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May 21st, 2016
Andy Haus, who had the Late Model field wired last week before motor issues arose ,managed  to seal the deal this time with a  dominating Late Model win in Bedford action Friday night.  It was Haus’ 4th career win at the track as he chases his famous father’s class leading total.  Evan Taylor scored one for the home team as the Mid Atlantic Modifieds invaded the track with 29 on hand.  Jesse Snyder scored a rousing last lap win in Semi Late action before Kyle Weyandt (Pure Stock)  and Wayne Brenize (4 Cylinder) capped the eventful evening with wins.
     In addition to Haus’ misfortune in the most recent event,  his other 2016 appearance at Bedford resulted in a feature non start after problems in warmups.  That record rewarded his with pole position in Friday’s 25 lapper and he made the best of it.  Haus got the drop on Chuck Clise at the start and dominated the event.  
   DJ Troutman took second on lap two and Jeff Rine shot to third , but both chased Haus to the finish.  Late race heavy lapped traffic spiced up the action, as 22 of the 23 starters went the distance, but Haus claimed the win by almost half lap over Troutman and Rine.  Rick Singleton, Clise, Matt Sponaugle, Gene Knaub, Matt Cosner, and Nick Dickson trailed.  Chad Hollenbeck, who switched cars after his heat and started dead last in the field, completed the top 10.  Haus, Rine and Allen Brannon won the heats.  Brannon was the sole feature dropout.
    29 Economods were on hand for their 25 lap special.  Brandon Lasalle brought the field to the green but it was Evan Taylor with the lead on lap one.  Action halted on lap three as a multi car melee resulted in Tim Schulte flipping in turn three.
   On the restart, Taylor took off with Rick Hulson in hot pursuit.  The order remained that way, with Mike Polosky in third for the duration, but the man on the move was Bedford regular Bill Pluta.  After starting 13th in the field, Pluta came alive moving through the field.
    Taylor held off Hulson and Polosky in heavy late race traffic to secure the win.  Pluta snagged fourth on the last lap ahead of Ken Stinger, who had started 12th.  Mike Reynolds, Alyssa Rowe, Derek Deusenberry, Andrew Swope and Craig Ramich completed the top 10. Eighteen of the 25 starters finished the event.
 Evan Taylor, Hulson, and Lasalle won the heats.  Jerry Fifield won the consi.
    Bob Jay and Tom Warren, major players in last week’s big Semi Late melee, led that field to the green.  Jay took the lead with Warren in hot pursuit but it was the usual pack of Semi Lates at the front.  Action was interrupted on lap 7 as Jesse Snyder spun in turn 4.
     Jay and Warren led on the restart but Snyder became the star of the show.  After restarting at the rear, Snyder was on a tear through the field.  He caught and threaded his way through the lead group and was up to third when the caution flew on lap 13.   He got by Warren at the white flag and wrestled the lead away from Jay in turn three on the final lap.  Jay settled for second, ahead of Warren, Lou Wannyn and Greg Cornell.  Warren and Justin Michael won the heats.
     Kyle Weyandt was the leader from the start but the Pure Stock event was stopped after a grinding crash at the completion of lap one involving Terry Norris, Bill Replogle, Herb Hillyard and others.  On the restart, Kyle Weyandt was the leader and he held off Brandon Inglish for the duration.  Inglish scored his best ever Bedford finish, ahead of John Howsare, Brad Feight and Dave Lambert.  Jim Dearmitt, Inglish and Replogle won the heats.
    Sporting a new car, Wayne Brenize grabbed the 4 Cylinder event.  He was chased by Cale Martin and Robert Pluta, but when they both failed in the tech line, Devon Isr was credited with a career best Bedford second place finish.  Tom Brady was third followed by Josh Ringer and Todd Price.  Ringer and Darren Howsare won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1  Andy Haus,  DJ Troutman,  Jeff Rine,  Rick Singleton,  Chuck Clise,  Matt Sponaugle,  Gene Knaub,  Matt Cosner,  Nick Dickson,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Patrick Bryner,  Billy Wampler,  Eric Zembower,  Wayne Johnson,  Dacron Powell,  Troy Swindell,  Travis Wilson,  Matt Murphy,  Rob Marhefka,  Travis Cottle,  Cody Robbins,  Zach Price  Allen Brannon, DNS  Nathan Lasalle.
E MOD  25 LAP  1  Evan Taylor,  Rick Hulson,  Mike Polosky,  Bill Pluta,  Ken Stinger,  Mike Reynolds,  Alyssa Rowe,  Derek Deusenberry,  Andrew Swope,  Craig Ramich,  Brandon Lasalle,  Mark Jones,  Nicole Spalding,  Vigi Zuccolotto,  Justin Milburn,  John Cramer,  Jonathan Taylor,  Brian Fyfe  Adam Daniels,  Jim Saylor,  Jerry Fifield,  Will Rowe  Mike Meck,  Jeff   Solinger,  Tim Schulte  DNS  Travis Vogel,  Alan Dice,  Nick Cramer,  Ed Vogel.
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Jesse Snyder,  Bob Jay,  Toim Warren,  Lou Wannyn,  Greg Cornell,  Travis Calhoun,  Don Wyles,  Chad Gambol,  Joe Pluta,  Tom Wakefield,  RT Troutman,  Kyle Beckett,  Scott Sturtz,  Justin Michael,  Greg Hainsey,
PURE STOCK  15 LAP  1  Kyle Weyandt  Brandon Inglish,  John Howsare,  Brad Feight,  Dave Lambert,  Keith Killander,  Beau Aikey,  Dakota Foor,  Dan Jackson,  Prestron Imler,  Travis Group,  Reed Stickel,  Brad Hoffman,  Josh McClellan,  David Beahr,  Dalton Ritchey,  Nick Bechtell,  Cody Lenhart,  Trent Clark,  Jim Dearmitt,  Erik Weyandt,  Dave Green,  Terry Norris,  Bill Replogle,  Herb Hillyard.
Jason Haggerty,  DNS  Cody Claycomb,  Owen Baughman
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Wayne Brenize,  devon Iser,  Tom Warren,  Josh Ringer,  Todd Price,  Andy Hershberger,  Steve Martin,  Josh Fetters,  Derek Iser,  Morgan Price,  Kolby Crawley,  Shawn Fessler,  Chris Reckner,  Chris Shrout,  Shawn Miller,  DNS  Darren Howsare,  Jeremy Miller,  Garrett Covert,  Darren Rough. DQ
Cale Martin,  Robert Pluta.