Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


September 18th, 2016
  Brian Lowery and Drew Ritchey led the list of winners as Bedford ended the 2016 season with the second day of FallFest Saturday..  It was Lowery’s first Bedford Limited win since August 2015, and Ritchey’s first 305 win since this event last year.   Jonathan Taylor roared to another EMod win, the seventh of his season.  Jesse Snyder, Bill Replogle and Wayne Brenize  completed the season with wins.
    Brian Lowery got the jump on the Limited field at the start and led the field from the start.  Planting his mighty MOPAR on the cushion.  he easily led while the field battled for positions in his wake. Chaz Walls chased Lowery to the finish, followed by Donnie Farlling, George Dixon and Robby Black.  Dixon had started dead last in the field.  Lowery and Cam Zeigler won the heats.  
    Drew Ritchey got the drop on the 305 field and led all   20 laps in the event which ran through without a caution flag.  Joe Zap chased Ritchey fo the finish followed by Reed Thompson, Scott Lutz and Roger Irvine.  Brad Mellott and Scott Lutz won the heats.
    Alyssa Rowe led the first few laps of the EMod event,   Jonathan Taylor whipped in from seventh starting spot to second on lap one and set said for Rowe.   He shot by Rowe on lap three and led to the finish.  Rowe held off Nathan Lasalle for second.  Brandon Lasalle and Dennjy Perigo, who started in the last row, completed the top 5.   Nathan Lasalle and Bill Pluta won the heats.
  Jesse Snyder took the lead at the start and went the distance to svore his Semi Late win.   Tom Warren was all over him for the duration but settled for second.  They were trailed by Chad Gambol, Lou Wannyn and Jim Sacco.   Snyder and Gambol won the heats.
  Definitely the best race of the night was the Pure Stock 25 lapper.  Dave Lambert led early but he attracted a six car crowd from the start.   Bill Replogle finally got a run on Lambert and took over on lap 8.   While Replogle edged away,  Lambert held off the mob.   Kyle Weyandt finally got by Lambert on lap 13 and moved in to hound Replogle for the duration.
   Weyandt was all over Replogle,  edging along side several times, but Replogle held on for the win.  Weyandt was second, ahead of Joe Dearmitt, Jason Haggerty and Lambert.  Lambert, Brad ?Hoffman and Jim Dearmitt won the heats.
  The 4 Cylinders brought the 2016 season to and end and it was again Wayne Brenize with the win.  He beat Todd Price, Dave Harclerode and Denny Pittman.
LIMITED 25 LAPS  1  Brian Lowery,  Chaz Walls,  Donnie Farlling,  Ceorge Dixon,  Robby Black,  Curtis Heath,  Brian Shuey,  Travis Stickley,  Chad Meyers,  Cam Zeigler,  Eric Irvin,  Zach Price,  Dalton Bigler,  Taylor Farlling, Kayden Smith,  Ron Bottenfield,  Dale Claycomb.  DNS  Nathan Lasalle
305  20 LAPS  1  Drew Ritchey,  Joe Zap,  Reed Thompson,,  Scott Lutz,  Roger Irvine,  Ryan Lynn,  Brad Mellott,  Robbie Bartchey,  Jim Kennedy,  Colt Lepley,  Tim Lash,  Ron Aurand,  Dylan Shatzer
eMODS 25 LAPS  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Alyssa Rowe,  Nathan Lasalle,  Brandon Lasalle,  Denny Perigo,  Bill Pluta,  Justin Milburn,  John Whitfield,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Mike Meck,  Darrell Edwards,  Brian Fife,  Ken Singer,  Will Rowe,  Dan Lawry,
SEMI LATE 25 LAPS  1  Jesse Snyder,  Tom Warren,  Lou Wannyn.  Jim Sacco,  Dave Whetstone,  Kyle Beckett,  Travis Calhoun,  Jarrod Brown,  Tom Brady,  Justin Michael,  Joe Pluta,  Dennis Collins
PURE STOCK  25 LAP  1  Bill Replogle,  Kyle Weyandt,  Joe Dearmitt,  Jason Haggerty,  Dave Lambert,  Travis Group,  Brad Feight,  Barry Weyandt,  Erik Weyandt,  Reed Stickel,  Dakota Foor,  Denny Pittman,  Jim Dearmitt,  Brad Hoffman,  James Foor,  Josh McClellan,  Mike Brode,  Cody Lenhart,  Nick Bechtell,  Kyle Deneen,  Tyler Ritchey,  Cody Claycomb,  Dave Riley,  Dan Jackson.
4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  1  Wayne Brenize,  Todd Price,  Dave Harclerode,  Denny Pittman,  Kolby CrawleyJosh Fetters.