Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


July 17th, 2021

The annual $5 night program at Bedford, this year featuring four 21 lap feature events, and produced three and almost four long shot winners Friday night.

Brian Weyandt Jr came from deep in the Semi Late field to deny Laura Chamberlain her first ever feature win in Semi Late action. Visitor Dan Davies also came from deep in the field to score his first Bedford EMod win and Derrick Hinish ended a long retirement with his first Pure Stock win in over a decade before Ernie Hewitt ended the evening with his first ever 4 Cylinder victory.

It took three tries to get the Semi Late 21 lapper started, Wild four wide first lap action resulted in a wild 7 car pileup the length of the back stretch on the first attempt and the elimination several competitors early.

After another aborted attempt, Laura Chamberlain led the decimated field to the green and took the early lead. She held off the furious challenges of John Miller for several laps until Brian Weyandt Jr joined in the battle around lap 6. Wetandt moved into second around Miller on lap 10 and gave Chamberlain fits until getting by for the lead on lap 12.

After that Weyandt sped away from the field for the remaining nine laps to score the win. Miller dropped out on lap 12 while Chamberlain held on to score a career best second place finish. Nick Bechtel, Travis Calhoun and Bill Replogle completed the top 5. Calhoun and Travis Brown won the heats.

Jonathan Taylor sped around pole sitter Jacob Whitt to lead early in the EMod 21 lapper. but he was caught by Mitch Thomas. After several laps of harassment. Thomas shot by for the lead on lap 7 just before Taylor retired with a flat tire. Thomas held on until the biggest crash of the event, a five car event on lap 10, but Dan Davies roared by on the restart.

Troy Johnson got by Thomas a lap later but was unable to seriously challenge Davies who romped to the win. Johnson, Daniel Cornman, Thomas and Jacob Marker completed the top 5. Taylor and Bruce Dreistadt won the heats.

Cole Stickel led the Pure Stock race early but he had company as Denver Dishong was all over him. While that pair battled, Derrick Hinish joined in and got by them both on lap 4. It took another lap for Dishong to clear Stickel and he chased Hinish down, but never mustered a pass.

Later in the event a three car gang ran the pair down and Dalton Ritchey was able to complete his climb from 10th to third, but Dishong was able to hold them off to score his best ever finish as Hinish rushed to his first win in years. Charlie Clise and Kevin Weyandt completed the top 5. Clise and Barry Clark won the heats.

Blessed with a pole position start after a season of frustration, Ernie Hewitt led the distance in the 4 Cylinder finale. A six car mob trailed Hewitt for the duration but, occupied with each other, they let Hewitt slip away for the win. Shawn Smith finished second ahead of Jay Talley and point leader Todd Price who rallied from 12th. Smith and Richard Athey won the heats

SEMI LATE 21 LAPS 1 Brian Weyandt Jr Laura Chamberlain, Nick Bechtel, Travis Calhoun, Bill Replogle, Jarrod Brown, Laura Reilly, John Miller, Chubby Childers, Kyle Weyandt, Bob Jay, Erik Weyandt, Greg Hainsey,

EMOD 21 LAPS 1 Dan Davies, Troy Johnson, Daniel Cornman, Mitch Thomas, Jacob Marker, Amber Mills, David Green, Ed Vogel Bruce Dreistadt, Mike Meck, Jacob Whitt, Dan Patterson, Jonathan Taylor, Kyle Beckett, DNS John Whitfield, Michael Wilhelm

PURE STOCK 21 LAP 1 Derrick Hinish, Denver Dishong, Dalton Ritchey, Charlie Clise Kevin Weyandt, Barry Clark Bill Shehan, Larry Foor, Rodney Hartman, Dalton Weyant, Reed Stickel, Cole Stickel, Mason Replogle, Andrew Stough, Cody Jarvie, Jeremy Fama, Kyle Deneen, DNS James Norris, Todd Woodward.

4 CYLINDER 21 LAPS 1 Ernie Hewitt, Shawn Smith Jay Talley, Todd Price, Dalton Long, Derek Long, Joe May, Steve Frederick, Josh Corbin, Steve Delozier, John Diehl, Dale Varner, Jeff Marlett, Darren Chesney, Harlan Group, Richard Athey, Shawn Melty