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Rine and Dixon claim Bedford Sunday special

May 21st, 2018

After over a week of rain and a Friday night rainout of the regularly scheduled show, Bedford used a Sunday raindate to beat Mother Nature and take advantage of a beautiful evening for racing. Jeff Rine won his first Late Model feature of the season, while George Dixon, Jr. won the Late Model Sportsman thriller. Beau Aikey was the Modified winner; Bill Replogle and Kyle Weyant were the Semi Late and Pure Stock winners.


Matt Sponaugle and Chuck Clise brought the Late Model field to the green for their 25 lap feature. Clise took the early lead as Andy Fries moved to second. Behind them Jeff Rine was on the move, taking third on lap three and second from Fries on lap seven. Once Rine reached Clise the duo ran side by side for several laps, while dealing with lapped traffic before Rine was able to finally clear Clise completely on lap 14. While this was going on Dylan Yoder and first time visitor Tyler Bare were also on the move with Yoder finally taking a close third behind Fries, with Clise fourth at the line and Bare moving up to fifth. The 25 lap feature went nonstop green to checkered. Fries and Clise won the heats.


The Late Model Sportsman 20 lap feature got off to a wild start with a mid-pack melee breaking out on the fronstretch coming down for the green. Ten cars were involved in the wild fracas, which brought out an immediate red flag to clear the frontstretch. Once the field was able to get to racing Clinton Hersh took the early lead, ahead of Greg Moore, Hersh looked to have things well in hand until lap five when he hit the turn three wall putting him out of contention. As Moore inherited the lead things were getting heated behind them as 7th starting George Dixon and 8th starting Ralph Morgan began to slice through the field. While using nearly all of the track Dixon reached 2nd on lap 11 and immediately began reeling in Moore. With the field closed up by a late yellow Dixon was able to move past Moore on lap 17, while Morgan moved into second behind Moore a lap later. Morgan ran out of time at the end, settling for second ahead of Moore, Ryan Sager and Justin Weaver. Brad Mcginnis, Ron Bottenfield and Frankie Gordon won the heats


A solid field of Bedford Modifieds was on hand for the Sunday special, their feature was claimed by Beau Aikey, his first win of the 2018 season. Aikey benefitted from a low point average to claim a pole starting spot in the feature. Aikey was forced to fight in a tight racelong battle with Dave Brown and Troy Johnson, before finally pulling away from Johnson in lapped traffic over the last several laps. Johnson managed second ahead of Brown, last week’s winner Mike Altobelli, Jr. and Vic Vandergrift. Nolan Dalton and Johnson won the heats.


The Semi Late feature was the usual thrilling affair. After a few early yellow to get the field situated, Bill Replogle was able to jump out to the lead over the field. Behind him the pack was tightly bunched racing for position. After a tight race, Jesse Snyder held on for second behind Replogle, with Kyle Weyant, Greg Hainsey and Chris Chamberlain coming all the way from the tail completing the top five. Replogle and Kyle Weyant won the heats.


James Foor and Shawn Shoemaker led the Pure Stock nightcap to the green. Shoemaker jumped out to the early lead as Kyle Weyant chased from his fourth starting position. Weyant was able to grab the top spot from Shoemaker on lap five, holding of the pack for the remaining ten laps to take the victory. Eric Weyandt slipped by Shoemaker on the last lap to take second from his 10th starting position, ahead of Denny Pittman and Barry Weyandt. Nick Bechtel and Kyle Weyant won the heats.


Late Models- 25 laps: Jeff Rine, Andy Fries, Dylan Yoder, Chuck Clise, Tyler Bare, Chad McClellan, Matt Sponaugle, John Lee, Robbie Black, Nathan LaSalle, DJ Troutman, Cody Gray, Wayne Johnson, Jayme Beck, Sam Gindlesperger, DNS Steve Scaife


Late Model Sportsman- 20 laps: George Dixon JR, Ralph Morgan, Greg Moore, Ryan Sager, Justin Weaver, Frankie Gordan, Brad McGinnis, Dillon Stake, James Lichliter, Devin Weyandt, Kadden Smith, Brandon Seibert, Jeff Schildtknelt, Curtis Heath, Clinton Hersh, Ronnie Bottenfield, Bailey Johnson, Eddie Cornett, Andrew Yoder, Rick Wicker, Travis Wilson, Taylor Farlling, Cory Lawler, DNS Greg Zechman DNS Brad Feight  DNS Brian Lowery DNS Donnie Farlling


EMOD- 18 laps: Beau Aikey, Troy Johnson, Dave Brown, Mike Altobelli, Jr., Vic Vandergrift, Drake Troutman, Nolan Dalton, Bryan Green, Ryan Peer, Bill Pluta Jr, Jamie Kohan, Mike Meck, Brandon Inglish, Ken Summer, Rick Singleton, Brad Kling, Justin Milburn


Semi Late- 15 laps: Bill Replogle, Jesse Snyder, Kyle Weyandt, Greg Hainsey, Chris Chamberlain, Mark Patterson, Tom Brady, Chubb Childers, Dave Whetstone, Cale Martin, Bob Jay, Scott Sturtz, Chris Wolfe, Brian Weyandt, Ryan Whisel, Brian Duffy


Pure Stock- 15 laps: Kyle Weyant, Eric Weyandt, Shawn Shoemaker, Denny Pittman, Barry Weyandt, Nick Bechtel, Dakota Foor, James Foor, Nathan Gilliland, Preston Imler, DJ Donavan, Darren Howsare, Davey Lambert, Laura Chamberlain, Cole Stickel, Charlie Clise, DNS Dalton Ritchey, DNS Josh Frankenberry