Bedford Speedway » 2024 Results


June 1st, 2024

Long time Super Sportsman veteran Russ Mitten added another notch on his career as he grabbed his first ever Bedford Speedway win in Friday night action at the track.

Only a few months removed from his first ever Limited win, Shawn Shoemaker took his second win  before Spike Moore also took his  second career EMod win.  Charlie Clise came from deep in the field to win the Pure Stock event and defending champion Josh Corbin closed the program with a 4 Cylinder  win.


Pole sitter  Troy Rhome was almost the star of the 20 lap Sportsman event.  He took off at the start and dominated the event, pulling away after each of the quick cautions as Russ Mitten took up the chase.   Behind them, John Edkin, Mike Enders and  Scott Dellinger had a race of their own as they traded third spot several times.


But Rhome’s hopes went up  in smoke as he drifted to a halt  in turn 3 on lap 17.  On what would be the final restart, Mitten shot away  from what was then the second place battle to score his personal historic win.  Edkin secured second at the line ahead of Dellinger, Enders and Blake Brooks.   Dellinger and Enders won the heats.


Heat 1 was  interrupted as Kenny Edkin flipped through turn two on the first lap forcing a red flag session.  Amazingly, Edkin and the crew repaired the car and he made the feature event, finishing 7th.


Shawn Shoemaker took the early Limited lead and was hounded early  by Devin Weyandt.    But Kyle Hardy, driving the famous 11,  arrived from his eighth starting spot and took second on lap 8.  Over the next few laps he noticeably closed on Shoemaker


As the race passed the halfway point, Hardy had caught Shoemaker but once there he could not position himself to complete a pass.  Shoemaker rushed on tp the victory, followed by Hardy, Clinton Hersh, Weyandt and Kyle Lear.   Hardy and Shoemaker won the heats.


Brandon Hoover was the early EMod leader but he was chased from the start by Spike Moore.  Hoover held on lap after lap as George Dixon  battled his way through the field to third by lap 10.


Hoover’s great run ended as a yellow flew for Ridge Bookwalter  on lap 11.  On the restart, Moore got a great run and got by Hoover, leaving him to battle with Dixon.   Once in front, Moore drew away from everyone to a large lead.  Dixon ended the battle with Hoover as he retired on lap 16,  allowing Hoover to take second as Moore rushed to the win.  Mason Lobb rushed from the back to take third ahead od David Green and John Whitfield.


Braydale Baumanm was the early Pure Stock leader but the crowd at the front was thick.     Charlie Clise was the first to challenge Bauman but he was soon joined by Chubby Childers. with three or four more closing fast.  After several aborted efforts,  Clise finally made a successful move for the lead on lap nine.  Childers followed through a lap later but he couldn’t get by Clise who held on for the win.  Darian Ritchey emerged from the mob to take third at the end, ahead of Bauman and Derek Hinish.  Ritchey and Clise won the heats.


For the second week in a row, former champion Tom Brady was the early 4 Cylinder leader.   But  fellow former champion Jossh Corbin emerged quickly and powered by Brady on lap 4 before rushing to the win.   Brady hung on for second ahead of Shawn Smith, James Fairall and Colin Welsh.  Todd Price, an early retiree and Welsh won the heats.


SUPER SPORTSMAN 20 LAPS   Russ Mitten, John Edkin,  Scott Dellinger,  Mike Enders,  Blake Brooks,  Jay Fannasy,  Kenny Edkin,  Matt Ondek,  Tim Barrick,  Tyler Walford,  Ryan Rutz,  Troy Fraker,  Troy Rhome,  Chad Baker,  Jason Fraker.


LIMITED 20 LAPS    Shawn Shoemaker,  Kyle Hardy,  Clinton Hersh,  Devin Weyandt,  Kyle Lear,  Kaiden Bard,  Matt Murphy,  Tim Snare,  Ray Ciccarelli,  Ryan Sager


EMOD 20 LAP   Spike Moore,  Brandon Hoover,  Mason Lobb,  David Green,  John Whitfield,  Dan Patterson,  George Dixon,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Harry Henderson


PURE STOCK 15 LAP    Charlie Clise,  Chubby Childers,  Darian Ritchey,  Braydale Bauman,  Derek Hinish  Dalton Weyant,  Keith Killander,  Dominick Weyandt,  Eli Hinish,  Denver Dishong,  Anthony Troutman,  Mark Shope,  Barry Clark,  Madison Miller,  Josh Ringer,  Franklin Foor,  Jay Talley,  Brandyn Proudfoot,  DNS  Brock Bunn


4 CYLINDER 12 LAP    Josh Corbin,  Tom Brady,  Shawn Smith,  James Fairall,  Colin Welsh,  Jim Burt,  Chris Graybill,  Jeff Marlett,  Dominick Heeter,  Cody Hetrick,  Bryan Wright,  Matt Kauffman,  John Diehl,  Todd Price,  Neveah Helsel,  Jimmy Delozier,  Dacron Powell,  Wayne Brenize,  Braden Powell,  Dustin Stine,  Colton    Mundorf  DNS   Matt Jones,