Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


May 29th, 2023

Josh Spicer and Matt Parks celebrated Memorial Day Sunday with popular Bedford wins.  Spicer took the special 305 victory while Parks was winner in the accompanying Limited event.  Jonathan Taylor held off a frantic last lap challenge to hold off Mike Altobelli for the EMod win.    Brad Marker and Tom Brady split the 4 Cylinder events, one a curfewed out makeup, to complete the wild racing evening..

AJ Barton was the early leader of the 305 event but he had company at the front.    After several laps of challenging, Logan Jones finally got by to take over on lap 6,  But  by then Josh Spicer had rallied from deep in the field to join the lead battle.


As the trio weaved through heavy lapped traffic,  Spicer took second on lap nine and began the challenge for the lead.  Lap after lap Spicer challenged the leader until he finally squeezed by on lap 17, just before the first caution of the event flew.   Another caution on lap 19 set up a one lap dash to the finish.


On the restart Jones gave a valiant effort but fell short as Spicer raced to the win. Mike Alleman ran a consistant race to take third ahead of  Fred Arnold and Barton.  Jacob Gomala, Johnny Scarborough and Arnold won the heats.


Pole sitter Brian Lowery led the first Limited lap before Matt Parks zoomed by.  From that point on,  Parks dominated the event which was interrupted by multiple caution periods.   Through it all  Andrew Yoder was charging through the field along with Spike Moore.  Moore was the first to get by  Lowery to take second and Yoder took third on lap 15.  Yoder got by Moore two laps later and made a late run on Parks, actually getting alongside late,  but Parks held on for the thrilling win.


After the late charge, Yoder settled for second at the line, ahead of Moore, Justin Weaver and Andy Fries who came from 15th.   Devin Weyandt, Parks and Khi Swanger won the heats.


Jonathan Taylor, unused to an up front starting position at Bedford, made the best of his luck and led the EMod event from the start.   Donnie Farlling provided the challenge early as Mike Altobelli came from ninth. Altobelli was up to third already by lap 4 and challenged Farlling for second.


Farlling and Altobelli went at it for many laps until Altobelli finally got by on lap 12.   From that point on,  Altobelli closed on Taylor and made him work for the lead.   On the last lap, Altobelli, who had scored a last lap win only a week ago, tried it again, but Taylor held firm and held on for the win.


Altobelli settled for the close second, ahead of Farlling,  Evan Taylor and Mike Franklin.  Brandon Hoover George Dixon and Rick Singleton won the heats.


The evening started off with a makeup event for the 4 Cylinders.   Brad Marker took the lead at the start and held off Colin Welsh and Shawn Smith in a rousing three way battle for the duration in the 12 lapper.  At the finish it was Marker ahead of Smith, Welsh, Todd Price and Derek Long.  Heats, which were run on May 19, were won by Price and Wayne Brenize.


The regularly scheduled 4 Cylinder event started off with a bang and ended with a surprise as Tom Brady scored the win.      On the initial start a wild multi car crash on the back stretch brought out the red flag when the front 5 cars all tried to come off turn two side by side.    On the jumbled restart lineup, Tom Brady found himself on the front row and he took the lead early.  Brady held off a three car knot before Jim Burt got by on lap 5.  Devin Iser got by Burt, who brought out the caution on lap 10 and led the last two laps for the win.


But Iser’s thrill was short lived as he came up 50 pounds light on the scale and it was Brady who got the win, his first at Bedford since 2016.   Josh Corbin, Jay Talley, Steve Delozier and Justin Williamson trailed the winner.  Brenize, Burt and Welsh won the heats.  Jesse Matney won the B


305 SPRINTS   20 LAPS    Josh Spicer,  Logan Jones,  Mike Alleman,  Fred Arnold,  AJ Barton,  Dylan Shatzer,  Jacob Gomala,  Tim Bittner,  Zach Rhodes,  Matt Kline,  Drew Young,  Ryan Lynn,  John Scarborough,  Dale Schweikert,  Jay Frye,  Kasey Weaver,  Owen Dimm,  Reed Thompson,  Bill Shehan,  Ben Miklos,  Colton Hendershot,  Jim Kennedy  DNS  Ken Duke


LIMITED  20 LAPS    Matt Parks,  Andrew Yoder,  Spike Moore,  Justin Weaver,  Andy Fries,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Brian Lowery,  Casey Stenoff,  Eric Irvin,  Wes Bonebrake,  Devin Weyandt,  Jarred Folkroad,  Tim Snare,  Khi Swanger,  Tom Decker J,  Kaiden, Bard,  Zach Kauffman,  Brad Feight,  Shyann Smith,  Madeline Miller,  Eddie Cornett,  John Seiler,  Ryan Sager,  Bryan Benton,  Tyler Ritchey,  Herb Hillyard  DNS  Tom Decker III,  Lucas Adams


EMOD  20  LAPS   Jonathan Taylor  Mike Altobelli J,  Donnie Farlling,  Even Taylor,  Mike Franklin   George Beckett,  Scott Heath,  Brandon Hoover,  Ryan Dolon,  Brandon Inglish,  Darrin Hoover,  David Green,  John Whitfield,  Tom Hughes,  Mike Meck,  Mike Pappas,  Matthew Jones,  Jacob Marker,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Rick Singleton,  George Dixon,  Glen Elliott,


4 CYLINDER MAKEUP   12 LAPS    Brad Marker  Shawn Smith,  Colin Welsh,  Todd Price,  Derek Long,  Darrin Howsare,  Devin Iser,  Josh Corbin.  Steve Delozier,  Jeff Marlett,  Tom Brady,  Jim Burt,  Darren Chesney,  George Shore,  Ernie Hewitt,  Jimmy Delozier,  Bryan Wright,  Mark Kauffman,  Dustin Shore,  Dwayne Watring,  Hayden Kline,  Wayne Brenize.


4 CYLINDER  12  LAPS   Tom Brady,   Josh Corbin,  Jay Talley,  Steve Delozier,  Josh Williamson,  Todd Price,  Ernie Hewitt,  Jesse Motney,  Kirtlyn Strouser,  Jeff Marlett,  Jimmy Delozier,  Matthew Kauffman,  Jim Burt,  Dustin Shore,  Harlan Group,  Darren Chesney,  Hayden Kline,  Brad Marker,  Shawn Smith,  Derek Long,  Colin Welsh,  Darren Howsare,  DNS  Wayne Brenize   DQ   Devin Iser  DNQ   George Shore,  Dwayne Watring,  Bradley Ross,  Maylon Mosgrove,  Bryan Wright,  Richard Athey,  Isaac Hoover,  Jerad Wingert