Bedford Speedway ยป 2018 Results


May 12th, 2018

    Andy Haus and Mark Smith rallied late to score big wins at Bedford Friday night.  Haus’ win came in the track’s regular 25 lap Late Model event while Smith scored in the annual URC visit to the track.   In other action,  Mike Altobelli Jr continued his 2018 romp with another Emod win, Denny Pittman came from 13th to take the Pure Stock win and Wayne Brenize closed the evening with another 4 Cylinder victory.


     The URC sprint cars made their annual Bedford visit and came 22 cars strong,  Eddie Strada was on the pole and ran off to the early lead in the 25 lapper as seventh starter Mark Smith began his charge to the front.


    A quick early caution on lap three for a spinning Troy Betts closed the field on Strada and Smith was already up to third place in the running order.  On the restart,  Strada again took off over Jason Schultz and Smith, but Smith was all over Shultz.    Smith finally got by for second on lap 9 and immediately began closing on the distant Strada.


    In heavy lapped traffic, Smith closed to within four lengths before the next caution flew on lap 16 for a stopped car.   On the restart, Smith shot by for the lead and then ran off from the second place battle between Strada and Shultz.   


    Action was red flagged on lap 20 for a wild violent flip by Ryan Quackenbush in turn one.   He was uninjured but the car was destroyed.


    On the restart, Strada retired to the pits with problems moving up the field but Smith was long gone, pulling away over the last five laps for the win.  Shultz was second followed by Chad Layton who started 13th in the field.  Curl Michael and Chandler Leiby completed the top five.


    Smith, Leiby and Adam Carberry won the heats.


    Nathan Lasalle led the Late Model field to the green and led the opening laps.  But Andy Haus and Jeff Rine roared from the field and ran him down quickly.   Haus made several attempts at the lead but Lasalle doggedly hung on lap after lap.  


    On lap 13, Haus finally got inside  Lasalle and snared the lead going into turn one.  Haus was the leader when the next caution flew on lap 18 for Matt Cosner slowing on the front stretch and Dave Troutman and Andy Lee crashing on the backstretch.


     On the restart, Jeff Rine shot by Lasale to take second, but Haus was long gone, leading the last seven laps for the win.   Rine, Lasalle, Chuck Clise and Andy Fries, from 11th, completed the top five.    Clise and Cosner won the heats.


     Beau Aikey led he early EMod laps ahead of Rick Singleton and Alyssa Rowe.  Rowe got by Singleton on lap 5 and chased off after Aikey, but he made her work easier when he spun in front of the field on lap 10.  Rowe inherited the lead at that point but she was hounded by a charging Mine Altobelli Jr, who got by only a lap later..


      After that Altobelli ran uncontested to score the win ahead of Rowe, Jonathan Taylor, Drake Troutman and Singleton.   Altobelli and Troutman won the heats.


    Definitely the wildest event of the evening was the Pure Stock 15 lapper., starting out with a wild multi car crash on lap 1 that saw Kyle Weyandt flip in turn three.   On the restart, Dalton Ritchey was the leader but he attracted a crowd.  Dakota Foor then Dave Lambert were all over Ritchey with four other competitors in a herd.


    Denny Pittman who started deep in the field joined the crowd and arrived in second on lap 6.  He squeezed by Dalton on lap 9.   Erik Weyandt took second  a lap later and hounded Pittman to the finish.Ritchey hung on for third, ahead of Barry Weyandt and Lambert.  Erik Weyandt and Josh Frankenberry won the heats.  In an ironic turn, Frankenberrry was a feature non starter


    Todd Price led the 4 Cylinder event early but Wayne Brenize chased him down.  On lap 8, Brenize got by and ran off to yet another win.  Todd Price was second, followed by Chris Reckner, Dacron Powell and Derek Iser. .Price and Reckner won the heats.


URC SPRINTS  25 LAPS  1  Mark Smith,  Jason Shultz,  Chad Layton,  Curt Michael,  Chandler Leiby,  Derek Locke,  Coleman Gulik,  Adam Carberry,  Josh Weller,  Troy Betts,  Bryan Gohn,  Jimmy Stitzel,  Ryan Stillwaggon,  Jason Cherry,   Eddie Shultz,  Ryan Quackenbush,  Keith Protzman,  Kyle Moody  Chris Allen,  Jason Borger  DNS  Paulie Coligivan,  Justin Whitzel


LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Andy Haus,  Jeff Rine,  Nathan Lasalle,  Chuck Clise,  Andy Fries,  Kyle Lee,  Ross Robinson,  Matt Cosner,  Matt Sponaugle,  Jaymie Beck,  Wayne Johnson,  Dave Troutman,  Scott Richwine,  DJ Troutman,  DNS  Travis Wilson


EMOD 18 LAP  1  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Alyssa Rowe,  Jonathan Taylor,  Drake Troutman,  Rick Singleton,  Brian Duffy,  Tommy Fleegle,  Beau Aikey,  Ryan Peer,  Dave Brown,  Mike Meck,  Justin Milburn  DNS Mike Duck


PURE STOCK 15 LAPS  1  Denny Pittman,  Erik Weyandt,  Dalton Ritchey,  Barry Weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Dakota Foor,  Darren Howsare,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Trent Clark,   Charlie Clise,  Jason Gilliland,  Delmar Deneen,  Kyle Weyandt,  Laura Chamberlain,  DNS  Josh Frankenberry, James Foor


4 CYLINDER  12 LAP  1  Wayne Brenize,  Todd Price,  Chris Reckner,  Dacron Powell,  Derek Iser,  Kyle Frankenberry,  Steve Frderick,  Rusty Martin,  Dustin Linser,  Adam Plueball,  Garrett Watkins,  Jeremy Miller,  Michael Carlyle,  Kark Bailey,  Morgan Price  DNS  Dalton Long