Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


May 27th, 2023

Dylan Yoder rose to the occasion and dominated the annual Turk Burket classic at Bedford Friday night.  The win was his fourth career win at the track but his first since September 2016 and was worth $5000.   Ending a even longer winless streak, Rick Potter scored a Semi Late win.  It was Potter’s first win at Bedford since 2003. Charlie Clise ended the program with another dramatic come from behind Pure Stock win.

Bryan Bernheisel jumped into the lead in the 40 lap Burket tribute, but Yoder flew by to lead lap two.     Jeff Rine moved in to hassle Bernheisel before he got by on lap 7.  But Yoder was already off to a commanding lead. 


While action was calm at the front, the man on the move was Kyle Lee.  Lee started 7th and was making moves through the field from the start.   Lee finally got third on lap 11  from Tyler Emory, and moved in on Rine.

For several laps, dancing through heavy lapped traffic, Lee and Rine went at it thrilling the crowd, before Lee got by on lap 22.

A multi car caution on lap 26 gave the field a last look at Yoder but also changed the complexion of the race.   Although Yoder sped away on the restart,  Rine showed renewed vigor, retaking second spot from Lee and pulling away.     Further back, Matt Cosner was all over Emory for fourth as the laps wound down.

But Yoder was in another time zone,  pulling away to a 3.5 second win over the last 14 green flag laps.   Rine and Lee trailed.  Cosner got by Emory for fourth.  Emory was fifth.     In time trial action,  Emory was the fast timer before Bernheisel, Lee, Emory and Cosner won the heats,   Austin Berry won the B.

Rick Potter ended a dry spell longer than that of Yoder when he nabbed the Semi Late 24 lapper.  Potter was the pole sitter and grabbed the lead at the start ahead of Josh Bumberger.    In what became a cautionfest,  the front pair battled and drew a crowd.  Action was interrupted wildly on lap 10 as Dalton Weyant and Andrew Stough rubbed on the front stretch with Stough flipping wildly near the stage,

On the restart,  it was Brian Weyandt Jr who took up the chase but Potter doggedly hung on.  Lap after lap Weyandt moved alongside in the turns but Potter hammered by on the straights. But by lap 16, John Miller had arrived and both front runners had him to deal with.   The three ran together for several laps until Miller managed to squeeze by for the lead on lap17.

But the drama was not over because with victory in sight,  a wheel flew off Miller’s 28 on lap 22, causing a caution and reinstating Potter in the lead.     Potter found himself back where he had started by holding off Bumberger again for the last two laps for the win.Weyandt was third followed by Dave Brown and Greg Hainsey who came from 15th.  Khi Swanger and Weyandt Jr won the heats.

Kyle Beckett was the early Pure Stock leader but he led a 4 car gaggle at the front.   Behind them a 10 car mob went at it including Charlie Clise who had started 10th.   Dalton Ritchey led the charge on Beckett until Denver Dishong got by.  But Clise had arrived.   After slithering through the second pack, Clise joined the lead 4 some and started working on them,

Clise and Dishong both got by Beckett on lap 15 and Clise opened up to score another win.  Dishong followed along and took second ahead of Ritchey, Derek Hinish and Cody Jarvie who came from 15th.  Beckett and Dishong won the heats.


LATE MODEL 40 LAPS  Dylan Yoder,  Jeff Rine,  Kyle Lee,  Matt Cosner,  Tyler Emory,  Colby Frye,  Kyle Hardy,  Jason Covert,  Spike Moore,  Matt Sponaugle,  Tim Smith,  Chuck Clise,  Austin Berry,  Dan Angellichio,  Brian Booze,  Jim Yoder,  Dave Stamm,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Jeff Miller,  Trevor Feathers,  Nathan Lasalle,  Mike Lupfer,  Shawn Jones,  Nick Dickson,  Justin Weaver.  DNS  Wayne Johnson,  Ryan Christoff,  Ernie Millon,  Alex Labby,  Jason Schmidt,  Jim McBee,  Keith Jackson.


SEMI LATE 24 LAP  Rick Potter  Josh Bumberger,  Brian Weyandt J,  Dave Brown,  Greg Hainsey,  Kyle Weyandt,  Travis Calhoun,  Bradlee Means,  Laura Reilly,  Brandon Grubb,  John Miller,  Khi Swanger,  Josh Gustaf.  Dalton Weyand  Andrew Stough,  Bill Replogle,  Tony Catlett,  Kyle Deneen.


PURE CSTOCK  24 LAP     Charlie Clise   Denver Dishong,  Dalton Ritchey,  Derek Hinish,   Cody Jarvie,  Kyle Beckett,  Darian Ritchey,  Dalton Weyant,  Keith Killander,  Dakota Moreland,  Tom Lewis,   Mark Shope,  Jay Talley,  Barry Clark,  Josh Ringer,  Brad Bookwalter,  Barry Weyandt,  Brook Bunn,  Reed Stickel,  DNS  Madison Miller