Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


April 16th, 2016
Justin Kann ended a long Bedford dry spell as he took the Late Model win in the track’s 80th anniversary opener Friday night.It was Kann’s first Bedford win since 2013 and the third of his career at the track.   Travis Stickley took his second career win in Limited action after some late race drama.  Don Wyles took the Semi Late checkered flag in third but ended up with the win after some post race drama. His dry spell dated back almost a decade.  Jonathan Taylor and Darren Howsare capped the evening with wins in the Emod and 4 Cylinder events.
    Justin Kann and Jeff Rine brought the Late Model field to the green in their 25 lapper, and it was Kann with the jump at the start.  Rine, who is used to coming from deep in the field in Bedford events was all over Kann lap after lap but could not get by.  Behind them it was a wild battle between Matt Cosner and Dylan Yoder, joined late by Kyle Hardy.
   Hardy caught and joined in the third place battle after starting 12th in the field, trading the spots with Cosner and Yoder as Rine kept the pressure on Kann at the front.   But at the finish, Kann held on for his third career Bedford win, with Rine falling short.  Cosner held off Yoder and Hardy to take third.  DJ Troutman, Chad Hollenbeck, Troy Swindell, Terry Snyder and Matt Sponaugle completed the top ten. Cosner and Rine won the heats.
     Pre race favorite Andy Haus left early after engine issues in warmpus.
   Glen Ray led the first few Limited laps before Ralph Morgan shot by on lap 5.  Morgan was joined at the front by Travis Stickley on lap 7 and the pair went at it.  Kyle Lee took third on lap 14 but was not closing on the lead duo.
    After holding Stickley off for 13 laps, Morgan’s day ended as he drifted to a halt in turn two on lap 17, igniting a small fire.  Stickley then held off Lee to take the win.  Ray was third, followed by Troy Swindell, Brian Lowery and Zach Price.  Lee and Stickley won the heats.
    Justin Michaels took the early Semi Late lead but was hounded incessantly by Jesse Snyder.  Behind them it was a dogfight for third at up to 7 cars ran in as mob.  Snyder finally got by Michael on lap 12 and ran off to the win.  Don Wyles prevailed in the mob scene to take third as 7 cars finished under a blanket.  But when the suspension under the 22 and also Michael’s 28 car were found to be  out of spec, Wyles found himself with the win.  Kyle Becket was upped to second in the finish order, ahead of Greg Cornell, Tom Warren and Chad Gambol.  The 15 lap feature went all the way under green.  Snyder and Warren won the heats.
   The Taylor brother started in the pack but made it another family event in the Emod feature.   Jonathan Taylor came from sixth to lead the first lap and was chased  by brother Evan the entire distance. Evan made it close in heavy lapped traffic, but Jonathan prevailed at the end.  Emod rookie Jim Saylor ran third for most of the event until Rich Goodman got by to secure that on lap 13.  Saylor and Adam Daniels completed the top 5.  Evan Taylor and Brandon Lasalle won the heats.
    The usual wild 4 Cylinder event was wilder than usual to complete the cold evening.  14 yellows and two red flags interrupted the race.  Darren Howsare held off Ryan Peer early and Tom Brady late for the win.  Brady, Wayne Brenize, Casey Fleegle and Josh Ringer were the top five in an event which saw only 7 of the original 24 cars finish.  Howsare and Peer won the heats.
  LATE MODEL 25  1 Justin Kann,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Cosner,  Dylan Yoder,  Kyle Hardy,  DJ Troutman,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Troy Swindell,  Terry Snyder,  Matt Sponaugle,  Travis Wilson,  Eric Zembower,  D J Myers,  Rick Singleton,  Colby Frye,  Larry Baer,  Chuck Clise,  DNS  Andy Haus
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1 Travis Stickley,  Kyle Lee,  Glen Ray,  Troy Swindell,  Brian Lowery,  Zach Price,  Ralph Morgan,  Taylor Farlling,  Nathan Lasalle,  Grant Adams,  Dale Claycomb,  Donnie Farlling,  DNS  Ron Bottenfield, Drew Weisser,  Kayden Smith.
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1 Donald Wyles,  Kyle Beckett,  Greg Cornell,  Tom Warren,  Chad Gambol,  Lou Wannyn,  Bob Jay,  Joe Pluta,  Jamie Kohan,  Travis Calhoun,  Chris Chamberlain,  Scott Sturtz,  DQ  Justin Michael,  Jesse Snyder.
EMOD  1 Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Rich Goodman,  Jim Saylor,  Adam Daniels,  Justin Milburn,  Eddie Vogel,  Ken Swiger,  Vigi Zuccollotto  John Whitfiend,  Brandon Lasalle,  Brian Fyfe,  Mike Meck,  Travis Vogel,  Alyssa Rowe,  Bill Pluta.
4 CYLINDER  1  Darren Howsare,  Tom Brady,  Wayne Brenize,  Casey Fleegle,  Josh Ringer,  Devin Iser,  Jeremy Miller,  Andy Hershberger,  Cale Martin,  Morgan Price  Jeff Vasos,  Colton Wagner  Derek Iser,  Todd Price,  Lance Kough,  Bill Hassenplug,  Chris Reckner,  Ryan Peer,  Robert Pluta,  Kolby Crawley,  Steve Frederick  Jacob Carbaugh,  DNS Mike McDonald,  Josh Fetters.