Bedford Speedway » 2024 Results


July 6th, 2024

Although Clinton Hersh dominated the first half of the event, Bryan Bernheisel rallied late and scored a dominating win in Late Model action at Bedford Friday night.


In other action, Chad Thomas scored his first ever Bedford win in the wingless Super Sportsman event, Chubby Childers scored a last lap win in the Pure Stock Charlie Walter special, Mike Altobelli took yet another EMod win and Wayne Brenize won the 4 Cylinder closer.


Pole sitter Clinton Hersh grabbed the lead at the start of the Late Model 25 lapper.  He drew out to a commanding lead as the pack battled behind him.  Hersh received a scare as Ron Fink spun in front of him on lap 10, bringing out the caution.


That caution wiped out the huge Hersh lead and brought RJ Dallape and Bryan Bernheisel to Hersh’s bumper.  Bernheisel, who had rallied from sixth, stormed around Dallape on the restart and attacked Hersh, taking the lead on lap 12.   From that point on, Bernheisel ran off from the field and scored the easy win.


Hersh, found himself harrassed by Dallape for several laps, eventually had to hold off fourth row starters  Jakob Piper and Justin Weaver as Bernheisel sped away the last 15 laps.   Hersh held on to take second at the line, ahead of Weaver, Piper and Matt Sponaugle. Tyler Ritchey and Weaver won the heats.


The Pure Stocks ran their biggest event of the season, 42 laps in honor of Charlie Walter.  Derrick Hinish won the pole in the pill draw event and took the early lead.  It didnt take long for the lead pack to form as Kyle Beckett and Denver Dishong led a pack forming in the wake of Hinish.


Various maladies slowly thinned the field in the longest race of the year for the class but the top three remained the same lap after lap.   Eventually Chubby Childers joined the front three, taking third on lap 30.  With about 10 to go, Beckett decided he had followed Hinish long enough and began to challenge the leader, several times drawing up alongside.


But Beckett also had to deal with Childers as the top three got serious.  One last caution altered things on lap 38 as Beckett and Childers got together and Beckett spun.  On the final restart of the race, Childers went all out after the leader and slid by for a dramatic last lap pass for the win.


Dishong also almost got by Hinish but settled for third at the line ahead of Darian Ritchey and Braydale Bauman.  Hinish faced more drama after the event as he was DQed in the tech line after his run, moving the others up a spot.  Brock Bunn and Beckett won the heats.


Brandon Shearer led the early Super Sportsman laps before  Chad Thomas broke free and ran him down.  Thomas took over on lap 12 and led the rest of the way for his first ever Bedford win.  Steve Wilbur and Craig Perigo trailed.   Trent Yoder and Thomas won the heats.


It took several tries to get the EMOD event underway, but when things got going, Mike Altobelli shot from third to first on the first lap and led the distance.    Spike Moore got to second and gave chase but finished behind Altobelli at the line.    Donnie Farlling and the Taylor family trailed.   Brandon Inglish and Jonathan Taylor won the heats.


Part timer Wayne Brenize made a easy task of the 4 Cylinder event.  He started on the pole and led the distance over Isaac Kormanski and Chris Graybill.  Brenize andShawn Smith won the heats.


LATE MODELS 25 LAPS  Bryan Bernheisel,  Clinton Hersh,  Justin Weaver,  Jakob Piper,  Matt Sponaugle,  RJ Dallape,  Kyle Lee,  Chuck Clise,  Jeff Rine,  Tim Smith,  Tyler Ritchey,  Jeff Miller,  Barry Miller,  Darrass Deneen,  Nathan Lasalle,  Ron Fink,  Wayne Johnson, Alex Libby.


WINGLESS SUPER SPORTSMAN 20 LAPS    Chad Thomas,  Steve Wilbur,  Craig Perigo,  Brandon Shearer,  Tony Hampton,  Luke Lenker,  Dennis Perigo,  Scott Lutz,  Trent Yoder,  Copper Shue


EMOD 20 LAPS    Mike Altobelli,  Spike Moore,  Donnie Farlling,  Jonathan Taylor, Evan Taylor,  George Dixon,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Brandon Hoover,  John Whitfield,  Matt Lashbaugh,  Brandon Inglish,  Rodney Hartman,,  David Green,  Harry Hendershot,  Michael Ciezobka


PURE STOCK 42 LAPS    Chubby Childers,  Denver Dishong,  Darian Ritchey,  Braydale Bauman,  Dalton Weyant,  Charlie Clise,  Barry Clark,  Brad Boyd,  Madison Miller,  Kyle Beckett,  Jay Talley,  Mark Shope,  Tom Lewis,  Franklin Foor,  Jason Haggerty,  Brock Bunn,  Dominic Weyandt,  DQ  Derrick Hinish


4 CYLINDER   12 LAPS    Wayne Brenize,  Isaac Kormanski,  Chris Graybill,  Todd Price,  Shawn Smith,  Tom Brady,  Colin Welsh,  Josh Borland,  Matt Kauffman,  John Diehl,  Nevaeh Helsel,  Shane Weyant,  Jimmy Delozier,  Bradley Ross,  Cody Hetrick