Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


May 9th, 2015
Only a week after losing a career first  feature win on the last lap, Matt Cosner  recovered for the big Late Model win at Bedford Friday night.  Cosner became the 134th different Late Model winner  in the long history of the track and the fourth different winner in 2015.  Donnie Farlling ended a long dry spell with his second career Limited feature win, while Steve Dixon also scored a career first in Emod action.  Other winners in the six division show were Lou Wannyn (Semi Late), Rick Hulson (All American), and Fast Eddie Vogel in the Pure Stock finale.
    After a wild start which saw Chuck Clise get crossed up in front of the whole field, causing everyone to scatter without any contact, Cosner emerged with the lead.  DJ Troutman came from 4th to second and was all over Cosner almost from the start but could not pass.
    By lap three Colby Frye had emerged from the pack and  had run Troutman down.  Cosner was able to move away a bit as Troutman and Frye went at it, but Jeff Rine and Dylan Yoder had blasted from deep in the pack and were closing on all three of the leaders.
     When the leader closed on the tail of the field by lap 13, it was almost the end for Cosner.  A slower car spun in turn one directly ahead of the leader, and Cosner, with no time to react  banked off that car, slid sideways without stopping.  and held onto the lead.
     With the damage superficial only,  Cosner again got away from the field as Troutman held off Rine and Yoder.  On the last lap, as Cosner made the triumphant run to the line ahead of Troutman, Yoder managed to get by Rine for third, and Matt Sponaugle finished his climb from dead last at the start to take fifth.
    Jim Yoder, Andy Haus, Jason sSchmidt, Wayne Johnson and Andy Fries completed the top 10.  Troutman and Clise won the heats.
    Donnie Farlling took the lead at the start of the Limited event, then never looked back.  Farlling led Travis Stickley easily until he flirted with disaster on lap 12.   On that lap he overshot the runway and banked off the turn two wall, sliding sideways and losing the lead to Stickley.  But Farlling was saved as the caution flew at that moment for a stalled car on the backstretch.
     Since he had not stopped on the track, Farlling was still the leader as the field went green and he was perfect to the finish.  Robby Black took second from Stickley on lap 17 and started to close on Farlling but the laps ran out.  Black settled for second, ahead of Stickley, Troy Swindell and Ron Bottenfield.  Black and Eric Irvin won the heats.
    Greg Hainsey was the early Semi Late leader  but it was a huge mob at the front.  Lou Wannyn was all over Hainsey, often beside him for the lead before getting by on lap 9.  As Wannyn slid away, nine cars battled for second with positions changing every lap.
     Finally the inevitable happened on lap 13. A spin scattered the mob rearranging the order.  On the two lap shootout, Wannyn got away for he win with Hainsey in pursuit.  Bob Jay eeked out a third place finish ahead of Greg Cornell and Don Wyles.  Jesse Snyder and Cornell won the heats.
     With the Taylor family not in action,  the modified event turned into a Lasalle team event.  Adam Daniels led lap one before Brandon Lasalle took over.  Seve Dixon, driving the other Lasalle car was all over the leader before getting by on lap nine.   But a half lap later both team cars spun in turn three, handing the lead to Justin Milburn.  He led until Dixon recovered back to the front.  Dixon powered by on lap 13 and ran off to the win.  Milburn, Jeff Treece, Daniels amd Brandon Lasalle trailed.
    Rick Hulson came from the back to take the lead, then nursed a sick sounding car for the All American win.  Brian Green and Justin Collum trailed.  Collum and Zimmerman won the heats.
    Fast Eddie Vogel made it two in a row in Pure Stock action.  John Howsare was the early leader.  He was ahead of a huge second lap pileup that decimated the field.  When Howsare broke on lap five,  Mike Duck took over but Vogel got by on the next lap.  From that point on,  Vogel led to the finish.  Kyle Weyandy took second on the last lap ahead of Duck Travis Group and Brad Feight.  Group and Feight won the heats.
 LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Matt Cosner,  DJ Troutman,  Dylan Yoder,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Sponaugle,  Jim Yoder,  Andy Haus,  Jason Schmidt,  Wayne Johnson,  Andt Fries,  Eric Zembower,  Justin Kann,  Colby Frye,  Dave Troutman,  Chuck Clise,
LIMITEDS  20 LAPS  1  Donnie Farlling,  Robby Black,  Travis Stickley,  Troy Swindell,  Ron Bottenfield,  Eric Irvin,  Kyle Lee,  Matt Eckman,  Darrell Dick,  Curtis Heath,  Nathan Lasalle  Josh Berrier,  Chas Walls,  Brian lowery,  Tim Murphy,  Dale Claycomb.  Taylor Farlling,  Matt Mourphy.
SEMI LATES 15 LAPS  1  Lou Wannyn,  Greg Hainsey,  Bob Jaym,  Greg Cornell,  Don Wyles,  Jim Sayler,  Chad Gambol,  Zane Weicht,  Jesse Snyder,  Scott Sturtz,  Jim Sacco,  Gary McKenzie,  Dave Brown,  Cody Buterbaugh,  Tom Warren,  Rick Wright,  DNS  Brian Duffy
EMOD 15 LAPS  1  Steve Dixon,  Justin Milburn,  Jeff Treece,  Adam Daniels,  Brandon Lasalle,  Mike Meck,  Brian Fyfe
ALL AMERICAN  1  Rick Hulson,  Brian Green,  Justin Collum,  Fred Collum,  Jim Minter,  Darryl Winkler,  Kurt Zimmerman,  Jim Chenowith,  Carrie Fryefogle
PURE STOCK  12 LAP  1  Ed Vogel,  Kyle Weyandt,  Mike Duck,  Travis Group,  Brad Feight,  Dave Green,  Travis Vogel,  Owen Baughman,  Trent Clark,  John Howsare,  Amber Mills,  Reed Stickel,  Tyler Alkine,  Cale Letppert,  DNS  Dan Artist