4 Cylinder Rules

Please direct technical and rules related questions to
Todd Bechtel – 814-793-3478

This is an entry level division that is designed to be affordable and fun racing.

All cars must be four cylinder front wheel drive.  All cars must remain completely stock, bumper to bumper excluding safety equipment and where specified in the rules.

It is highly recommended by the Bedford Speedway to have your engine sealed prior to the start of the season.  Sealed engines will be effective for two years or the point where the seal is removed, whichever comes first.  Unsealed engines are at risk of teardown at the track.  For more information, contact Todd Bechtel at 814-793-3478 or Ken Imler at 814-695-1310.

Freshness Date: 11.24.10 – All changes are shown in YELLOW

No cars newer than a 2005

1. Rollcage

  1. All cars must have a four point rollcage with three (3) door bars on the left side and two(2) door bars on the right side.
  2. All bars must be welded 360 degrees and gusseted.  Roll cage must be securely fastened to the floor via plating and gussets or by constructing a box frame welded to the floor to serve as a foundation for the roll cage.  The integrity and quality of the roll cage  will be a high priority of the tech officials.  If not sufficient, you will not be permitted to race.
  3. Front bars must follow the contour of the windshield.
  4. All tubing must be a minimum of 1 1/2”x .095”.
  5. Driver must have 2” of clearance above helmeted head.

2 Body

  1. Windshield must be removed and replaced with a full screen with two (2) 2” x 1/8” straps in center.
  2. All glass and plastic must be removed.
  3. All doors and trunks must be bolted or welded shut.  Front hood pins are recommended.
  4. Numbering must be legible, highly visible and contrasting to car.  Numbers must be 18” high.  Any letters must be 9” high.
  5. Body must remain stock.  No body altering or non-factory spoilers

3. Interior

  1. All interiors must be removed except for the dash which may or may not be removed (optional).
  2. Bars within drivers reach must be padded.
  3. No metal panels may be removed.
  4. All holes in firewall must be covered with metal.
  5. No boxing of interior
  6. No rearview mirrors allowed.

4. Engine

  1. Four cylinder, non-turbo engine, not exceeding 150 factory specified horsepower.  Engine size and model must have been available as original factory equipment for make and model of car.  No swapping of engine makes, ie Acura to Honda, etc. Must use stock exhaust manifold.  Muffler is mandatory
  2. Batteries can be relocated to the rear of the car, but must be enclosed and sealed in a steel battery box.  The battery box must be securely mounted to the floor.
  3. Engine and all components must remain stock.  Engine mounts can be reinforced but must remain with the stock rubber and must function as stock.  No solid mounting.

5. Suspension

  1. No altering of any suspension components.
  2. All parts must remain stock
  3. All parts and components must be in good condition

6. Wheels & Tires

  1. 13” or 14” wheels only.  15” wheels will be acceptable if it was a factory size for the model being run.
  2. Steel wheels only.  Aftermarket wheels are acceptable but must match on all four corners and can be no wider that 8 inches.
  3. Right front wheel may be reinforced but stock dimensions may not be changed.
  4. Tires may be 65, 70 or 75 series only and must be DOT approved.
  5. No winter or rough tread tires.
  6. No grooving or altering of tires.
  7. All four(4) tires must be the same size

7. Safety

  1. Must have an aluminum racing set with head rest.
  2. Must have a five point quick release racing harness.  Harness must be snell approved and no older than three years.  Harness must be securely attached.
  3. Approved firesuit, socks and gloves are mandatory.  Fireproof hood and shoes are recommended.
  4. Full face helmet with lexan shield snell 95 or newer is mandatory.
  5. Window net with latches accessible from outside the car is mandatory.
  6. An onboard fire suppression system is highly recommended.
  7. Must have a collapsible steering shaft (from factory).
  8. Removable steering wheel is mandatory.
  9. Recommended that driver’s door bar be plated with 1/8” aluminum or steel.
  10. Fuel cells are recommended but if not used, fuel tank must have a skid plate.
  11. Any car may be refused the opportunity to race if safety equipment is deemed unsafe.

8. Car Claim

  1. Any car may be claimed for $600.00
  2. Claim must be made no longer than ten minutes after the feature race.
  3. Claimer (driver making clam) must finish on the lead lap.
  4. For a car to be claimed, it must finish in 1st position and pass tech inspection.
  5. Claimer must forfeit his/her car, as it was when the race finished, to the claimee.
  6. If the claim is refused by the claimee, said claimee will be disqualified and lose any points accumulated to date.

See general rules and regulations for further information regarding track operating procedures.