Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


July 11th, 2015
  DJ Troutman, who several times has led but not won this year at Bedford, rallied Friday night to score a big Late Model win at Bedford.  It was his first win of 2015 and career 7th, and came by the largest margin of any winner in a long time at the track.  Jim Radney and Ryan Greth split the exciting ARDC features, one a makeup from June 19.  Lou Wannyn continued his fine 2015 with his fourth Semi Late victory, Jonathan took both the Emod events, one a makeup from June 12, before Mike McDonald took the 4 cylinder race to cap the wild 7 event program.
     Wayne Johnson led the Late Model field to the green, but it took three tries to get the event underway.  On the third try, Johnson took the lead and pulled away from Eric Zembower and Andy Haus battling for second.  But  the man on the move was 6th starter Troutman.  He was fourth by lap two and took third on lap 4.  Two laps later he zipped Zembower and he swept by Johnson for the lead on lap 8.  
     Troutman immediately built a lead before the caution flew on lap 15, allowing Johnson and the gang another shot.  But when the last 10 laps went all green, Troutman ran off to a half lap advantage at the end.  Jeff Rine, who started 10th put on one of his patented late race charges, still sixth on lap 18 before making his big move.
   At the finish it was Troutman with the solid win over Johnson.  Rine won in a photo finish with Zembower for third, and Matt Cosner had another solid run for fifth.   Zembower and Rick Singleton won the heats.
    With the ARDC Midgets starting the program with their makeup event, they got a tacky fresh track surface and it was hammer down.  Jim Radney grabbed the early lead and was never headed.  Trevor Kobylarz came from eighth all the way to second late but could not close on the leader.  At the finish it was Radney, his first,  Kobylarz, The race was red flagged once after Brian Gilmore flipped in turn one.  Ryan Greth, Brett Arndt and Steve Dervicki.
     In the regularly scheduled event, Greth took the lead at the start and built up a large margin as Kobylarz and Drevecki came through the field.  Drevecki got to second by halfway and started cutting the distance on the leader.  With two to go he was all over Greth but couldnt pull off the pass, settling for second at the finish.  Kobylarz was third followed by Arndt and Bruce Buckwalter.  Radney who wounded his motor in the first event only made a lap in the second race before retiring.  Greth and Radney won the heats on June 19,  There were no additional heats.
     Lou Wannyn had a tough battle with Tom Warren for 6 Semi Late laps before taking over the lead, but the battle drew a herd at the front.  As the 6 car pack came down the frontstretch on lap 3,  Scott Sturtz and Jesse Snyder got tangled and Sturtz flipped wildly in front of the grandstand.
    When racing resumed, Wannyn continued workng over Warren until he got by on lap 6 for the lead which he retained to the end.  Warren fell into the 5 car pack and that group traded spots until the finish.  Warren fell back as far as fourth before rallying at the end to secure second.Bob Jay, was third ahead of Chad Gambol and Greg Hainsey, both of whom started deep in the field.  Warren and Dave Brown won the heats.
    Jonathan Taylor was definitely at his best, winning both the Emod events.   Alyssa Rowe led the first race for 5 laps, giving Taylor a great fight, before he got by to score that win,  Brandon Lasalle got by Rowe in lapped traffic late to grab second ahead of Rowe, Bill Pluta and Justin Milburn.  Lasalle and Taylor had won those heats on June 12.
   In the second event, Taylor shot by Justin Milburn on lap two and went the distance.  Brother Evan Taylor rallied late but could not catch Jonathan,  settling for second.   Milburn,  Adam Daniels and Dave Brown trailed.  There were no heats.
 Mike McDonald got by the entire front row to lead the first 4Cylinder lap.  A chain reaction crash on lap 2 thinned the front pack and McDonald had to hold on through several minor cautions after that but he grabbed the win.   Wade Peer, Dacron Powell, Wayne Brenize and Darren Howsare trailed.  Bailey Johnson and McDonald won the heats.
ARDC #1  20 laps   Jim Radney, Trevor Kobylarz,  Ryan Greth,  Brett Arndt,  Steve Drevecki,  Brett Wanner,  PJ  Gargiullo,  Bruce Buckwalter,  Brian Gilmore, Tim Buckwalter,  Alex Bright
ARDC #2  20 laps    Ryan Greth,  Steve Drevecki,  Trevor Kobylarz,  Brett Arndt,  Bruce Buckwalter,  Brett Wanner,  Tim Buckwalter,  Alex Bright,  Jim Radney,  DNS  Brian Gilmore,  PJ Garguilo,
LATE MODEL  25 LAP   DJ Troutman,  Wayne Johnson,  Jeff Rine,  Eric Zembower,  Matt Cosner,  Andy Haus,  Glenn Elliott,  Rick Singleton,  Chuck Clise,  Travis Calhoun,  Kerry King   Matt Sponaugle,  Darrell Dick,  DNS  Glen Ray.
SEMI LATE 15 LAPS    Lou Wannyn,  Tom Warren,  Bob Jay,  Chad Gambol,  Greg Hainsey,  Dave Brown,  Jesse Snyder,  Dave Whetstone,  Tom Wakefield,  Jim Sacco,  Justin michael,  Scott Sturtz,  Greg Cornell,  Jim Sayler,
EMOD  15 LAPS  Jonathan Taylor,  Brandon Lasalle,  Alyssa Rowe,  Bill Pluta,  Justin Milburn,  Brian Fyfe,  Mike Meck,  Adam Daniels,  John Whitfield,  Jeff Treece,  DNS  Vigi Zuccollotto
EMOD  15 LAPS    Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Justin Milburn,  Adam Daniels,  Dave Brown,  Brandon Lasalle,  Alyssa Rowe,  Bill Pluta,  Brian Fyfe,  Mike Meck,  Jeff Treece,  John Whiotfield,  DNS  Chuck Lasalle, Bruce Dreistadt
4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  Mike McDonald,  Ryan Peer,  Dacron Powell,  Wayne Brenize,  Darren Howsare,  Tom Brady,  Rusty Martin,  Todd Price,  Harold Craw,  Jeff Fetters  Zack Tritt,  Steve Frederick,  Dave Harclerode,  Kolby Crawley,  Denny Pittman,  Bailey Johnson,  DNS  Chris Reckner,  Doug Cornath,  Dustin Kinser