Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


May 22nd, 2021

Warmer weather and the first full handicapping event produced great racing and a few surprises at Bedford Friday night.

Donnie Farlling rallied late to grab the Limited feature event while Chris Cogan snagged the EMod win literally in the last few feet of that 20 lapper. In other action, Brian Weyandt Jr came from deep in the field to take the Semi Late win, Charlie Clise emerged from a mob to take the Pure Stock race and Javid Fairall won his first ever 4 Cylinder event.

Brian Lowery got a super start in the Limited event, roaring from his fourth spot to lead the first lap. He motored away from the field early as the others jostled for positions. By lap 4 it was the Farlling family battling for second as Lowery slipped away.

After several laps of hard fighting, Taylor Farlling emerged in second. Once free of his father, Taylor ran down Lowery and shot by for the lead on lap 11. Farlling’s lead was short lived as he overshot the runway in turn one and spun.

Once back in the lead Lowery found himself under challenge from the older Farlling who slipped by for the lead on lap 16. While Farlling pulled out ahead, Lowery spent the closing laps defending his spot from first time visitor Jakob Piper who had started last in the field, Piper got by for the spot on lap 18 but Farlling was well ahead and snagged the win.

Behind the happy winner were Piper, Lowery, Bryan Benton and the returning Taylor Farlling.

Chris Cogan took the early EMod lead as 7th starter Drake Troutman worked through the field. Troutman arrived in second on lap 7 and the pair battled for the lead for several laps before taking the lead. Once out front, Troutman opened up a huge lead on the field as Cogan ran second.

But misfortune was in the cards as with the checkered flag literally in sight, Troutman’s engine spectacularly expired on the front stretch. As Troutman drifted helplessly toward the finish, Cogan had just enough time to scoot by and score the win at the line by a few feet. Troutman stopped just past the finish line to score second ahead of Dave Green who took third on the last lap, Kyle Beckett and Mike Meck.

Laura Chamberlain led the first lap before Chubby Childers got by. Childers led but Brian Weyandt Jr and Bill Replogle were charging forward fast. Replogle’s run ended when a water pump broke on lap 5, leaving Nick Bechtel and Weyandt to harass Childers.

The three ran together for several laps until Weyandt broke free and zipped by Childers for the lead. Bechtel got by for second two laps later but Weyandt was safely ahead and ran off to the win. Bechtel and Childers trailed. Bechtel and Weyandt Jr won the heats.

The Pure Stock event was a mob scene at the front as rookie Denver Dishong led early. Behind him they were two by two as six cars vied for the chance to challenge Dishong. Charlie Clise finally escaped the mob and challenged Dishong, getting by for the lead on lap 8 Once ahead, Clise moved away from the wild second place battle behind him, increased by one late as Barry Clark ran them down and joined in.

Lap after lap that group raced under a blanket as the laps wore down and Clise opened up a lead. Clark slowed on the last lap thinning the group. Dalton Weyant made a move at the finish to secure second by a few feet as Dishong and Kyle Deneen were side by side for third at the line. Dalton Ritchey was fifth at the line. Clise and Dishong won the heats.

If the Pure Stock event was a mob scene, the early laps of the 4 Cylinder race was even mobbier. 12 cars ran in a pack with Colin Welsh in the lead for the first few laps. Eventually things calmed down a bit as Steven Martin and Javid Fairall broke free and applied pressure to the leader.

Fairall got by Welsh on lap 7, bringing Martin and Alex Anderson with him. Fairall then led the final 4 laps to score the win over Martin. Welsh was third followed by Harlan Group. Tommy Hughes completed the top 5. Dustin Kinser and Martin won the heats.

LIMITED 20 LAPS 1 Donnie Farlling, Jakob Piper, Brian Lowery, Bryan Benton, Taylor Farlling, Madellyn Miller, Travis Wilson

EMOD 20 LAPS 1 Chris Cogan, Drake Troutman, David Green, Kyle Becketts, Mike Meck, Blaine Sellers, Bryce Miller

SEMI LATE 15 LAPS 1 Brian Weyandt Jr, Nick Bechtel, Travis Calhoun, Chubby Childers, Laura Chamberlain, Kyle Weyandt, Jarrod Brown, Erik Weyandt, Cale Martin, Laura Reilly, Bill Replogle.

PURE STOCK 15 LAPS 1 Charlie Clise, Dalton Weyant, Denver Dishong, Kyle Deneen, Dalton Ritchey, Kevin Weyandt, Andrew Slough, Dakota Foor, Barry Clark, Cole Stickel, Reed Stickel, Bill Shehan, Casey Fleegle, Dakota Moreland,, DNS James Norris

4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS 1 Jared Fairall, Steve Martin, Colin Weish, Harlan Group, Tommy Hughes, Todd Price, Jay Talley, Shane Smith, Ernie Hewitt, Austin Poffenberger, Tawney Group, Darren Chesney, John Diehl, Alex Anderson, Kershawn Dempsey, Dustin Kinser, Jared Phillips, Joe May, DNS Dalton Long