Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


July 3rd, 2017
   The Mason Dixon Limited group brought 31 cars to Bedford for a special Holiday show on Sunday but it was Bedford regular Robby Black in Victory Lane at the conclusion of the 25 lap event.  It was Black’s third Bedford win in the four events at the track this season and added one more as he closes in on track career leader Dale Brenneman.  In the companion headliner, Jim Dearmitt won the prestigious Charlie Walter Memorial for Pure Stocks after Kye Weyandt failed the tech line.  In other action, Drew Ritchey went the distance for the 305 win, Darren Howsare took the 4 Cylinder event and Glen Whrightstone won the Vintage car feature.
     Donnie Farlling was the initial Limited event leader ahead of Brian Lowery.  But Robby Black was on the prowl early.  He was up to second on lap three and hounded Farlling for several laps.  On lap six, Black swept by for the lead.
    Derrek Quade,  a series regular, followed Black to the front and  appeared in second a lap later.  Quade chased Black for the duration and then also held off a charging Justin Weaver as the laps wore down.  Quade was able to close on Black repeatedly but was unable to secure the lead.  
    At the finish it was Black ahead of Quade, Weaver Ralph Morgan, who came from 15th and Farlling.  But Quade came up light at the scale and forfeited his great finish.  That moved Eric Irvin, who started 19th into the top five.   With Quade  Out of the way,  series officials conducted a serious motor teardown of the Black and Weaver cars and both passed, with Black posting the win.
     Lowery, Quade, Curtis Heath and Farlling won the heats.  Daulton Bilger won the B feature.  
    The Walter tribute 42 lap Pure Stock event saw two Weyandts on the front row,  Kyle Weyandt led the field to the start and led the distance.   Denny Pittman chased Weyandt and held off a six car mob for many laps until his car quit on lap  40.   That allowed Jim Dearmitt,  who had wrestled in the mob for the duration, to assume second at the finish.  
      But Weyandt’s car failed a preliminary tech inspection and Dearmitt emerged with the popular win.
Tyler Alkine came from 7th to claim second in the revised finish,  ahead of Tyler Ritchey who started ninth.  Bill Replogle in a reprise visit to the class came from 23rd to take 4th.   Kyle Weyandt, Josh Frankenberry and Dearmitt won the heats.
  Drew Ritchey turned a front row start into the early lead and went the distance in the 305 event.  Kyle Ganoe chased him for the duration, holding off a charging Scott Lutz on the last lap for the spot.  TYim Lash and Robbie Bartchy completed the top five.   Ganoe and Bartchy won the heats.
Darren Howsare came from deep in the pack to chase down early leader Chris Reckner in 4 Cylinder action.   Howsare took over on lap eight and led to the finish.  Chris Graybill took second on the last lap.  Reckner settled for third ahead of Kolby Crawley and Anthony Varner.  Howsare and Graybill won the heats.
Glen Pobletts and Scott Rickrode led early but Glenn Wrightstone took over  and won the vintage car event.  Rickrode, Mark Rickrode and Curt Neiman trailed.  Scott Rickrode won the preliminary for the class.
LIMITED 25 LAP   1  Robby Blasck,  Justin Weaver,  Ralph Morgan,  Donnie Farrling,  Eric Irvin,  George Dixon,  Shawn Jones,  Brian Lowery,  Dillon Stake,  Andrew Yoder,  Todd Snook,  Dylan Yoder,  Devin Weyandt,  Devin Hart,  Curtis Heath,  Frankie Gordon,  Devin Frey,  Mooch Cornell,  Taylor Farlling,  Kadden Smith,  Rick Lias,  Jim Yoder,  Chuck Schultz,  Daulton Bigler,  DQ  Derrek Quade  DNQ  Larry Neiderer,  Bryan Benton,  Brian Shuey,  Steve Bard,  Mike Lauffer,  Matt Nailor
PURE STOCK 42 LAPS  1  Jim Dearmitt,  Tyler Alkine,  Tyler Ritchey,  Bill Replogle,  Erik Weyandt,  Brad Feight,  Trent Clark,  Kyle Beckett,  Dakota Foor,  Joe Dearmitt,  Owen Baughman,  Joe Means.  Laura Chamberlain,  Reed Stickel,  Denny pittman,  Dave Lambert.  James Foor,  Dave Green,  Barry Weyandt,  Nick Bechtell,  Josh Frankenberry,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Cheyenne Runker,  DQ  Kyle Weyandt
305  20 LAPS  1  Drew Ritchey,  Kyle Ganoe,  Scott Lutz,  Tim Lash,  Robbie Bartchy,  Reed Thompson,  Brad Mellott,  Rod Aurand,  Joe Zapp,  Colt Lepley,  Ray Sheetz,  Ryan Lynn,  Jim Kosinski,  Robert Garvey,  Greg Dobrosky,  DNS Steve Kennewell
4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  Darren Howsare,  Chris Graybill,  Chris Reckner,  Kolby Crawley,  Anthony Varner,  Steve Frederick,  Todd Price,  Phil Best,  Shawn Miller,  Matt Prescott,  Josh Fetters,  Skyler Sheetz,  Dave Varner,  DNS Nathan Gilliland.
VINTAGE 15 LAPS  1  Glenn Wrightstone  Scott Rickrode,  Mark Rickrode,  Curt Neiman,  Randy Minich,  Steve Weirich,  Al Vivan,  Hugh Wright,  Glen Pobletts,  John Markes,