Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


April 26th, 2015

Matt Parks, who had an off 2014 season, returned to form as he devastated the Late Model field Friday night at Bedford. It was the first 2015 win for the former track champion and came by a huge margin over the chasing field. In other action in the packed six division show,

Josh Berrier scored his first win in several years in Limited action, as did Dave Brown in Semi Late racing and Ed Vogel rallied late to win the Pure Stock race. Vic Vandergrift took his first ever trip to the stage in the E-Mod event, before Dacron Powell took his career first win in the 4 Cylinder finale. By the luck of the draw in the early season event, Matt Parks started the Late Model event from the pole. He rushed by fellow front row starter Andy Haus at the start and never looked back. Haus found himself totally occupied with Jeff Rine for the first ten laps of the event until Rine’s car broke at that point, bringing out the event’s only yellow.

That slow down wiped out a complete straightaway lead that Parks had built up. But on the restart he ran off again. With Rine gone, DJ Troutman took up the job of racing with Haus. Coming from 7th starting spot, he took second spot on lap 11 but Parks had checked out.

Over the last 15 all green laps, Parks ran off to almost a half lap win over Troutman, Haus, Gene Knaub and Matt Cosner. Matt Sponaugle, Chuck Clise, Wayne Johnson, Eric Zembower and Cody Robbins completed the top ten. Rine and Cosner won the heats.

Josh Berrier pretty much duplicated Parks’ run in the Limited event. He shot by Nathan Lasalle at the start and never looked back.Darrell Dick, Troy Swindell and Robby Black gave chase but Berrier was the class of the field. Mike Altobelli arrived from his 8th starting spot late, getting by the entire second place battle, securing second on lap 15. But Altobelli never challenged Berrier who held on for his first win in over two years. Altobelli was second ahead of Dick, Black and Swindell. Kyle Lee, who went to the rear after a lap 6 spin, Ron Bottenfield, Curtis Heath, Donnie Farlling and Lasalle completed the top 10. Black and Swindell won the heats.

Dave Brown survived a wild first turn, when he went from 4th to the lead, then held off the pack to score the Semi Late win. Behind Brown, Zane Weicht, Bob Jay, Jesse Snyder and Tom Warren went at it for the duration. Weicht held on for second behind Brown at the finish. Snyder, Jay and Warren completed the top 5. Jay and Brian Duffy won the heats.

Vic Vandergrift went pole to pole in the Emod event. The Taylor brothers started in row four and had a hard time getting to the front. Brandon Lasalle ran second for 6 laps until Jonathan Taylor got by. But Taylor never closed on Vandergrift to the finish. Vandergrift led Jonathan Taylor, Lasalle, Evan Taylor and Bobby Garvey to the line. Vandergrift and Jonathan Taylor won the heats.

Travis Group led the first three Pure Stock laps until Ed Vogel emerged from the pack and ran him down. Once Vogel took over, Group fell into the clutches of five cars on the attack.

At the finish it was Vogel, Group, Brad Feight, Bob Jay and John Howsare completed the tightly knit top five. Jay and Tyler Alkire won the heats.
Dacron Powell, who led the opening night feature until his car broke down, had to rally late for the 4 Cylinder win. Wayne Brenize and Ryan Peer each led an early lap before Powell shot by them both. From that point on Powell led to the end, ahead of Brenize, Bailey Johnson, Darren Howsare and Peer. Powell and Keith Deeter won the heats.

LATE MODEL 25 LAP: Matt Parks, DJ Troutman, Andy Haus, Gene Knaub, Matt Cosner, Matt Sponaugle, Chuck Clise, Wayne Johnson, Eric Zembower, Cody Robbins, Jeff Rine
LIMITED 20 LAP: Josh Berrier, Mike Altobelli Jr, Darrell Dick, Robby Black, Troy Swindell, Kyle Lee, Ron Bottenfield, Curtis Heath, Donnie Farlling, Nathan Lasalle, Brian Lowery, Tyler Farlling, Rick Singleton, Larry Foor, DNS Travis Stickley
SEMI LATE 15 LAP:Dave Brown, Zane Weicht, Jesse Snyder, Bob Jay, Tom Warren, RT Troutman, Jim Sayler, Brian Duffy, Don Wyles, Dave Whetstone, Jim Sacco, Chad Gambol, Mooch Cornell, Scott Sturtz, Greg Hainsey, Lou Wayann, Jamie Swank, Dennis Collins, Ray Sheetz, Chris Troutman.
EMOD 15 LAP: Vic Vandergrift, Jonathan Taylor, Brandon Lasalle, Evan Taylor, Bobby Garvey, Adam Daniels, Vigi Zucollotto, Mike Meck, Brian Fyfe, DNS Cuck Lasalle, Alyssa Rowe, Jeff Treece
PURE STOCK 15 LAP: Ed Vogel, Travis Group, Brad Feight, Bob Jay, John Howsare, Jason Haggerty, Travis Vogel, Beau Aikey, Kyle Weyandt, Cale Leppert, Trent Clark, Amber Mills, Tyler Alkire, Greg Beckett, Dakota Foor, Terry Norris, DNS Dave Green, Bill Replogle, Travis Brown

4 CYLINDER =C2=A012 LAPS Dacron Powell, Wayne Brenize,
Bailey Johnson, Darren Howsare, Ryan Peer, Keith Deeter, Tom Brady, Chris Reckner, Devon Iser, Rusty Martin, Zach Tritt, Mike McDonald, Doug Cornath, Josh Fetters, Dan Lawrey, Kolby Crawley, Josh Ringler, Brandon Kinser, Steve Frederick, Cindy Rhodes, DNS Garrett Watkins.