Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


June 27th, 2020

    More accustomed to having to start deep in the field. Jeff Rine used a rare front row starting position to devastate the field in Bedford Late Model action Friday night.  The win was Rine’s second Bedford win of the year and the 29th of his career, ranking third on the all time list.

  In other, sometimes wild action, Brian Weyandt Jr held off a wild last lap challenge to take the Semi Late win and Drake Troutman ran off from the EMod field.  In the best race of the night, Kyle Deneen bested a wild ten car battle for the Pure Stock win before Ryan Peer won yet another 4 Cylinder event in a swan song performance.

    Having had motor issues and completely missing the last event, Jeff Rine found himself with the lowest point average in the pits and was rewarded with a front row starting position.  He seized upon his good fortune and zoomed into the lead at the start of the 25 lap event, ahead of Matt Sponaugle.

     The front pair ran off from the field and were well ahead when each of the pair of cautions flew, on lap 8 for Mike Laughard and lap 16 for Jeff Miller.  But while the lead was secure, all eyes were on Tim Smith, rushing forward from his 6th starting spot and Dylan Yoder, climbing from tenth.

     Smith moved around Deshawn Gingrich for third on lap 7 and Yoder, driving perhaps the fastest car in the field, arrived in fourth on lap 10, but the lead duo were well ahead.   After the 25 laps, it was Rine followed by Sponaugle, Smith and Yoder.  Chuck Clise rallied late to complete the top 5.  Rine and Laughard won the heats

     In a 15 lap event bracketed by a wild first lap and even wilder last lap,  Brian Weyandt scored the Semi Late win.   

    That event started off with a wild crash on the back stretch which saw Greg Hainsey ride the wall the length of the back stretch before coming to rest in the midst of a multi car crash scene.  

    On the second attempt at a start, Weyandt Jr took off with Trent Clark in hot pursuit as the field strung out behind them.   The lead duo ran unchallenged at the front but Mike Desch was coming through the field hurriedly.   He arrived in third on lap 12 and immediately closed in on Clark.

    As the field took the white flag, Desch zoomed by Clark,  who then went too hard into turn one.  Clark blasted the cement wall before clearing it and impacting the billboard wall.  That slung Clark back onto the racing surface where he flipped over and endured a small fire.  He emerged uninjured but the car was destroyed.

   On the one lap shoot out, Desch made a valiant effort but fell short as Weyandt took the win.  Bill Replogle, Nick Bechtel and Mark Patterson were the top 5.  Replogle and Cale Martin won the heats.

    The EMod event started off much like the Semi Late race.  The front row starters Alyssa Rowe and Ryan Beckett tangled on the first lap, causing the entire field to scatter.   On the restart, Drake Troutman, the new pole sitter, took the lead and was never threatened.   

    Mike Altobelli Jr and team mate Greg Moore battled with Evan Taylor for the duration, thrilling the fans, before Taylor secured second on lap 11. but Troutman led to the finish.  Altobelli, Moore and newcommer Mitch Thomas completed the top 5.  Beckett and Taylor won the heats.

    Easily the best race of the night, Barry Clark was the early Pure Stock leader, holding off a wild ten car mob.   Kyle Deneen made a successful move around Clark on lap 5 but the mob action continued.   

    Cole Stickel, running his best Bedford event ever, secured second and held off the herd on two by two action until the last lap.  As Deneen took the checkered flag, the field balled up in turn 4, resulting in Stickel spinning and collecting of all people his father Reed Stickel.

   In the mayhem,  Kevin Weyandt rallied to take second, ahead of Bryce Broadwater, Dalton Ritchey and Charlie Clise.  Weyandt and Ritchey won the heats.

    It was business as usual in the 4 Cylinder finale.  Steven  Martin led early but once again Ryan Peer came from the pack to get by and score the win, the 28th of his Bedford career.  Darren Howsare rallied late to score second ahead of Martin, Jeremy Miller and Josh Ringer.  Peer and Miller won the heats.


LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Jeff Rine,  Matt Sponaugle,  Tim Smith,  Dylan Yoder,  Chuck Clise,  Drake Troutman,  George Dixon,  Deshawn Gingrich,  Tyler Horst,  John Wayne Weaver,  Wayne Johnson,  Jeff Miller,  Nathan Lasalle,  Mike Laughard.

EMOD 20 LAPS  1  Drake Troutman,  Evan Taylor,  Mike Altobelli J,  Greg Moore,  Mitch Thomas,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Alyssa Rowe,  Amber Mills,  Bryce Miller,  Travis Cottle,  Mike Meck,  Sam Reeder,  Brandon Householder,  Josh Cramer,  Ken Summers,  Ryan Beckett,  DNS  Bill Pluta

SEMI LATES 15 LAPS  1  Brian Weyandt J,  Mike Desch,  Bill Replogle,  Nick Bechtel,  Mark Patterson,  Josh Bumberger,  Kyle Weyandt,  Jarron Brown,  Erik Weyandt,  Chris Wolfe,  Trent Clark,  Cale Martin,  Khi Swanger,  Laura Reilly,  Greg Hainsey,  Travis Calhoun,  Chubby Childers,  

PURE STOCK  15 LAP  1  Kyle Deneen,  Kevin Weyandt,  Bryce Broadwater,  Dalton Ritchey,  Charlie Clise,  Rodney Hartman,  Bill Shehan,  Larry Foor,  Andy Stough,  Cole Stickel,  Reed Stickel,  Dalton Weyandt,  Barry Clark,  Mike Duck,  James Foor,  DNS  John Howsare

4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Ryan Peer,  Darren Howsare,  Steven Martin,  Jeremy Miller,  Josh Ringer,  Dominick Shipley,  Dalton Long,  Steve Fredrick,  Todd Price,  Dustin Kinser,  Jay Talley,  Brandon Grubb,  Tommy Hughes,  John Diehl,  Darren Norris,  Joe May,  Nate McDermott,  Coltoin Wilhelm,  Christopher Kauffman,  Dacron Powell,  Harlen Group,  DNS  Shawn Oester,  James Diehl,  Matt Diehl