Bedford Speedway » 2012 Results


May 5th, 2012

Bedford Speedway beat the weather and Jack Pencil beat the field Friday night.    Pencil took the 25 lap Late Model event with a late race rally, becomming the first repeat winner of the 2012 season.  In other action,  Robby Black dominated the Limited Late Model model event while Chris Chamberlain won the Semi Late race,  Travis Group was the Pure Stock winner and Dave Lambert won the 4 Cylinder closer.

 Eric Zembower, after a dominating heat race victory was the Late Model pole sitter and early leader. Jeff Rine emerged from the pack and began to reel in the leader but Pencil was third and was catching them both.  Rine and Pencil had caught Zembower by  the time  Matt Sala brought out the only caution of the event on lap 11.
 On the restart Rine immediately worked on Zembower and the two raced hard for 6 laps before Rine got by.   Pencil got by Zembower a lap later and set out after Rine..  With Rine on the bottom,  Pencil swung to the outside and with two laps to go edged ahead.  Pencil then roared to his second win of the season.  Rine chased the winner across the line, followed by Zembower, Matt Sponaugle, Ron Delano, Jamie Lathroum, Matt Parks, Jeff Miller, Chris Harr and Cory Weaver.  Zembower and Lathroum won the heats.
After early season hard luck, Robbie Black started on the pole for the Limited 20 lap event.  He got the drop  on Josh Berrier at the start and dominated the race. Tim Smith worked into second position early and was all over Black  for several laps, but Black got stronger as the race went on and Smith faded back into the clutches of Berrier  after halfway.  Berrier could not get back by Smith and followed the lead pair across the line.  Mike Altobelli Jr rallied late to take fourth, followed by Dave Leidy, Matt Howsare, Eric Irvin, Donnie Farlling, Jesse Snyder, and Travis Calhoun.  Smith and Black won the heats.
Zane Weicht was the early Semi Late leader butChris Chamberlain caught him by lap three and took over.  Chamberlain pulled out to a good lead as Weicht held off  Kerry Molovich and Bill Henney for the duration. 
At the finish it was Chamberlain, Henney, Weicht, Molovich,  Darryl Whetstone, Tim  Wyles, Cody Butterbaugh  and Taylor Farlling.  Henney and Whetstone won the heats
Travis Group started on the pole and led the distance in the Pure Stock 15 lapper but he had a crowd at the front.  Charlie Walter came from eighth to chase down the leader and the pair ran several laps side by side before a last lap caution slowed the field.  On the restart Group held off Walter for the win.Lou Wannyn , who ended the race last week in the air atop Rob Varner , ran third followed by Chad Gambol, and Mike Norris.  RT  Trutman and Bill Replogle won the heats.
Mike Lauffer was the early 4 Cylinder leader but Dave Lambert  emerged from the crowd and ran him down.  On lap 6, Lambert took over and ran to the finish.  Lauffer was second at the line ahead of Steve Frederick, Dan Jackson and Cale Martin.  Lambert and Jackson won the heats.
With rain in the area and impending, the racers and Bedford staff were on extra overdrive and the show was completed by 10:10
LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Jack Pencil,  2 Jeff Rine,  3 Eric Zembower,  4 Matt Sponaugle,  5 Ron Delano,  6 Jamie Lathroum,  7 Matt Parks,  8 Jeff Miller,  9 Chris HJarr,  10 Cory Weaver,  11 Justin Kann,  12 Wayne Johnson,   13 Chuck Clise,  14 Matt Sala,  15 DJ Troutman,  DNS Chad Hollenback
LIMITED 20 LAP  1  Robbie Black,  2 Tim Smith,  3 Josh Berrier,  4 Mike Altobelly Jr,  5 Dave Leidy,  6 Matt Howsare,  7 Eric Irvin,  8Donnie Farrling  9  Jesse Snyder,  10 Travis Calhoun,  11 Rance Garlock,  12  Brian Lessley  DNS  Craig Perigo, Ron Bottenfield,  Nathan Lasalle, Jason Hess
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Chris Chamberlain,  2 Bill Henney,  3 Zane Weigch,  4 Kerry Molovich,  5 Darryl Whetstone,  6 Tim Wyles,  7 Cody Butterbaugh,  8 Taylor Farlling,  9 Bob Jay,   Joe Means,  11  Geroge Beckett,  DNS  Randy Wibble
 PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1   Travis Group,  2 Charlie Walter,  3 Lou Wannyn,  4 Chad Gambol,  5 Mike Norris,  6 Ryan Beckett,  7 Jimmy Moreland,  8 RT Troutman,  9 Tim Brown,  10 Jim Dearmitt,  112 Bill Kennell,  12 Brad Feight,  Denny Norris,  DNS  Bill Replogle
 4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Dave Lambert.  2 Mike Lauffer,  3 Steve Frederick,  4 Dan Jackson,  5 Cale Martin,  6 Nathan Kamitsky,  7 Ron Valentine,  8 Dave Hostettler,  9 John Diehl,  10 Matt Diehl,  11 Garrett Watkins,  12 Tyler beckett,  13 Michael Hall,  14 Josh Datko,  DNS  Jim Best