Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


June 10th, 2023

In a dominating performance, Briggs Danner dominated the USAC wingless sprint event at Bedford Friday night.  Danner started deep in the field, roared to the front early and won the 25 lap event by almost three seconds.

In other action,  Greg Hainsey held off frequent challenges from Josh Bumberger for the Semi Late win, the Taylors made a family affair in the EMod race,  Cody Jarvie held off a mob in Pure Stock action and recently unretired  Wayne Brenize took the 4 Cylinder finale.


Carmen Perigo started on the front row and was the early USAC leader.   He was at the helm for the first three laps until Steve Drevicki got by.   But Briggs Danner was closing fast.  He also got by Perigo on that lap and went after Drevicki.


It took two laps to secure the lead and thats the last the field saw of Dammer except for those he lapped.  Danner caught a herd of lapped cars with five laps to go, giving Drevicki hope but he successively negotiated the gang and secured the win.  Bob Butler took third ahead of Mike Thompson and Perigo.   With the event going green to checkered straight through, Danner lapped all but the top 5 and completed the romp in just under 9 minutes.   In an oddity, every starter was around for the finish.  Perigo and Danner won the heats.


After a season of frustration pretty much, Greg Hainsey was rewarded a front row starting spot, in the Semi Late event  He made the best of his good fortune by leading the distance but he had to earn it.  Bradlee Means ran second the first few laps until his car shut down on the backstretch, collecting Rick Potter.  That placed Josh Bumberger on Hainsey’s bumper and he  pressured Hainsey the rest of the way.


Several times Bumberger drew alongside Hainsey but could not effect the pass, falling short at the line.  Behind the leaders, action was hot and heavy as 4 cars fought for third.  John Miller finally won that battle, beating Kyle Weyandt and Bill Replogle to the line.    Travis Calhoun came from dead last in the field for sixth.   Hainsey and Bumberger won the heats.


Brandon Hoover was the early EMod leader chased by George Dixon.   Dixon dropped out on lap 7 placing Jonathan Taylor in second.   That pair was soon joined by brother Evan Taylor and the pair took on Hoover. Jonathan got by Hoover on lap 9 and Evan did two laps later and the brothers  shook away from the field to settle it out.


Evan closed in on Jonathan several times but fell short as Jonathan swept to the win.  Ridge Bookwalter rallied late after starting 10th to take third at the line ahead of 12th starter Donnie Farlling and Hoover.  George Beckett and  Dixon won the heats.


Brad Bookwalter led the opening Pure Stock lap but Dakota Moreland took over on lap two.   But Cody Jarvie was already up to the front and moved in to challenge Moreland.  Jarvie got by on lap 5 but quickly found himself under attack from Dalton Ritchey.   Lap after lap Ritchey challenged but could not get by.


Behind them a group of four cars battled for third with Moreland.   As Jarvie led Ritchey  to the finish, somehow Charlie Clise slipped through for third ahead of Moreland and Darien Ritchey  Derek Hinish was in that mob until sidelined by a flat tire on the last lap.   Dalton Ritchey and Hinish won the heats.


Long retired Wayne Brenize returned to the 4 Cylinder class and scored the big win.  He led pole to pole in the event which was interrupted on lap 3 as Harlan Kline flipped through turn one.  After the red flag delay, Brenize led easily as 10 cars ran in a pack in his wake.   Shawn Smith came from deep in the field to take second at the line ahead of Jeff Marlett, Derek Long and Josh Corbin.  Brenize and Corbin won the heats.


After three weeks of drought conditions, a surprise storm swept through Bedford j just before warmups.   The racing program was delayed an hour in starting as the track crew reclaimed the surface but finished on time.


USAC WINGLESS SPRINTS   25 LAPS   Briggs Danner,  Steve Drevicki,  Bob Butler,  Mike Thompson,  Carmen Perigo,  Billy Ney,  JT Ferry,  Ed Aiken,  Bruce Buckwalter,  Austin Grady,  Troy Frazier,  Jason Cherry


EMOD   20 LAPS     Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Donnie Farlling,  Brandon Hoover,  Ryan Dolan,  Brandon Inglish,  David Green,  George Beckett,  John Whitfield,  Tommy Hughes,  Bill Pluta,  Matthew Jones,  George Dixon,  Dan Davies


SEMI LATES  15  LAPS  Greg Hainsey,  Josh Bumberger,  John Miller,  Kyle Weyandt.  Bill Replogle  Travis Calhoun,  Dalton Weyant,  Brian Weyant Jr,  Cale Martin,  Laura Reilly,  Kyle Deneen,  Zach Frost,  Bradlee Means,  Rick Potter,    DNS   Skyler  Barnhart, Chuck Penner



PURE STOCKS  15  LAPS  Cody Jarvie,  Dalton Ritchey,  Charlie Clise,  Dakota Moreland,  Darian Ritchey,  Kyle Beckett,  Denver Dishong,  Derek Hinish,  Dominick Weyandt,  Barry Clark,  Mark Shope,  Tom Lewis,  Jay Talley,  Madison Miller.  Derek Treece,  Brad Bookwalter,  DNS  Brandon Roadford  DQ   /Josh Ringer


4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS     Wayne Brenize,  Shawn Smith,  Jeff Marlett,  Derek Long,  Josh Corbin,  Tom Brady,  Steve Delozier,  Todd Price,  Colin Welsh,  Ernie Hewitt,  Brandon Bowman,  Harlan Group,  Jimmy Delozier,  George Shore S,  Dwayne Watring,  Richard Athey,  Sam Reigitz,  Dominick Heeter,   Isaac Komarski,  Isaac Hoover,  Hayden Kline,  Matt Kauffman  DNS Michael Boring