,  Dakota Foor,  Tyler Thomas,  Nick Bechtell,  Jason Gilliland,  DNS  Kevin Weyandt,  Jared Brown,  Brandon Inglish
4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Darren Howsare,  Chris Graybill,  Wayne Brenize,  Steve Frederick,  Rusty Garlock,  Casey Fleegle,  Todd Price,  Josh Fetters,  Bryan Ickes,  Harold Crawford,  Kolby Crawley,  Derrick Iser,  Phil Best,  CJ parrill,  Shawn Miller,  Delmar Donivan,  Kyle Frankenberry,  DNS  Ray Sheetz
PEN MAR  12 LAPS  1 Alan Pahulik,  Scott Rickrode,  Mark Rickrode,  Stew Weirich,  Mark Hahan,,kAl Vican,  Hugh Grant,  Robert Donnelly,  Glen Pobletts,  Gene Wrightstone