Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


September 20th, 2015
  DJ Myers and Drew Ritchey led the winners list as the Bedford season drew to a close Saturday night.  Myers came from mid pack in a strange ride to win his first ever Limited event at the track in the 35 lap special.  In doing so he matched his famous father Tom  among a small group of drivers who scored their first Limited win after accumulating multiple Late Model wins.  Drew Ritchey won the 305 Sprint event, the second of his career, and in doing so became the first ever repeat 305 winner at the track after 12 races.  Other winners as 2015 Fall Fest drew to a close were Tom Warren, Evan Taylor, Joe Dearmitt and Wade Peer.
    Eric Irvan and Darrell Dick led the Limited field to the green and it was Dick with the early lead.    Irvin fell into the clutches of Grant Adams and Rick Singleton for second and they ran in that order at the first cation on lap 7.  On that restart, Myers and Ralph Morgan began their charge forward, with Myers up to fourth when Adams and Irvin slammed together on lap 11.
    Irvin was eliminated after hard contact with the wall and Myers restarted third behind Dick and Adams.  Morgan was up to fifth.  It took only a lap for Myers to clear Adams and two more to snag the lead from Dick, and it was Myers in front as the field was halted for the planned fuel stop at lap 17.
     Full of fuel,  Myers really turned on the speed, running away from the field over the second half of the event.  Morgan spent 12 laps wrestling with Dick for second before he got by on lap 29, and by then Myers was way ahead.
    At the finish it was Myers, driving the 112 car,  Morgan and Dick.  Adams, Rick Singleton, Troy Swindell, Nathan Lasalle, George Dixon, Dan Zechman and Brian Lowery completed the top 10.   Dixon and Dick won the Friday qualifiers.
    Drew Ritchey liked the feel of his first career win only a few weeks ago he came  back for a second.  He started on the pole and ran 20 perfect laps to take the 305 event.  Ritchey’s run was interrupted only once, when a wheel flew off the car of Steve Kennawell on lap 5, causing a caution.  Nathan Gramley got up to second and chased Ritchey the distance but could not challenge over the last 15 laps.   Jake Waters was the big mover in the race, coming from tenth to third, chasing down Gramley near the end, but Ritchey ran off to a safe distance for the win.
   At the finish it was Ritchey, Gramley, Waters, Ryan Lynn and Randy Sterling.  Ritchey and Lynn split the heats.
    Kyle Beckett led the Semi Late field to the green and held off Chris Chamberlain to take the early lead.  After a multi car crash slowed things on lap 1, the field went 14 green flag laps, with Tom Warren climbing through the pack to take second and challenge Beckett.   Warren took the lead on that lap, just before a hard crash between Bob Jay and Lou Wannyn slowed things.
   On the restart, Warren got away.   When Beckett spun on lap 16,  Chamberlain once again, Jim Sayler and Kerry Molovich moved in,  but Warren prevailed to score the big 25 lap win.  Chamberlain, Sayler Molovich, and Wannyn trailed.  Warren and Wannyn won the heats.
    The 25 lap Emod race was a family affair. The Lasalles, with Chuck leading were up front early,  but the Taylors came on late.  Chuck Lasalle led the first two laps but Jonathan Taylor took over on lap 3.  When Chuck Lasalle dropped out on lap 6, Vic Vandergrift,  Dennis Perigo and Evan Taylor all moved up into challenging positions.   Second place man Vandergrift ran in a Taylor sandwich until lap 19 when his car broke.
    A yellow on lap 21 closed the field on Jonathan and the family put on a show,  Evan Taylor completed his climb from ninth by easing ahead on lap 22 and he streaked to the win.   Jonathan was second, ahead of 15th starter Derek Deusenberry, Brandon Lasalle and Perigo.  Jonathan and Chuck Lasalle won the heats.
    Probably the best race of the night was the Pure Stock 25 lapper.  Pole sitter Travis Group led an 11 car mob with Ed Vogel, Joe Dearmitt and John Howsare all over him.  A few quick yellows slowed the field but did not change the order up front, but Group attracted a crowd.   On lap 18 Group, the top three cars tangled  in turn two with Group going around.
     Dearmitt inherited the lead and he held off the furious challenge of Haggerty for the win.   Behind them were fast Eddie Vogel, Kyle Weyandt and Trent Clark.  2015 champion Brad Feight and Group won the heats.
    Dacron Powell led the 4 Cylinder field to the green, but Ryan Peer was all over him by lap two.  Peer took over that lap, but the pair ran only a few feet apart every lapl began to fade after halfway.    As Peer got  away, Powell found himself in the clutches of Andrew Pluta.   After 20 laps it was Peer, Andrew Pluta, Powell, Tom Brady and Darren Howsare across the line.  Peer and Mike McDonald won the heats.
  Two day event ended the 2015 season at the track with 23 completed shows during the season.
LIMITED 35 LAP    DJ Myers,  Ralph Morgan,  Darrell Dick,  Grant Adams,  Rick Singleton,  Troy Swindell,  Nathan Lasalle,  George Dixon,  Dan Zechman,  Brian Lowery,  Josh Berrier,  Curtis Heath,  Matt Murphy,  Glen Ray,  Larry Foor,  Ron Bottenfield,  Jim Leidy,  Dion Lasalle,  Eric Irvin,  DNS  Travis Calhoun
305 SPRINT  20 LAP   Drew Ritchey,  Nathan Gramley,  Jake Waters,  Ryan Lynn,  Randy Sterling,  Nicole Walker,  Joe Zapp,  Todd Lynn,  Ron Aurand,  Dylan Shatzer,  Rob Bartchy,  Brad Mellott,  Steve Kennawell S,  Steve Kennawell J,  DNS  Jim Kennedy,  Reed Thompson
SEMI LATE 25 LAP    Tom Warren,  Chris Chamberlain,  Jim Sayler,  Kerry Molovich,  Lou Wannyn,  Greg Hainsey,  Dave Whetstone,  Chad Gambol,  Jim Sacco,  Don Wyles,  Kyle Beckett,  Danny Farlling,  Chris Wolfe,  Joe Pluta,  Nick Zborovancik,  Bob Jay,  Scott Sturtz,  RT  Troutman,  Dennis Collins,  Jamie Kohan.
EMOD  25 LAP  Evan Taylor,  Jonathan Taylor,  Derek Deusenberry,  Brandon Lasalle,  Dennis Perigo,  Bill Pluta,  Adam Daniels,  Ryne Pennington,  Justin Milburn,  Brian Fyfe,  Mike Meck,  Rusty Pennington,  Vic Vandergrift,  Alicia RoweChuck Lasalle,  Josh Cramer,  DNS  Rich Goodman.
PURE STOCK 25 LAP    Joe Dearmitt,  Jason Haggerty,  Ed Vogel,  Kyle Weyandt  Trent Clark,  Reed Stickel,  Dave Lambert,  Travis Group  Brandon Inglish,  Travis Vogel,  Dave Riley,  John Howsare,  Bill Replogle,  Brad Feight,  Cody Lenhart,  Jarrod Brown,  Bryan Morse,  DNS  Eric Weyandt
4 CYLINDER  20 LAP    Ryan Peer,  Andrew Pluta,  Dacron Powell,  Tom Brady,  Darren Howsare,  Ray Sheetz,  Dave Harclerode,  Steve Frederick,  Todd Price ,  Chris Reckner,  Denny Pittman,  Josh Fetters,  Mike McDonald,  Garrett Covert,  Mitchell Houck,