Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


June 28th, 2014
Mark Smith made his trip to Bedford rewarding as he swept to the big win in the URC feature Friday night.  After starting deep in the field, Smith wired the field late for the win.  In other action, Troy Swindell outlasted the field to score his second career Limited win at the track.  Like Smith, Jim Sayler came from deep in the field to take the Semi Late win, Brandon Lasalle took his first ever Economodified win and Scott Rickrode won his first ever event in the vintage car feature.  The Pure Stock finale was mass chaos, even afterward, before Charlie Walter won in the tech line.
     Randy West got the jump on the URC field and looked like a winner for 6 laps.  A quick yellow on that lap changed everything as the field closed on him.  On lap nine, both Curt Michael and Smith blew by and took over.  The pair of them put on a show for several laps, trading the lead back and forth and running side by side around the track.
      Zipping into and around lapped traffic,  Smith gradually opened up a lead over Michael and then romped to the win.  Michael was second, followed by West. Dave Franek, Josh Weller and Brad Carber.  Robbie Stillwaggon who was looking for his third consecutive Bedford URC win, struggled to get going and finished eighth.        Smith and Franek won the URC heats.
       Darrell Dick easily led the early stages of the Limited event as the field battled behind him.  Kaden Smith ran second  until Troy Swindell  took that spot on lap 11.  That proved to be fortuitous as Dick suffered a flat and the caution flew  on lap 14.  Swindell had the lead but had class heavy hitters Robby Black, George Dixon and Rick Singleton on his bumper on the restart.
  Black made a move to get beside Swindell but then headed  pitward  on the next lap as the caution flew again.  Swildell was ready for the challenge as the green flew with three laps to go.  Singleton cleared Dixon but could not mount a challenge before the finish.  Swindell led Singleton,. Dixon, Ron Bottenfield and Nathan Lasalle across the line.  Dick and Singleton won the heats.
     The Semi Late event was a dog fight from start to finish.  Chad Gambol led early ahead of a mob of chasers.  Finally Jim Saylor and Greg Cornell both got by on lap nine.  Sayler led that lap, Cornell led lap 10 and Sayler led the next as the pair went side by side.  Quickly joining that pair was Justin Michael and Lou Wannyn also side by side.
    The gang traded spots on each lap before Sayler led the flight formation, two by two, across the finish line to take the win.  Michael prevailed on the final stretch to snag second, ahead of Wannyn, Cornell and Bob Jay.  Michael and Cornell won the heats.
    Brandon Lasalle zipped by both front row starters to lead the first Economodified lap, then held on to score his first ever class win.  He was chased the distance by Tony Daniels and Alyssa Rowe who finished in that order.  Dave Brown and Derek Graybill completed the top five.
     Kevin Mahoney led the first seven laps of the Vintage car feature before Scott Rickrode got by.  Rickrode maneuvered through lapped traffic late in the race to secure his first ever win.  Mahoney, Alan Pavlick and Rick Pastor trailed.
     Bead Nesline. looking for his first ever Bedford win, was the early Pure Stock leader. Behind him for the first ten laps was a traffic jam as the field ran in a bunch. After a few early cautions, the wheels fell off on the event on lap 10.  Four separate cautions flew on that lap as the field disintegrated.  That was followed by three more cautions, one for Nesline who spun in front of the field, on lap 11.
     With Nesline gone, Charlie Walters inherited the lead.  But the drama was not over.  On the last lap shootout, Davey Lambert made a spectacular pass and took the lead, digging to the line for the win.  However the drama was not over as Lambert came up light on the scale.  Walters was awarded the win at that point.
Probably due to the long lap 10 and 11 cautions, two others, Bill Noll and Tyler Ritchey also came up light, jumbling the finishing order
    Walters was awaded the win, followed by Kyle Beckett, Brian Ringler, Matt Diehl, Greg Beckett, and Brad Feight.  Reed Stickle, Nesline and Terry Norris won the heats.
URC 25 LAPS  1  Mark Smith,  Curt Michael, Randy West,  Davie Franek,  Josh Weller,  Brian Carber,  Brock Zearfoss,  Robbie Stillwaggon,  Ed Aiken,  Trpy Betts,  Jonathan Swanson,  Will Eggiman,  Brad Franks,  Jason Cherry,  Jimmy Stitzel.  Andy Best,  Scott Lutz,  Anthony Fiore
LIMITED 18 LAPS  1  Troy Swindell,  Rick Singleton,  George Dixon,  Ron Bottenfield,  Kaden Smith,  Nathan Lasalle,  Rob Marhefka,  Matt Eckman,  Joe Moyer,  Robby Black,  Kyle Lee,  Darrell Dick,  Brian Lowery, Curtis Heath,  DNS  Craig Perigo
SEMI LATE  15 LAP   Jim Sayler,  Justin Michael,  Lou Wannyn,  Greg Cornell,  Bob Jay,  Chad Gambol,  Dave Brown,  Kerry Molovich,  Scott Sturtz,  Jesse Snyder,  Jim sacco,  Paul Gambol,  Greg Hainsey,  Ryan Beckett,  Rick Wright
ECONOMODIFIED 12 LAP    Brandon Lasalle, Tony Daniels,  Alyssa Rowe,  Dave Brown,  Derek Graybill,  Justin Milburn,  Andy Swope
VINTAGE CAR 12 LAPS   Scott Rickrode,  Kevin Mahoney,  Alan Pahvlik,  Rick Pastor,  Scott Covert,  Jim Kurpakus,  Fred Thompson,  Mark Rickrode,  Mark Weigle,  Gary Becker,  Curt Neiman,  DNS  Glen Pobletts
PURE STOCK  12 LAP    Charlie Walter,  Kely Beckett,  Brian Ringler,  Matt Diehl,  Greg Beckett,  Brad Feight,  Ed Vogel,  Travis Group,  Amber Mills,  Travis Vogel,   Josh McClellan,  Brad Nesline,  Willy Ling,  Mike Lewis,  Terry Norris,  John Howsare Jr,  Cale Leppert,  Preston Imler,  Denny Norris,  Reed Stickel,  DQ  Bill Noll,  Dave Lambert,  Tyler Ritchey,  DNS  Keith Killander, Trent Clark