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April 30th, 2022

Gregg Satterlee made one of his infrequent Bedford visits pay off big time Friday as he scored the win in the annual Billy Winn classic at the track. The win in the 50 lap event honoring the first ever Bedford winner in 1936 was the sixth of his career and worth over $12,000

In other action, Drake Troutman took the Emod event while Steve Axtell Jr won the Crate mod feature.

Trevor Feathers jumped around pole sitter Ross Robinson at the start to lead the 50 lap Late Model event. Feathers easily pulled away as Jeff Rine moved in to battle Robinson for second early.

When Rine got by Robinson, Feathers was well ahead but Rine started closing the gap. By lap 13 Rine was there challenging for the lead. Rine got by to lead lap 18 but Feathers fought back to retake command a lap later. Rine fell back and regrouped before getting back into the battle. He caught Feathers again by lap 25 and took over three laps later.

Behind the battle up front, Gregg Satterlee was sliding through the field as was Matt Cosner, who was also coming forward. While Rine pulled away, Satterlee got by Feathers for second and started closing. After catching Rine, he blew by to lead lap 40 and set sail.

As Satterlee took over, Cosner was taking third from Feathers. Perhaps the fastest car in the field as the laps wound down, he took second from Rine a lap later and noticeably began to close on the leader. As they took the white flag, Cosner prepared to make a dramatic last lap move but as the pair came off turn 4 to the finish, Cosner banked off the wall allowing Satterlee to score the unchallenged win.

Cosner kept his wounded car heading straight although rubbing the wall. all the way to the finish line but Feathers was able to shoot by the struggling 66 to grab second at the line. Rine was just a bit further back and fell just short of getting to Cosner at the line. Rine, sitting on a string of three consecutive second places , took fourth ahead of Drake Troutman, who started 17th. The race went all 50 laps green in record time of 18:09

Qualifying heats were won by Rine, Satterlee and Robinson. Kyle Lee won the B. Heat race action got off to a wild start as the pole sitter in heat one, Jason Miller, got sideways in turn two of lap one. The resulting melee involved pretty much the entire starting field with Chuck Clise getting major air and partially clearing the turn two wall.

Pole sitter Drake Troutman led the Emod event pole to pole. Mike Altobelli closed in late race lapped traffic but the pair ran in that order to the finish. The Taylor family waged their own battle for third with Jonathan prevailing over Evan while Donnie Farlling took fifth. Heats were won by Troutman and Jonathan Taylor.

Steve Axtel Jr likewise led the entire event for the visiting Crate Emod class. He was trailed the distance by Wyatt Marker. Axtel won the heat

LATE MODEL 50 LAPS 1 Gregg Satterlee, Trevor Feathers, Matt Cosner, Jeff Rine, Drake Troutman, Alex Ferree, Ross Robinson, Jared Miley, Kyle Hardy, Dylan Yoder, Kyle Lee, Ryan Montgomery, Travis Stickley, Colby Frye, Tim Smith, Brian Booze, Mason Zeigler, Tyler Emory, Jeff Miller, Rick Eckert, Dan Stone, Logan Zarin, Bryan Bernheisel, Shaun Jones, Matt Sponaugle, DNS Jason Miller, Jason Covert, Clinton Hersh, Dion Lasalle, Chuck Clise, Colton Flinner

EMOD 20 LAPS 1 Drake Troutman, Mike Altobelli, Jonathan Taylor, Evan Taylor, Donnie Farlling, Alyssa Rowe, TJ Dehaven, Brandon Hoover, Mike Pappas, Troy Johnson, David Green, John Whitfield, Blake Sellers, Mike Meck, DNS Jacob Marker

CRATE MODS 12 LAP 1 Steve Axtell Jr, Wyatt Marker, Bill VanMeter, Tommy Hughes, Scott Daniels, Dale Sines. Eric Bittner, Jason Ringer, Ron Vogel.