Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


September 6th, 2021

After 3 rain delays, 7 happy racers emerged victorious in the huge holiday program Sunday at Bedford, several with exciting last lap passes. Robby Black was the surprise Limited winner after race long leader Clinton Hersh broke with two laps to go in the make up event from three weeks ago while Devin Weyandt took the scheduled event. Nick Bechtel snagged the Semi Late event with a last lap pass before Derrick Hinish replicated a last lap pass in the Pure Stock event. Javid Fairall and Tyler Beckett split the 4 Cylinder events, one also a makeup, and Jeff Paulson took the special Vintage race.

Clinton Hersh split the front row at the start of the first Limited event then led almost effortlessly for the duration. Robby Black emerged from a three car battle to take second on lap six, but he never closed of the distant Hersh. But within sight of victory, Hersh;s mount broke on lap 18, bringing out only the second race caution, giving a surprised Black the lead.

Black then ran off unhindered for the win. Devin Weyandt took second ahead of Brad Feight, Matt Perks and Donnie Farlling, Heats, run back in August, were won by Farlling and Trent Brenneman .

In the second Limited event, Brian Lowery jumped into the early lead but he attracted a crowd at the front. Devin Weyandt and eventually Clinton Hersh arrived and were all over Lowery lap after lap. When Lowery got tied up with a lapped car on lap 18, Weyandt shot by for the lead. /Hersh followed Weyandt through the log jam but he never threatened as Weyandt rushed to the 25 lap win.

Hersh , Donnie Farlling, Robby Black and Lowery were the top 5.

The Semi Late 15 lapper was a barn burner from start to finish. Mark Patterson took the lead at the start but Bob Jay and Nick Bechtel closed in early. Bechtel took second on lap 6 and the three ran together in formation lap after lap as Bechtel challenged the leader. Bechtel tried both inside and outside passes but Patterson repelled every challenge. Finally on the last lap Bechtel threw caution to the wind and slid by Patterson heading to the finish.

Patterson held on for the close second, followed by Jay, Andrew Stough and John Miller.

The Pure Stock 15 lapper was a crash fest which featured a mob at the front. A pair of 15s with Cole Stickel leading Derrick Hinish led the wayas repeated yellows interrupted the event. A four car crash on lap 2 eliminated Kyle Deneen and Dalton Weyandt and a grinding crash on lap 11 eliminated Rodney Hartman.

But during the green flag action Charlie Clise caught the leaders and the three ran in flight formation until Clise dropped out on lap 6. The remainder of the event featured Hinish all over Stickel who failed to wilt. Finally on the last lap Stickel left an opening and Hinish rushed through for the win.

The lead duo were followed by Denver Dishong who came from 12th, Ryan Beckett from 15th and Barry Clark from 14th.

Ernie Hewitt led the first lap in the makeup 4 Cylinder event, but he was passed by Javid Fairall on lap two, From that point on, Fairall led easily to the end. Jay Talley ran second for the duration and finished there ahead of 16th starter Dustin Kinser, Todd Price and Colin Welsh. Heats run in August were won by Price and Matthew Boring.

Josh Corbin led the first lap in the 4 Cylinder finale in his PT Cruiser, but Tyler Beckett blew by on lap two and led to the finish. Jay Talley, Shawn Smith and Todd Price battled for second for the duration before finishing in those positions. Javid Fairall took fifth.

Jeff Paulson took the special Vintage car event over Mark Hahn and Gene Wrightstone.

The program was interrupted three separate times by rain but the track crew determined to finish and brought the surface back each time. Because of the time delay, heats were cancelled for all but the Semi Lates.

LIMITED MAKEUP 20 LAPS 1 Robby Black, Devin Weyandt, Brad Feight, Matt Parks, Donnie Farlling, Eddie Cornett. Brian Lowery, Clinton Hersh, Taylor Farlling, Jim McBee, Bryan Benton, DNS Trent Brenneman, Triston Stoner, Matt Murphy

LIMITED 25 LAPS 1 Devin Weyandt, Clinton Hersh, Donnie Farlling, Robby Black, Brian Lowery, Brad Feight, Bryan Benton, Matt Parks, Waco Williams, Eddie Cornett, Jacob Piper, Michael Horne, DNS Jim McBee, Taylor Farlling

SEMI LATE 15 LAP 1 Nick Bechtel, Mark Patterson, Bob Jay, Andrew Stough, John Miller, Brian Weyandt J, Bill Replogle, Erik Weyandt, Greg Hainsey, Travis Calhoun, Laura Chamberlain, Cale Martin, Kyle Weyandt, Dave Brown, Jarrod Brown, Willy Ling, Dennis Collins, DNS Laura Reilly,

PURE STOCK 15 LAPS 1 Derrick Hinish, Cole Stickel, Denver Dishong, Ryan Beckett, Barry Clark, Dalton Ritchey, Larry Foor, Geoff Sosnowski, David Barb, Cody Jarvie, Bill Shehan, Anthony Fama, Jeremy Fama, Charlie Clise, Rodney Hartman, Kyle Deneen, Dalton Weyant, Brian Shaw, DNS John Howsare

4 CYLINDER MAKEUP 12 LAPS 1 Javid Fairall, Jay Talley, Dustin Kinser, Todd Price, Colin Welsh, Darren Chesney, Shawn Snith, Ernie Hewitt, Shawn Netty, Tyler Beckett, Josh Corlin, John Diehl, Joe May, Dalton Long, James Fairall, Richard Athey, Derek Long, DNS Michael Boring, Bradley Brown, Brad Brumbaugh, Matt Hahn,

4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS 1 Tyler Beckett, Jay Talley, Shawn Smith, Todd Price, Javid Fairall, Ernie Hewitt, Joe May, Jeff Marlett, Brian Livengood, Neil Brown, Colin Welsh, Shawn Netty, Justin Ratcliff, Jim Burt, Josh Corbin, Roger Fagan, Steve Delozier, John Diehl, DNS Richard Athey, Darren Chesney, Dalton Long, James Fairall, Derek Long

VINTAGE 15 LAPS 1 Jeff Paulson, Mark Hahn, Gene Wrightstone, John Marks, Hugh Wright, Paul Bacchus.