Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


September 5th, 2020

Mason Zeigler rallied late to score the big win as Bedford began the Labor Day weekend. The event was the annual Labor Day 55 and was worth $7055 to the happy winner.. In other action, Dalton Ritchey survived a wild last lap melee to score the Pure Stock event and Mike Altobelli came from deep in the field to claim the EMod closer.

By the luck of the pre race draw, Bryan Bernheisel and Matt Sponaugle led the stout field to the green. Bernheisel was the early leader and he held on through two early race cautions.

When the field settled down after the lap 12 event, they ran over 30 consecutive green flag laps. Mike Norris also got by Sponaugle and set off after Bernheisel. Bernheisel pulled away from the field for most of that time as the field used up the whole track surface trading positions in the pack.

Mason Zeigler began to act frisky as the lap count drifted through the thirties. Once Sponaugle got back by Norris on lap 18,Zeigler also got by Norris two laps later. He shadowed Sponaugle for several laps before getting by on lap 37.

Almost instantly, Zeigler began cutting into Bernheisel’s lead coming to within striking distance by lap 41. But Bernheisel ended the dramatic battle shaping up as he grazed the wall on lap 43, bringing out only the third event yellow.

On the restart, Zeigler had a fight on his hands from Rick Eckert, who had climbed into contention after a ninth place start. Eckert was all over Zeigler as the last few laps in an effort to repeat as a 55 lap winner, but the laps ran out with Zeigler holding on for he win.

Behind Zeigler and Eckert, Sponaugle finished third ahead of Norris and Jared Miley. Fast timer Bernheisel, Zeigler, Norris and Sponaugle won the heats for the 36 entries, Dave Scott and Gary Stuhler won the double Bs.

Andrew Stough led the Pure Stock event from the pole but he attracted a crowd at the front. Stough was able to pull off the lead after each of the few early cautions but the mob of hungry competitors kept growing. Nick Bechtel, then Dalton Weyant, then Kyle Deneen, then Dalton Ritchey challenger Stough but none could complete the pass and the tension grew every lap.

The tension broke in turn three on the last lap as the top four all collided. From that melee, Dalton Ritchey emerged without stopping and was the new leader for the last lap run. He was followed by Charlie Clise, John Howsare, Cole Stickel and Tyke Musselman. Stough and Howsare won the heats.

Altobelli Jr started deep in the EMod field but streaked forward from the start. Four cautions in the first five laps kept the field close as Ryan Beckett led, but Altobelli was already up to second by lap five.

On the restart, Altobelli shot by and ran off from the field, then led by Bill Pluta and Altobelli Sr. before pulling out to an almost half lap lead. Pluts held on for second ahead of a charging Beau Aikey, Sr Altobelli and George Dixon. Evan Taylor, Altobelli Jr and Altobelli Sr won the heats.

LATE MODEL 55 LAP TRIBUTE TO TURK BURKET 1 Mike Zeigler, Rick Eckert, Matt Sponaugle, Mike Norris, Jared Miley, Dylan Yoder, Alex Ferree, Mayy Cosner, Gergg Satterlee, Mike Pegher, Ryan Montgomery, Gene Knaub, Kyle Lee, Wyatt Scott, Travis Stickley, Deshong Gingrich, Jim Yoder, Bryan Bernheisel, Nathan Lasalle, Jeff Rine, Gary Stuhler, Clint0on Hersh, Dave Scott, Max Blair, DNS Chuck Clise, Wayne Johnson, Kirk Baker, Jeff Miller, Dave Stamm, John Wayne Weaver, Chad Julius, George Dixon, Dan Snyder, Ethan Ours, Justin Weaver.

EMOD 20 LAPS 1 Mike Altobelli J, Bill Pluta , Beau Aikey, Mike Altobelli S, George Dixon, Ridge Bookwalter, Mitch Thomas, Travis Cottle, Amber Mills, Alyssa Rowe, Kyle Becketts, Jonathan Taylor, Sam Reeder, Bruce Dreistadt, Jacob Marker, David Green, Jimmy Sacco, Josh Frankenberry, Todd Goss, Ken Summers, Jamie Kohan, Ryan Beckett, Evan Taylor, Ken Singer, Blaine Sellers, Josh Cromer.

PURE STOCK 15 LAPS 1 Dalton Ritchey, Charlie Clise, John Howsare, Cole Stickel, Tyke Musselman, Reed Stickel, Bill Shehan, Larry Foor, Dakota Foor, Rodney Hartman, Denver Deshong, Kyle Deneen, Dalton Weyant, Jeremy Fama, Andrew Stough, Geoff Sosnowski, Derrick Hinish, DNS Barry Clark