Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


June 13th, 2020

    Ross Robinson’s long tow from Delaware ended up in Bedford,s Victory Lane Friday night.  His first ever Bedford Late Model win made him the  146th different winner in the track’s long history.  

    In other action in the busy racing evening, Greg Moore, Greg Hainsey, Dalton Weyandt, and Darren Howsare were successful in support action.  It was the second consecutive Limited win for Moore as he remains undefeated in that class.

     When original front row starter Jeff Rine  failed to answer the call,  Travis Stickley and Ross Robinson led the field to the green.  It took two shots to get the race underway as Jason Covert spun wildly on the first attempt.

    Stickley got the jump at the start but Robinson remained in contact with the leader.  Robinson copied every move as the pair pulled away from the field over the first 7 laps.   Stickley, also looking for his first ever Bedford win was to see his hopes end when the pair encountered a lapped car on lap 8.

    Stickley dove to the inside of the lapped car while Robinson went even further inside where there want enough room.   Stickley and the lapped car crashed together and Robinson slid by for the lead.    On the restart, Matt Sponaugle and Kyle Lee got together with both retiring.

     When action  settled down. Tim Smith was on Robinson’s bumper but he was no match for the determined Delaware driver.   A bit of drama excited the last two laps as Robinson had to gingerly thread through four lapped cars. but he prevailed for the historic first win.

    Smith, Nathan Lasalle, Drake Troutman and Chuck Clise trailed.  Bryan Bernheisel and Troutman won the heats.

    The Limited event was a virtual replay of the opening day event.  The two 48s of Donnie Farlling and Greg Moore were together at the start and ran off to battle for the lead.   Farlling led the early laps but Moore shadowed his every move, finally sliding by on lap 12.  

     A couple quick cautions in the last 4 laps closed the field and saw Farlling drop back to fourth at the finish, but Moore ran off to his second consecutive win.   Devin Weyandt, Taylor Farlling, Donnie Farlling and Tyler Ritchey trailed the winner.  Moore and Ritchey won the heats.

    Brian Weyandt Jr led the Semi Late field to the green, But Greg Hainsey was in hot pursuit.  Hainsey made the big move for the lead on lap 6 and pulled away for a few laps, but  as the event wound down Nick Bechtel rolled up to the leader to challenge.

    Hainsey held on for the win followed by Bechtel, Kyle Weyandt, Bill Replogle and Chubby Childers.  Travis Calhoun and Kyle Weyandt won the heats.

    The Pure Stock 15 lapper was a five car breakaway with Dalton Weyandt leading all the way.  Dalton Ritchey and Charlie Clise were all over his bumper for the distance but neither could make the move before finishing in that order.  Bryce Broadwater and Bill Shehan completed the top 5.  after Kyle Deneen fell from the lead group in the later laps.Deneen and Kevin Weyandt won the heats.

     Darren Howsare came out of retirement and dominated the 4 Cylinder finale.   Ryan Peer came from last starting spot to chase down the leader by lap nine but he broke a lap later,  allowing Jeremy Miller, Todd Price and Michael Kneeland to chase the leader to the finish.  Steve Martin, Howsare and Price won the heats.


LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1  Ross Robinson,  Tim Smith,  Nathan Lasalle,  Drake Troutman,  Chuck Clise,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Jason Covert,  George Dixon,  Kyle Lear,  Cory Lawler,  Deshawn Gingrich,  Larry Neiderer,  Wayne Johnson,  Kyle Lee,  Matt Sponaugle,  Tavis Stickley,  Mike Laughard,  Shawn Jones,  DNS  Jeff Rine


LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Greg Moore,  Devin Weyandt,  Taylor Farlling,  Donnie Farlling,  Tyler Ritchey,  Clinton Hersh,  Ryan Seger,  Bob Dunn,  John Seiler,  Jprdan Kauffman,  Brian Lowery,  DNS,  Shane Nihart,  Jim McBee


SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Greg Hainsey,  Nick Bechtell,  Kyle Weyandt,  Bill Replogle,  Chubby Childers,  Travis Calhoun,  Khi Swanger,  Mike Desch,  Jarrod Brown,  BNrian Weyandy J,  Erik Weyandt,  Dave Korlewitz,  Josh Bumberger,  Mark Patterson,  Chris Wolfe,  Cale Martin,  Laura Reilly,  DNS  Scott Sturtz,


PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Dalton  Weyandt,  Dalton Ritchey  Charlie Clise,  Bryce Broadwater,  Bill Shehan,  Barry Clark,  Reed Stickel,  Amber Mills,  Rodney Hartman,  Larry Foor.  Kyle Deneen,  Andrew Stough,  Cole Stickel,  DNS  Kevin Weyandt,  John Howsarte,  Brian Shingleton


4 CYLINDER  1  Darren Howsare,  Jeremy Miller,  Todd Price,  Michael Keeland,  Dalton Long,  Steve Martin,  Harlan Group,  Steve Frederick,  Dominick  Shipley,  Colin Welsh,  Dustin Kinser,  Shawn Custer,  Jay Talley,  Jeff Marlett,  Michael Borring,  James Norris,  John Diehl,Nathan McDermitt,  Brandon Grubb,  Colton Wilheim,  Joe May,  Natasha Steele,  Ryan Peer,  Carson Iser,  Braden Powell,  Dan Stine,    Ashtoin  Daughenbaugh,  DNS  Isaac Komanski