Bedford Speedway ยป 2018 Results


September 29th, 2018

   Opening night of the first annual Keystone Cup event at Bedford featured a great field of cars, lots of action, and an unusual list of top qualifiers.    Austin Hubbard set fast time in qualifications, and Ross Robinson and Amanda Whaley won the two qualifying Semi features before Hubbard took the Dash and will start on the pole for the big 60 lap event.   Interestingly, every racer who finished first in an event came to Bedford from the first state, Delaware.  

     In addition to Late Model qualifying, the Semi Lates and Pure Stocks ran complete events.    Brian Weryandt Jr survived some mid race fender wrinkling and a mad last lap charge from Bob Jay to take the Semi Late win.   Josh Frankenberry struck early and dominated the Pure Stock evening closer.

    47 cars , many of the best area Late Model racers, were on hand to try to qualify for the big 60 lap event.  Divided up into two tiers for time trials, Austin Hubbard and Tyler Bare were the fast timers in each tire, securing entry into the big event.  The others were divided into two 16 lap events with the top nine moving on.

   Ross Robinson and Alex Ferree were the front row in the first 16 lapper.  Robinson got the drop on the field at the start and led Ferree for the duration.   While the top few cars strung out, competition for the ninth and last  qualifying spot was intense Fellow Delaware racer Mark Pettyjohn was in that last transfer spot when he heavily impacted the first turn wall,eliminating himself.

       Robinsin led Ferree to the wire, ahead of Jason Covert, Matt Cosner,  and Andy Haus.  Robby Black and a hard charging Dan Stone held off Matt Sponaugle to secure the last transfer spot.

     Amanda Whaley led the second Semi from the pole holding off Allen Brannon and Gene Knaub for the duration.  Kyle Lear and Dan Angellichio held off a charging Marvin Winters to get  the last transfer spots.

      The fast timers and the top two Semi finishers met in the dash which was won easily by Hubbard to complete the Delaware sweep.

    Brian Weyandt got by Bill Replogle to lead the first Semi Late lap, but he was immediately caught by Jesse Snyder.   Snyder dogged Weyandt for 12 laps, as Bob Jay charged from deep in the pack to catch them both.Snyder made the big move with two to go, actually squeezing by to lead that lap as the two cars  slammed together all the way down the front stretch.

  The result of the contact left Snyder a bit sideways in turn one and Jay shot by for second.    Jay was all over Weyandt the last two laps but fell short at the line.   Snyder, Replogle and Tom Warren trailed.    Weyandt and Snyder won the heats.

    Josh Frankenberry charged from fourth to first in the first turn  of the Pure Stock finale and then ran off from the field.   Behind him Keith Killander, making a rare Bedford start and Erik Weyandt battled for second and Kyle Deneen and Nick Bechtell went at it for fourth.  

     At the finish it was Franken berry easily over Killander and Wetandt.   Bechtell survived some heavy contact when he was completely sideways on lap nine, to take fourth ahead of Deneen.  Killander and Deneen won the heats.


LATE MODEL SEMI #1  16 LAPS  1  Ross Robinson,  Alex Ferree,  Jason Covert,  Matt Cosner,  Andy Haus,  Darryl Hills,  Nathan Lasalle,  Robbie Black,  Dan Stone,  Matt Sponaugle,  Ralph Morgan,  Chuck Clise,  Dylan Stake,  Kirk Baker,  Bob Gordon,  Larry Baer,  Paul Cursey,  Greg Moore,  Tom Decker Jr,  Travis Cottle,  Colby Frye,  Mark Pettyjohn


LATE MODEL SEMI #2  16 LAPS  1  Amanda Whaley,  Allen Brannon,  Gene Knaub,  Jeff Rine,  Bryan Bernheisel,  DJ Troutman,  Dylan Yoder,  Kyle Lear,  Dan Angellighio,  Marvin Winters,  Justin Weaver,  Reese Masiello,  Matt Parks,  Travis Stickley,  Dave Stamm,  Clinton Hersh,  Darrass Deneen,  Andy Anderson,  Scott Palmer,  Kyle Lee,  Jeff Johnson,  Dave Troutman,  Andy Fries,  


SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Bob Jay,  Jesse Snyder,  Bill Replogle,  Tom Warren,  Kyle Weyandt,  Chubby Childers,  Scott Sturtz,  Chris Chamberlain,  Jonathan Raley,  Mark Patterson,  Dave Whetstone.


PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Josh Frankenbertry  Keith Killander,  Erik Weyandt,  Nick Bechtell,  Kyle Deneen,  Tyler Musselman,  Reed Stickel,  Charlie Clise,  Tim Brown,  Dalton Ritchey,  Mason Replogle,  James Foor,    DNS  Laura Chamberlain,  Kyle Weyandt, Raymond Moore,