Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


May 2nd, 2015

Jeff Rine needed all 30 laps to claim his first 2015 Late Model win at Bedford Friday night.  It was the second time in two seasons that Rine pulled off a last lap pass for the win, ironically, both times he has denied his victim a first career win.  Last year he bested Chad Hollenbeck at the line.  This time it was Matt Cosner.  It was Rine’s 18th career Bedford win, moving him into a tie with track legends Tom Clise and Bob Salathe for 8th on the all time list.


   Dave Brown became a two time 2015 Semi Late winner with similar late race drama, his move coming with two to go.  Sean Kirkpatrick won the 305 sprint event, Jonathan Taylor took another Emod win and Bailey Johnson closed the evening with a 4 Cylinder triumph.


    Matt Cosner was the Lat Model pole sitter but Matt Sponaugle flew around the outside to lead the first lap.  Sponaugle led Cosner but the show was for fourth as Dan Stone and Jeff Rine went door to door for several laps with Gene Knaub closing.


    Sponaugle’s day ended abruptly as his car broke a birdcage and drifted to a halt on lap 8, handing the lead back to Cosner.    On the restart, Stone was all over Eric Zembower for a few laps but eventually found himself back battling Rine, this time for third.


   Rine finally bested Stone on lap 20, and took Zembower on lap 22.  When the next yellow flew on lap 25, it was Cosner, Rine and Gene Knaub, who had lined up 10th in the starting field.


     Had the race been the normal distance, Cosner would have been the winner at that point, but with the extra five laps, Cosner had to hold off the pesky Rine.  Rine was all over Cosner thrilling the crowd, and made his move with half lap to go.   But fate was not kind to Cosner as he blew a tire just as Rine was making the move.


    After that Rine ran off to the win.  Knaub capped off his long climb forward with a second place finish, ahead of DJ Troutman, Stone, Wayne Johnson and Zembower.  Cosner wrestled his ailing car to the finish at 7th.  Sponaugle and Cosner won the heats.


     Once again the best race of the evening was in Semi Late action.  Jesse Snyder led from the pole with Jamie Swank in pursuit.  Lou Wannyn caught   the pair by lap six and its was three at the front with a gang of eight cars from fourth on back.


     When Swank made a move on Snyder on lap 13, Wannyn forced the issue three wide on the backstretch.  The result was Snyder and Wannyn with flat tires and Swank in the lead with two to go.  But Brown,  who had started 8-th in the field, had other plans.  When the field went green, Brown pounced on Swank and made the winning pass.


    After that it was Brown to the finish, ahead of disappointed Swank, Chad Gambol, Jim Sayler and RT Troutman.  Wannyn and Gambol won the heats.


     Sean Kirkpatrick lead from the pole in the 305 event.   Nicole Walker caught and passed  for the lead on lap 7, only to get tied up with a lapped car and spin. on lap 11.   That returned the lead to Kirkpatrick who ran off for the win.  Joe Zap rallied late to take second, ahead of James Pryde, Jim Kennedy and Ron Aurand.  Bill Jones Jr and Kirkpatrick won the heats.


    Alyssa Rowe led the Emod event as the Taylors and Vic Vandergrift battled through the pack.  Vandergrift shot by to lead lap 4 before Jonathan Taylor took over.   A late race caution for Rowe who stopped on the track,  set up a two lap dash, but Jonathan Taylor prevailed over Vandergrift and Evan Taylor.  Brandon Lasalle and Chuck Lasalle completed the top 5.  Vandergrift and Chuck Lasalle won the heats.



    The 4 Cylinder finale was the usual chaos.   Wayne Brenize took the initial lead before he pitted with  a flat tire.   Bailey Johnson took over on lap 5 and went the distance.  Mike McDonald was all over Johnson but fell short at the finish.  Darren Howsare, Dacron Powell and Ryan Peer completed the top 5.  Johnson and Howsare won the heats.


LATE MODELS 30 LAP  1  Jeff Rine,  Gene Knaub,  DJ Troutman,  Dan Stone,  Wayne Johnson,  Eric Zembower,  Matt Cosner  Jason Schmidt,  Cody Robbins,  Jim Bernheisel,  Chuck Clise,  Dave Troutman, Matt Sponaugle.


SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Dave Brown,  Jamie Swank,  Chad Gambol,  Jim Sayler,  RT Troutman,  Greg Cornell,  Greg Hainsey,  Brian Duffy,  Cody Butterbaugh,  Jeff Sturtz,  Jim Sacco,  Tom Wakefield,  Lou Wannyn,  Bob Jay,  Jesse Snyder.


305SPRINT  20 LAP  1  Sean Kirkpatrick,  Joe Zap,  James Pryde,  Jim Kennedy,  Ron Aurand,  Drew Ritchey,  Cory Thornton,  Ryan Lynn,  Don Sotosky,  Rob Bartchy,  Ed Mesaros,  Brian Haney,  Jim Minarchick,  Nicole Walker,  Bill Jones Jr


EMOD 15 LAPS 1    Jonathan Taylor,  Vic Vandergrift,  Evan Taylor,  Brandon Lasalle,  Chuck Lasalle,  Vivi Zucollotto,  Brian Fyfe,  Mike Meck,  Alyssa Rowe,  Derek Deuesen berry,  Justin Milburn,  Adam Daniels  Bobby Garvey


4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  1  Bailey Johnson,  Mike McDonald,  darren Howsare,  DacRon Powell,  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Pat Brehm,  Tom Brady,  Devon Iser,  Dustin Kinser,  Alex Anderson,  Steve Frederick,  Josh Fetters,  Zach Tritt,  Colby Crawley,  Garrett Watkins,  Chris Reckner,  Keith Deeter,  Josh Ringer,  Rusty Martin,  Mike Crawley,  DNS  Dan Lawry, Doug Conrad.