Bedford Speedway » 2012 Results


May 29th, 2012
Matt Parks was up to the challenge as he scored the Memorial Day win Monday at the Bedford Speedway.
Parks won $3000 for his effort in the Three State Fliers event after holding off a furious late race charge from Greg Satterlee to secure the win.  In other action, Zane Weicht rallied late to snag the Semi Late event,  Bill Replogle hed off Chad Gambol in Pure Stock action and Mike Lauffer won the 4 cylinder finale.
    Mass mayhem dotted the beginning of the Late Model 35 lapper  beginning on the first lap when front row starter Jack Pencil got into the wall on the backstretch.  Two more cautions slowed the event before two laps were completed  including a grinding frontstretch crash involving Eric Zembower and Walker Arthur..
    When the field settled down for real racing, Parks was the leader with Jeff Rine in hot pursuit. Rine slipped by to lead lap three but Parks  fought right back  to the front.  Rine followed every move  the leader made with Dylan Yoder in hot pursuit.  But the man on the move was Greg Satterlee.  He started 18th in the field and, after finding the outside groove to his liking,  charged to the front.  Satterlee  emerged from the pack to take fourth on lap 12 and kept coming.  He disposed of Yoder  on lap 16 and almost instantly reeled in the front two.
     Satterlee zipped Rine for second on lap 24, just before Rine retired and  descended on Parks.  Over the last 10 laps Satterlee was all over the leader and door to door but could not effect the big pass.  A last lap charge fell short as parks held on for a  one length  margin win.  Satterlee was second at the line followed by Yoder and Jeremy Miller, who had started dead last in the 26 car field.  B feature winner Brian Booze was fifth, followed by Greg Fetters, DJ Troutman, Scott Haus, Matt Lux, and Devin Friese    Rine, Pencil, Friese and Haus won the heats.  Booze the B and  Parks the dash.
     The Semi late race started off wildly  with a ten car pileup on lap one.  After that Kerry Molovich led the decimated field with Zane Weicht in pursuit.    Weicht held Molovich close until he finally got by  on lap 8, then ran off for the win.  Molovich held on for second, ahead of Brian Duffy, Dave Whetstone, Jeff Benson, Tim Wiles and Hainsey.  Bob Jay and Wyles won the heats.
   Bill Replogle went pole to pole in the Pure Stock event but he was chased the distance by Chad Gambol.  Gambol pulled alongside several times but Replogle held on for the win.  Gambol took second ahead of Mike Norris, Tim Brown, Justin Michaels and Brad Feight.  Replogle and Norris won the heats
      Ron Valentine led the first lap of the 4 Cylinder race before Mike Lauffer got by.  Lauffer held on through multiple cautions then to snare the win.  Dave Lambert rallied late to take second, ahead of Valentine, EJ Johnson, Cindy Rhodes and Phil Best.  Steve Settle and Lambert won the heats.
LATE MODEL 35 LAP THREE STATE FLYER  1  Matt Parks,  2 Greg Satterlee,  3 Dylan Yoder,  4 Jeremy Miller,  5 Brian Booze,  6 Greg Fetters,  7 DJ Troutman,  8 Scott Haus,  9 Matt Lux,  10 Devin Friese,  11  Wayne Johnson,  12 Jeff Rine,  13 Mike Altobelli Jr,  14 Andy Haus,  15 Justin Kann,  16  Chris Harr,  17 Ron Delano,  18  Tom Decker,  19 Jared Bard,  20 Chuck Clise,  21 Eric Zembower,  22 Walker Arthur,  23 Jim Yoder,  24 Scott Lebarron,  25 Jason Covert, 26  Jack Pencil,  DNS  Derek Sala, Quint Weyant,  Scott Rhodes,  Kirk Baker,  Cory Weaver,  Shawn Claar,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Casey Fleegle,  Matt Sponaugle,  Lincoln Ritchey
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Zane Weicht,  2 Kerry Molovich,  3 Brian Duffy,  4 Dave Whetstone,  5 Jeff Benson,  6 Don Wyles,  7 Greg Hainsey,  8 Bob Jay,  9 Darryl Whetstone,  10  Chris Chamberlain,  11  Vigi Zucollotto,  12 Cody Butterbaugh,  13 Bill Henney,  14 Joe Means,  15  Ryan Beckett,  DNS  Donnie Farlling
PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Bill Reologle,  2 Chad Gambol,  3 Mike Norris,  4 Tim Brown,  5 Justin michaels,  6 Brad Feight,  7 Ed Vogel,  8 Tyler Beckett,  9 Adam Daniels,  10 Bill Kennell
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Mike Lauffer,  2 Dave lambert6,  3 Ron Valentine,  4 EJ Johnson,  5 Cindy Rgodes,  6 Jim Best,  7 John Diehl,  8 Matt Diehl,  9 Steve Frederick,  10 Dan Jackson,  11 Garrett Watkins,  12 Steve Settle,  13 Tyler Beckett,  14  Ryan Claycomb,  15 Irv Fleegle,  16  Dave Green,  17  Cale Martin,  DNS  Paul Koffer