Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


June 8th, 2020

    In the latest Bedford opening day since weekly racing began in 1965, Jeff Rine scored the late race come from behind Late Model win at the track Sunday night.  The win was Rine;s 28th career Bedford win, giving him sole possession of third on the list, but his first since 2019 opening day 13 months ago.

   In other action in the rare Sunday program, Greg Spike Moore completely dominated the Limited event while Kyle Weyandt held off a furious last lao attack to take the Semi Late race,  before Mike Altobeli grabbed the EMod finale on a wild last lap.

     Front row starters Tim Wilson and Jeff Miller brought the Late Model field to the green.  Miller jumped out to the early lead and seemed to have the field wired.Wilson was left to fend off the advances of Rine and a fast closing Travis Stickley.

    With the race going all green,  Both Rine and Stickley were able to slip by Wilson in lapped traffic on lap 12.  Rine went to work on closing the gao on the leader and was successful by a few lengths each lap.    By lap 20, Rine had caught the leader Miller, who was not nearly as fast as on the opening laps.  As they approached  a lapped car, Rine threw caution to the wind and blasted by Miller for the lead. 

    Last lap lapped traffic added suspense to the finish.  As Rine roared across the finish line, Stickley edged by Miller to take second at the line.  Wilson and Drake Troutman completed the top five.  Rine and Stickley won the heats.

    By comparison, the 20 lap Limited event was a sleeper.  Spike Moore jumped ahead of the field on lap one, trailed by Donnie Farlling.  The pair easily drove away from the field and were well ahead for the first and only caution on lap 8,.

   On the restart, Moore again shot ahead, and although Farlling kept up the pursuit,  he was almost 5 seconds behind at the finish.  Ryan Sager, Devin Weyandt and Shawn Shoemaker completed the top 5.  Moore and Shoemaker won the heats.

     Front row starters Kyle Weyandt and Bill Replogle led the Semi Late field to the green and ran that way for the duration.  Replogle  put up a hearty chase but could not muster a pass on Weyandt in the all green flag event.   On the last lap Replogle made one desperate effort but could not complete the pass, settling for second.  Nick Bechtel, Greg Hainsey and Travis Calhoun completed the top 5.  Bechtel and Calhoun won the heats.

    The EMode finale of the evening started off as a snoozer but ended up wildly.  Newcommer Brandon Householder started on the pole and took off from the field at the start.  Householder had a huge lead when the second through sixth place cars got entangled with a lapped car with two laps to go bringing out the caution and eliminating Alyssa Rowe.

   On the restart, Householder again ran away until he overshot the runway in turn one on the last lap. While Householder bounced off the wall, the others scattered, with Mike Altobelli Jr zig zagging through for the lead and the win.  Drake Troutman moved to second in the chaos, ahead of Evan Taylor, Mike Altobelli Sr and Jerry Foster who came all the way from 12th starting spot.  Travis Cottle and Altobelli Jr won the heats.


LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  Jeff Rine, Travis Stickley,  Jeff Miller,  Tim Wilson,  Drake Troutman,  Chuck Clise,  Gary Stuhler,  Andy Haus,  Nathan Lasalle,  Matt Sponaugle,  Clate Copeman,  Larry Neiderer,  Deshown Gingerich,  Mike Lupfer,  Wayne Johnson


LIMITED 20 LAP  Greg Spike Moore,  Donnie Farlling, Ryan Seger,  Devin Weyandt,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Brian Lowery,  Tyler Ritchey,  Jacob Piper,  Clinton Hersh,  Taylor Farlling,  Jim McBee,  


SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  Kyle Weyant,  Bill Replogle,  Nick Bechtel,  Greg Hainsey,  Travis Calhoun,  Chubby Childers,  Mike Desch,  Jarrod Brown,  Scptt Sturtz.  Cale Martin,  Laura Reilly,  Erik Weyandt,  Bill Sheehan,  DNS  Trent Clark,  Brian Weyandt Jr


EMOD 20 LAPS    Mike Altobelli J,  Drake Troutman,  Evan Taylor,  Mike Altobelli S,  Jerry Foster,  Daniel Cornman,  Ryan Beckett,  Amber Mills,  Travis Cottle,  Mike Meck,  Brandon Householder,  Alyssa Rowe,  Justin Garlock,  Kyle Beckett,  Sam Reeder,  DNS  Scott Corbin,  John Whitfiend