Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


June 7th, 2015
 Travis Stickley ended a long long dry spell when he scored the big Limited Late Model win at Bedford Friday night.  Three more events on the card were completed before the remainder of the program was ended by a heavy rain shower.  Vic Vandergrift  led a home team sweep of the Mid Atlantic Emod event,  Greg Dobrosky won his first ever Bedford event in the 305 Sprints and Rick Hulson repeated in the All American event.   Rain began during the pace laps for the Pure Stocks, postponing that and the 4 Cylinder events to a future program.
     Stickley fought his way by both front row starters to lead the first Limited lap, but had Troy Swindell on his tail almost instantly.  In a race which went all the way green,  Swindell was all over Stickley but could not get by.  Ralph Morgan ran down the lead pair and the three ran under a blanket for the duration.  At one point mid race,  Josh Berrier and Robby Black joined in the lead pack,  but eventually they fell back to continue their personal battle.
    At the finish it was Stickley by a length over Swindell, Morgan, Berrier and Black.  Berrier and Morgan won the heats.
     The best field ever assembled for the Emod event as the Mid Atlantic group took on the Bedford regulars.  Bruce Dreistadt led early but Vic Vandergrift came from sixth to run him down but lap 3.  Vandergrift took over on that lap just before a crash among several of the leaders brought out the caution.
    On the restart, Vandergrift ran off from Mike Reynolds and Jonathan Taylor.  The trio ran in that order whipping in and out of lapped traffic until Taylor got by Reynolds on lap 17.   Evan Taylor, having gone to the rear on the lap 3 incident, finally caught and passed Reynolds a lap later,  but They could not run down Vandergrift.  He led the Taylors in a top three sweep of track regulars, ahead of Reynolds and Brandon Lasalle.  Dreistadt, Craig Ramich and Reynolds won the heats.
   Emod heat action  was highlighted by a wild crash at the start of heat two when, Alyssa Rowe and Dave Brown tangled involving Jason Kipp in the melee.
    Greg Donrosky continued the string of non repeat 305 Spring winners at Bedford with his first career win at the track.  He got by Eliah Omwake at the start and led the distance.  Nicole Walker chased him down but could not usurp the lead from him for the duration.  In the end it was Dobrosky, Walker, Omwake, Joe Zapp and Ryan Lynn.  Dan Sotosky and Zapp won the heats.
      Rick Hulson repeated his victory from the last All American event at the track.He got by Brian Green early then had to hold off a late charge from Kurt Zimmerman for the win.  Green, Hunter Nestor and Jim Chenowith trailed.  Zimmerman and Hulson won the heats.
Travis Group and John Howsare won the Pure Stock heats while Wayne Brenize and Ryan Peer won the 4 Cylinder heats before their features were postponed by the rain.
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Travis Stickley, Troy Swindell, Ralph Morgan,  Josh Berrier,  Robby Black,  Rick Singleton,  Donnie Farlling,  Curtis Heath,  Taylor Farlling,  Glen Ray,  Matt Eckman,  Darrell Dick,  Nathan Lasalle,  Ron Bottenfield,  DNS  Brian Lowery
EMOD  20 LAPS  Vic Vandergrift,  Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Mike Reynolds, Brandon Lasalle,  Craig Ramich,  Justin Milburn,  Derek Deusenberry,  Dave Brown,  Vigi Zuccollotto,  Mark Jones,  Ryne Pennington,  Bill Pluta,  Jason Kipp,  Mike Meck,  Brian Fyfe,  Josh Cramer,  Adam Daniels,  Bruce Driestadt,  Rusty Pennington,  Alyssa Rowe.
305  SPRINTS     Greg Dobrosky,  Nicole Walker,  Eliah Omwake,  Joe Zapp,  Ryan Lynn,  Reed Thompson,  Drew Ritchey,  Dan Sotosky,  Steve Kennewell DNS  Jim Kennedy, Ed Mesaros
ALL AMERICAN    Rick Hulson,  Kurt Zimmerman,  Bryan Green,  Hunter Nestor,  Jim Chenowith,  Jim Minter,  Tony Jorda,  Carnie Fryfogle,  DNS  David Egge