Bedford Speedway » 2010 Results


August 28th, 2010

By Dave Harclerode

BEDFORD, PA – It was the Bedford/Roaring Knob shootout for Super Late Models at the Bedford Speedway Friday night, and Derek Byler became the first driver to reach three wins this season in the division.  Tim Smith, Jr. earned his first win of the season in the Limited Late Models, and Jim Sayler endured for an emotional Street Stock feature win.  Bill Replogle was victorious in the Hobby Stocks, and Andrew Pluta picked up his third win of the season in the 4 cylinder division.

Rookie sensation Derek Byler started on the pole for the Super Late Model main event, but it was Greg Fetters who took the early lead.  The top six ran in a tight pack side by side, with Fetters on the top, Byler on the bottom, and Jack Pencil, Tyler Hershey, Jeff Rine, and Coleby Frye giving chase.  Byler took the lead late in the race, and tenth starting Frye moved into second with two laps to go.  Frye, who has won every time he’s been to Bedford this year, had to settle for the runner up position this time as Byler took the checkered.  Following Byler and Frye was Fetters, Hershey, and Rine.  Completing the top ten was Jeff Miller, Scott Haus, Chuck Clise, Tom Decker, Jr., and Bryan Bernheisel.  Jack Pencil, who was running in the top five on the last lap, suffered a flat tire and faded to eleventh at the finish.  Hershey and Pencil won the preliminary heats, and Coleby Frye was the Tri-State Racing Photos Hard Charger.

Tim Smith, Jr. has visited victory lane at Bedford in the Limited Late Model division every year atleast once since 2002, but it appeared the streak might be broken – until Friday night.  Smith started on the pole and blasted into the lead.  With a lightning fast pace, Smith held off point leader Rick Singleton to earn his 25th win of this career.  Singleton, DJ Troutman, Matt Sponaugle, and Mike Altobelli, Jr. completed to top five.  Sixth through tenth went to Coleby Frye, Grant Adams, Rance Garlock, Donnie Farlling, and Craig Perigo.  Singleton, Troutman, and Sponaugle won the heats.  Craig Perigo was the Tri State Racing Photos Hard Charger.

It was an emotional win for Street Stock driver Jim Sayler.  Sayler, who picked up his fourth win of the season, was racing with a heavy heart after his father passed away Friday morning.  Unable to speak in victory lane, the grief stricken driver accepted his trophy to a large applause from the Bedford crowd.  The win wasn’t an easy one.  Sayler wrestled the lead away from Jesse Snyder and withstood a late race charge from ninth starting Bill Henney to earn his 21st career victory.  Henney settled for second, Snyder third, and Greg Hainsey and Daryl Whetstone completed the top five.  Heats went to Henney and Cody Buterbaugh, and Henney was the Tri State Racing Photos Hard Charger. 

Bill Replogle won his second Hobby Stock feature of the season, and padded his point lead for next week’s point ending race.  Replogle took the lead from Terry Norris and never looked back.  Norris was second at the checkered, Charlie Walter third, Travis Group fourth, and Rick Potter fifth.  Heats went to Norris and Chad Gambol, Lou Wannyn was the Tri State Racing Photos Hard Charger.

Andrew Pluta, Jr. won an event filled 4 Cylinder feature event.  Juan Reyan brought out the red flag after rolling his ride in turn two, and Jeff Treece suffered heavy damage after crashing on the frontstretch while leading the race.  Following Pluta across the finish line was Casey Fleegle, Phil Best, point leader Paul Crynock, Jr., and Jeremy Miller.  Treece and Fleegle won the heat events, and Crynock, Jr. was the Tri State Racing Photos Hard Charger.

Friday, September 3rd will be the final point race of the season.  The Labor Day special will feature all five divisions, with the Super Late Models and Limited Lates racing for extra laps and extra purse.  Coming September 10th will be the season ending Three State Flyer race for Super Late Models, along with Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, and a 4 Cylinder invitational.  Please visit the website at, or call the speedway office at 814-623-0500 for more details.     


FEATURE:  1.  Derek Byler 5*  2. Coleby Frye F1  3. Greg Fetters 39  4. Tyler Hershey 74  5. Jeff Rine 92  6. Jeff Miller 57  7. Scott Haus 21  8. Chuck Clise 5  9. Tom Decker, Jr. 43  10 . Bryan Bernheisel  119B  11. Jack Pencil 14  12. Matt Parks 15P (DNF)  13. TJ Wright 31j (DNF)  14. Keith Killander (DNF)
DNS:  Jeremy Miller M1, Steve Everhart w1

HEAT 1:  Hershey, Parks, Haus
HEAT 2:  Pencil, Jeff Miller, Clise


FEATURE:  1. Tim Smith, Jr. 39  2. Rick Singleton 99*  3. DJ Troutman 7  4. Matt Sponaugle 8  5. Mike Altobelli, Jr. 79  6. Coleby Frye U10  7. Grant Adams 64  8. Rance Garlock 19  9. Donnie Farlling 48  10. Craig Perigo 1a  11. Eddie Cornett 81  12. Eric Irvan 87  13. Robbie Black 01 (DNF)  14. Tyler Ritchey 11 (DNF)  15. Travis Calhoun 36 (DNF)  16. Darrell Dick 94 (DNF)  17. Matt Howsare 5H (DNF)  18. Matt Cosner 66c (DNF)  19. Brian Lowery 13 (DNF)  20. Brian Lessley 5z (DNF)  21. Travis Cottle 32 (DNF)  22. Cory Weaver 10 (DNF)
DNS:  Daniel Cornman 3, Andy Teno 48T

HEAT 1:  Singleton, Howsare, Adams
HEAT 2:  Troutman, Smith, Ritchey
HEAT 3:  Sponaugle, Garlock, Altobelli


FEATURE:  1. Jim Sayler 96  2. Bill Henney 50  3. Jesse Snyder 22  4. Greg Hainsey 31H  5. Daryl Whetstone 78  6. Donald Wyles 10  7. Brian Duffy 38  8. Tom Warren 1  9. Zane Weicht 45  10. Cody Buterbaugh B1  11. Bob Jay 4j

HEAT 1:  Henney, Warren, Sayler
HEAT 2:  Buterbaugh, Snyder, Weicht


FEATURE:  1. Bill Replogle 65  2. Terry Norris 73  3. Charlie Walter 42  4. Travis Group 7  5. Rick Potter 10B  6. Lincoln Ritchey 3  7. Lou Wannyn 77  8. Kenny Imler, Jr. 60  9. Jarrod Brown 11  10. Mike Siegele 007  11. Justin Milburn 95  12. Reed Stickel RV85 (DNF)  13. Jim Dearmitt 73x (DNF)  14. Mandy Jay 4j (DNF)  15. Chad Gambol 13 (DNF)
DNS:  Justin Vaughn 15

HEAT 1:  Norris, Dearmitt, Replogle
HEAT 2:  Gambol, Imler, Group


FEATURE:  1.  Andrew Pluta, Jr. 68  2. Casey Fleegle 68c  3. Phil Best 11  4. Paul Crynock, Jr. 45  5. Jeremy Miller 93  6. Joe Means 0  7. Ralph Miller 86  8. Troy Imler 9T  9. Jon Gephart 98  10. Ronnie Valentine  8R  11. Jeff Treece 56 (DNF)  12. Brandon Hedstrom 7 (DNF)  13. Mike Lauffer 38 (DNF)  14. James Best 1 (DNF)  15. Steve Frederick 49 (DNF)  16. Juan Reyan 3j (DNF)  17. Chris Hedge 34 (DNF)

HEAT 1:  Treece, Means, R. Miller
HEAT 2:  Fleegle, Reyan, Imler