Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


September 7th, 2020

Jesse Snyder, who began 2020 in retirement, having sold his car to Pork Sell, returned for a cameo appearance in that car and won the special 30 lap Semi Late event at Bedford Sunday night. Garrett Bard made it look easy winning the special 305 sprint event and Taylor Farlling acted similarly in the Limited race before James Fairall closed the evening with a 4 Cylinder win.

With regular driver and Semi Late point leader Bill Replogle sidelined after a serious injury at home, owner Pork Sell called on Jesse Snyder to fill the seat. As a non regular, Snyder had to start deep in the field as pole sitter Khi Swanger led early.

After several yellows slowed the field early, Swanger took off, hounded first by Kyle Weyandt, but soon joined by a herd of six cars at the front. Snyder joined in that pack and slowly worked into second position by lap 7.

Once in second, Snyder applied all the pressure Swanger could handle. The pair traded slide jobs on each other for quite a few laps with Snyder forging ahead several times. Had the exciting event been the standard 20 lap distance Swanger would have held on for a narrow win, but the special event was set for 30 laps. Snyder forged ahead on lap 21 and this time Swanger could not rally back.

After the best Semi Late race of the season, Snyder rushed off to score the win. Swanger settled for second ahead of Brian Weyandt Jr, Nick Bechtel and Chubby Childers. Erik Weyandt, Snyder and Bechtel won the heats.

Although not in action, Bill Replogle was crowned the champion after the only other driver mathematically eligible, Travis Calhoun retired early and scored 14th.

Eddie Cornett was the early Limited leader but likeSwanger he attracted a crowd at the front. Taylor Farlling tracked him down and got by for the lead on lap 4 and never looked back. Cornett stayed in the game fighting off challenges from the crowd. Devin Weyandt got by for second on lap 9 but Farlling was long gone.

While the two leaders ran off, the star of the race was Kyle Lear as he slowly slithered from ninth starting spot. Testing the cushion, he caught and slid by Weyandt on the last lap to score second at the line, ahead of Weyandt Ryan Seger and Donnie Farlling. Taylor Farlling, Seger and Weyandt won the heats.

The start of the 305 feature was wild as Roger Irvine flipped down the back stretch creating wild chaos on lap 1. On the restart, Dominic Melar was the leader, He held on as Josh Spicer gave chase, before Garrett Bard arrived. Bard rushed from third to first on lap 9 and then ran off from the field. Melar held on for second ahead of Spicer, Ryan Lynn and Derek Hauck. Hauck, Jeremy Hanson, and Melar won the heats, Reed Thompson took the B.

The 4 Cylinder event was a dog fight early as Ernie Hewitt led the mob. Ultimately, James Fairall got by and then he pulled out to a safe lead for the duration. Darren Howsare came from ninth spot to take second ahead of Dominick Shipley, Colin Welsh and Harlon Group. Fairall Howsare and Jared Fairall won the heats.

SEMI LATE 30 LAPS 1 Jesse Snyder, Khi Swanger, Brian Weyandt J, Nick Bechtel, Chubby Childers, Kyle Weyandt, Greg Hainsey, Erik Weyandt, Mark Patterson, Jarrod Brown, Josh Bumberger, Brandon Grubb, Laura Reilly, Travis Calhoun, Josh Gustaf, Mike Desch, Bob Torquato, Devin Grubb, Allen Riggleman DNS Ron Benton, Brian Savino

LIMITED 25 LAP 1 Taylor Farlling, Kyle Lear, Devin Weyandt, Ryan Sager, Donnie Farlling, Greg Moore, Derek Quade, Brian Lowery, Brandon Little, Eddie Cornett, Garrett Walls, Steve Bard, Jordan Kauffman, John Seiler, Tyler Ritchey, Corey Jones, Jim McBee, Robby Black, DNS Jonathan Raley, Jim Nihart, Scott Ickes.

305 25 LAPS 1 Garrett Bard, Dominick Melar, Josh Spicer, Ryan Lynn, Derek Hauch, John Walp. Kyle Colwell, Larry McVey, Kyle Keen, Darryl Stimling, Kassidy Krietz, Nick Sweigart, Ron Aurand, Reed Thompson, Brad Mellott, Mike Allerman, Erin Statler, Greg Dobrosky, Tom Carberry, Ian Cumens, Jeremy Hanson, Matt Kline, Jake Walters, Roger Irvine DNS Jimmy White, Frank Rusnock, Donald Wise, Dylan Proctor, Jim Kennedy

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP 1 James Fairall, Darren Howsare, Dominick Shiplley, Colin Welsh, Harlon Group, Todd Price, Jay Talley, Jeff Marlett, Steve Frederick, Joe May, Dakota Fox, Jake Phillips, John Diehl, Jordan McVey, Nathan McDermitt, Richard Athey, Michael Kneeland, Jarred Fairall, Dustin Kinser, Ernie Hewitt, Dan Jackson, Dylan Hook, Isaac Komarski, Josh Corbin, Rustu Martin, DNS Garrett McIntyre.