Bedford Speedway ยป 2018 Results


September 17th, 2018

     Bedford Speedway’s penultimate 2018 event, the annual Fallfest produced five happy winners Sunday night.  Clinton Hersh led the parade of winners with his conquest in the 25 lap Limited headliner.  Travis Calhoun was the surprise last lap Semi Late victor before Jonathan Taylor, Nick Bechtel, and Todd Price took EMod, Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder wins.

    Clinton Hersh was the Limited pole sitter and he took off at the start ahead of George Dixon.   Justin Weaver charged around Dixon for second on lap three, just before the last caution of the event flew a lap later

    On the restart, Hersh again demonstrated dominance as he pulled ahead of Weaver and Dixon, but by halfway,  Weaver started noticeably cutting the distance.  When Hersh began to encounter lapped traffic by about lap 15, Weaver moved in.  But more importantly, Dixon caught them both.

     In an effort mimicking the last Limited event, with Weaver in a three way closing lap battle,  Weaver looked all around the leader, mindful of the lapped traffic ahead.  While it was close at the finish, Hersh held on to score the win over Weaver and Dixon.  The trio finished over a half lap ahead of fourth place Paul Cursey.  Greg Moore came from ninth to complete the top 5.  Matt Murphy and Dixon won the heats.

     The Semi Late event featured a dramatic finish and a surprise winner.  First time visitor Jonathan Raley drew the pole and led from the start.  Bob Jay slid into second and hounded Raley every inch of the way with Travis Calhoun in tow.   

    But Raley’s dream ride went up in smoke as he banked off the turn 4 wall  completing lap 8 and severely damaged his car.   Jay, after the great fortune,  ran off and hid from the field over the next 11 laps.  apparently on his way to yet another win.  But as he took the white flag his car shut off, allowing Calhoun and most of the field to get by as he drifted the last lap.   Calhoun took the win over Daniel Cornman, who started 10th, Tom Brady, Dave Whetstone and Mike Benton.  Jay and Calhoun won the heats.

    Jonathan Taylor, used to starting deep in the field by point averages, avenged himself by drawing the pole in this non point EMod event.  He took off at the start and never looked back, winning by a huge margin over Brian Duffy, Mike Altobelli Jr, Drake Troutman and Matt Cosner.  Taylor and Troutman won the heats.

    Front row starters Nick Bechtell and Josh Frankenberry went at it the entire Pure Stock event before Bechtell snagged the win.  Frankenberry settled for second, ahead of Erik Weyant, Kyle Weyandt and Denny Pittman.  Erik Weyant and Pittman won the heats.

    2018 champion Todd Price took the early lead in the 4 Cylinder finale.   Wayne Brenize ran from 6th to second early but could not catch Price.  Brenize settled for second, ahead of Chris Graybill, Steve Frederick and Bill Shehan.  Graybill and Brenize won the heats.

LIMITED 25 LAP   1  Clinton Hersh,  Justin Weaver,  George Dixon,  Paul Cursey,  Greg Moore,  Devin Frey,  Marvin Winters,  Brad McGinnis,  Devin Weyandt,  Matt Murphy,  Shawn Jones,  Dylan Lewis,  Frank Gordon,  Tyler Ritchey,  Taylot Farlling,  Justin Michael,  Curtis Heath,  Josh Williams,  DNS  Ryan Sager,  Donnie Farlling

SEMI LATE 20 LAPS  1  Travis Calhoun,  Daniel Cornman,  Tom Brady,  Dave Whetstone,  Mike Benton,  Bob Jay,  Josh Bloom,  Chubby Childers,  Jonathan Raley,  Greg  Moore,  DNS  Greg Hainsey

EMOD 25 LAP  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Brian Duffy,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Drake Troutman  Matt Cosner,  Jamie Kohan,  Amber Mils,  Justin Milburn,  David Green,  Mike Meck,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Rick Singleton,  Ryan Beckett,  DNS  Ridge Bookwalter,  Ed Vogel

PURE STOCK  20 LAPS  1  Nick  Bechtel,  Josh Frankenberry,  Erik Weyant,  Kyle Weyandt,  Denny Pittman,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Kyle Deneen,  Dalton Ritchey,  Delmar Donivan,  Andrew Stough,  Tyler Musselman,  Charlie Clise,  Dakota Foor,  Travis Group,  Mason Replogle,  

4 CYL  20 LAPS  1  Todd Price.  Wayne Brenize,  Chrois Graybill,  Steve Frederick,  Bill Shehan,  Josh Fetters,  Cale Martin,  Bryan Ickes,  Rusty Martin,  Wyatt Marker,  Jeremy Miller,  Dominick Shipley  DNS  James Best,  Isaac Komanski