Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


July 18th, 2015
  Winning multiple Late Model features in one night is a rare feat at Bedford Speedway,  having happened only twice before in the history of the track.  After Friday the list is  three times  as Colby Frye swept both ends of the Late Model portion of makeup week double feature events.  Ironically, the last time Frye won at Bedford  he also had done a double, winning the Late Model and Limited events that night.
  In other action in the program made up of postponed events from both June 12 and June 19, Glen Ray held on to score his first ever Bedford Limited race, Greg Cornell won the Semi Late event, and Wayne Brenize won the 4 Cylinder race.  The Pure Stocks joined the Late Models with a pair of makeups, which were won by Brad Feight and Bill Replogle.
    In the June 12 makeup Late Model event,  Colby Frye took advantage of an up front starting spot and ran off from the field from lap one.  DJ Troutman marched from 7th to challenge Frye for the lead through the middle part of the event,  but Frye pulled away in the late stages.
     At the finish it was Frye by almost a half lap over Troutman, Matt Sponaugle, Jeff Rine and Matt Cosner.  Cosner and Troutman had won the heats run back on June 12.
   Since the lineups were set way back on June 19,  Colby Frye was spared the usual fate of the last feature winner starting eighth.  He took that break and ran with it as he grabbed the lead at the start of the second 25 lapper.  Frye was actually faster the second time around as he ran off from the field.  Dave Troutman secured second but  lost ground to Frye on every passing lap.
    The battling was for third as Chuck Clise, Matt Sponaugle, Jeff Rine and DJ Troutman fought furiously.   Sponaugle finally secured third with three laps to go but the first two were long gone.   At the finish, it was Erye by over a half lap,  ahead of Dave Troutman,  Sponaugle, Clise and DJ Troutman.  Clise and Rick Singleton won the June 19 heats.  Wayne Johnson, who broke in warmups, went home and retrieved another car and arrived at the track just in time to take the green,  finishing 10th.
     The limited 20 lapper started off with a bang  as front row starter Taylor Farlling had a motor erupt at the starting line, spewing  fluid everywhere and sending the entire field scampering.   On the second attempt, A huge pileup in turn two  ended with a grinding crash between Robby Black and Curtis Heath among others.
     When the race finally got started,  Glen Ray took off from the field.  Travis Stickley ran him down and made several moves for the lead,  but Josh Berrier soon joined in.  Berrier got by Stickley on lap 14 and almost immediately close in on Ray.  But the laps ran out before Berrier could successfully challenge and Ray, after a 12 year semi retirement,  held on for the popular win.  Berrier was second, ahead of Stickley, Donie Farlling and Matt Eckman. As it started, the Limited event also ended with a bang as Larry Foor slammed the wall at the finish line.   Black and Eckman won the June 12 heats.
    Only 7 of the Semi Lates returned for thew makeup and Greg Cornell found himself on the front row.  He took off at the start but had to hold off pesky Jimm Sayler at the end to secure his win.  Chad Gambol, Lou Wannyn and Jim Sacco completed the top 5.  Zane Weicht and Gambol had on the June 12 heats.
    Travis Vogel led the Pure Stock event early but the usual mob formed at the front.  Reed Stickel got by Vogel on lap 6  but Brad Feight emerged from the pack to wrestle the lead away on lap 11.  From that point on,  Feight held off the 5 car pack to score the win.  Stickel, Tyler Alkine, Ed Vogel and Travis Vogel trailed.  Amber Mills and Joe Dearmitt had won the June 12 heats.
    Having won the last rainout makeup 4 Cylinder feature event, Wayne Brenize did it again in this one.  He took off from the start and held off a mob for the duration.  Dacron Powell came from seventh tosecure second at the line ahead of Ryan Peer, Bailey Joihnson and Tom Brady.  Brenize and Johnson had won the June 19 heats.
    The Pure Stocks completed the evening with maybe the best race of the night.  Semi Retired Bill Replogle was on the pole and led early but he attracted a crowd. Lap after lap the top five were all over each other.  John Howsare finally moved to second and made a move on Replogle on lap 9, but the two tangled.
    Replogle kept it under control as the other scattered, but Howsare had enough damage to retire.  Jarrod Brown took up the chase at that point but Replogle was able to hang on,  Brown, Beau Aikey, Brad Feight and Reed Stickel were the top 5.  Replogle, Stickel and Kyle Weyandt won the June 19 heats.
LATE MODEL  JUNE  12 MAKEUP  25 LAP    Colby Frie,  DJ Troutman,  Matt Sponaugle,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Cosner,  Eric Zembower,  Chuck Clise,  Darrass Deneen,  Larry Baer, Dave Troutman,  DNS Wayne Johnson
LATE MODEL JUNE 19 MAKEUP 25 LAP   1  Colby Frye,  Dave Troutman,  MattSponaugle,  Chuck Clise,  DJ Troutman,  Andy Haus,  Matt Cosner,  Jeff Rine,  Eric Zembower,  Wayne Johnson,  Travis Calhoun,  Larry Baer,  Rick Singleton,  Troy Swindell,  DNS  Bob Dunn,  Jason Gilliland,  Ernie Millon.
lIMITED JUNE 12 MAKEUP  20 LAPS  Glenn Ray,  Josh Berrier,  Travis Stickley,  Donnie Farlling,  Matt Eckman,  Larry Foor,  Brian Lowery,  Troy Swindell,  Curtis Heath,  Robbie Black,  Ron Bottenfield,  Taylor Farlling,  DNS  Ralph Morgan,  Craig Perigo,  Mock
SEMI LATE JUNE 12 MAKEUP 15 LAPS  1  Greg Cornell,  Jim Sayler,  Chashad Gambol,  Lou Wannyn,  Jim Sacco,  Dave Whetstone,  Scott Sturtz,  DNS Bob Jay,  Zane Weicht,  Jesse Snyder,  Justin Bonnett.
PURE STOCK JUNE 12 MAKEUP  15 LAP     Brad Feight,  Red Stickel,  Tyler Alkine,  Ed Vogel,  Travis Vogel,  Travis Group,  Kyle Weyandt,  Joe Dearmitt,  Trent Clark,  Justin Queen,  John Howsare,  Terry Mitchell,  Beau Aikey,  Jarrod Brown,  Owen Baughman,  DNS  Joim Moreland,  Matt Diehl,  Shawn Ringler,  Amber Mills,  Terry Norris
4 CYLINDER JUNE 19 MAKEUP    15 LAPS  1  Wayne Brenize,  Dacron powell,  Ryan Peer,  Bailey Jonson,  Tom Brady,  Darren Howsare,  Todd Price,  Dave Harclerode,  Steve Frederick,  Zack Tritt,  Josh Fetters,  Rusty Martin,  Mike McDonald,  Phil Best,  Dustin Kinser,  Colby Crawley,  DNS  Travis Fleegle, Doug Cornath
PURE STOCK JUNE 19 MAKEUP  15 LAP  1  Bill Replogle,  Jarrod Brown,  Beau Aikey,  Brad Feight,  Reed Stickel,  Ed Vogel,  Travis Group,  Travis Vogel,  Trent Clark,  Greg Beckett,  Justin Queen,  Tyler Alkine,  Terry Mitchell,  Owen Baughman,  Dave Riley,  Jason Haggerty,  John Howsare,  Herb Hilliard,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Green,  DNS  Dave Lambert