Bedford Speedway ยป News

Pit Parking Changes

March 28th, 2018

For 2018 a new pit area has been constructed outside turn four for use by Late Models & Late Model Sportsman drivers. Due to their increasingly tall trailers blocking the view of the fans, they will be moved outside the track. All other divisions will continue to be parked in the infield. This will allow for better sightlines of the track by fans, as well as making the infield less congested and safer for racers.

When entering the speedway, all pit traffic will stop at the pit booth as usual, outside of turn three. At that point, race trailers utilizing the outside pit will turn right, while infield traffic will continue to go straight.

At this time the outside pit will be limited to Late Model & Late Model Sportsman drivers, an exception will be made for cars in other divisions who are teammates with Late Model teams.

Semi Late, Modified, Pure Stocks & Four Cylinders will continue to use the infield pit area. Infield parking will be limited to the front pit lane, with overflow moving to the back pit lane. The majority of the back pit lane area in the infield will be reserved as a hot pit for Late Model teams to use. Late Models teams will be able to bring their tools and tires into the infield for pit stops on the back pit lane.

Racecars from the outer pit will enter the track via a new entrance road that has been constructed down the hill behind turn 3 and 4. The new pit lane will take them down to the existing track entrance in turn 3 where they will enter the track, cross straight over through the infield, where the pace truck will pick them up and they will head onto the track through the turn 4 infield opening.

Following a race, drivers will leave the track by entering the infield in turn 4, then heading straight through the infield across the track in turn 3 and out on to the new entrance road which takes them up the hill to their pit.

At the conclusion of the Late Model (or Late Model Sportsman) feature, when the outside pit area is no longer hot, it will be opened up for fans to have an opportunity to visit with racers and see the cars up close.

Teams parked in the outside pit will have the option of leaving the track at any time, no longer limited to leaving the infield between breaks in later features. Fans will still be able to watch pit activities in the infield, while also having an open view of the entire track.

For the Bedford Fair races, the outside pit will not be used. Due to fair activities, pit parking will be infield only for Fair Week.