Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


May 28th, 2016
With a spectacular late race rally, Max Blair scored the win in the Johnny Grum Classic 40 at Bedford Friday night..  With the win he became the 136th different winner at the track, joining his father on that prestigious list.  In other action, Jonathan Taylor again dominated the E Mod event, Justin Michael won the Semi Late race and Wayne Brenize prevailed in the 4 Cylinder closer.
      When slated front row starter Jared Miley elected to start tail on the field, Gene Knaub eagerly joined Jeff Rine up front for the start.  Rine brought the field to the green but it was Knaub leading at the completion of lap one.  Max Blair secured second on lap two and settled in at that spot chasing Knaub.
   Lap after lap the front pair ran in that order as Jason Covert and Gregg Satterlee charged from the pack.  But the real charger in the field was Matt Cosner.   By the time of the only yellow, for a stalled car in turn three on lap 22, Cosner was up to fifth,  behind Knaub, Blair, Covert and Satterlee.
     On the restart, Cosner went on the charge, zipping Satterlee on lap 24 and Covert on lap 30.  By that time, Blair was still tracking Knaub, but Cosner closed the gap quickly.  Late race lapped traffic came into play by lap 33 and Blair closed on the leader.  But Cosner had caught them both.
     With two to go, Blair made the dramatic pass for the lead.  Cosner also got by Knaub.   Blair had no time to savor the lead as Cosner was instantly all over him for the last lap with Knaub still in the picture.  But Blair prevailed as the leaders crossed the line side by side with Knaub a close third.  Covert held on for fourth and Satterlee was fifth.
    Earlier, Satterlee had set fast time.   Satterlee, DJ Troutman, Covert and Rine won the heats.  Chad Hollenbeck won the talent laden B.feature, run after a short rain delay.
    Brandon Lasalle led the EMod event early, but Jonathan Taylor took over on lap 6.  From that point forward, Taylor held on through several quick cautions to secure the win.  Lasalle fell back into a race long battle with Bill Pluta at second and Alyssa Rowe got up to fourth.
     At the finish, Taylor prevailed, ahead of Lasalle, Pluta  Rowe and Dion Lasalle.  Taylor and Brandon Lasalle won the heats.
    The semi Late event started off wild with a 8 car pileup in turn two on the opening lap.  On the second attempt at a start, Greg Hainsey led Bob Jay and Justin michael for the first three laps.  Michael got by both Jay and Hainsey to lead lap 4 and went to the finish.  Jesse Snyder, for the second week in a row came from deep in the field but fell one spot short of repeating his last week win.  Jay, Hainsey ad Travis Calhooun completed the top five.  Snyder and Calhoun won the heats.
    Darren Howsare led the 4 Cylinder event early until action was halted for a wild crash in turn three on lap two.  On the restart, Ryan Peer was on Howsare’s tail, capturing the lead on lap 4.  But Wayne Brenize took over on lap 6 and ran to the finish.  Peer held on for second, ahead of Howsare, Tom Brady and Todd Price.  Chris Reckner and Brenize won the heats.
LATE MODEL 40 LAPS  1 Max Blair,  Matt Cosner,  Gene Knaub,  Jason Covert,  Gregg Satterlee,  Kenny Moreland,  Colby Frye,  Chuck Clise,  Mason Zeigler,  Dylan Yoder,  Andy Haus,  Keith Barbara, Jeff Rine,  Matt Sponaugle,  Brian Tavenner,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Rick Singleton,  Troy Swindell,  Dan Stone,  Billy Wampler,  DJ Troutman,  Mike Lupfer,  Ross Robinson,  Eric Zembower, Jarred Miley.
DNQ  Bryan Bernheisel,  Allen Brannon,  Mike Altobelli J,  Wayne Johnson,  Cody Robbins,  Travis Wilson,  Austin Hubbard,  Darrass Deneen,  Danny Snyder,  Justyin Kann,  Jack Pencil,  Larry Baer,
EMOD  18 LAPS  1 Jonathan Taylor,  Brandon Lasalle,  Bill Pluta, Alyssa Rowe,  Dion Lasalle,  Justin Milburn,  Jerry Fifield,  Adam Daniels,  Travis Vogel,  Ed Vogel,  Mike Meck,  Brian Fyfe,  Ken Singer,  DNS  Jim Sayler
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Justin Michael,  Jesse Snyder,  Bob Jay,  Greg Hainsey,  Travis Calhoun,  Tom Warren,  Joe Pluta,  Chad Gambol,  Tom Wakefield,  Lou Wannyn,  Greg Cornell,  Kyle Beckett,  Scott Sturtz.
4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  1  Wayne Brenize,  Ryan Peer,  Darren Howsare,  Tom Brady,  Todd Price,  Phil Best,  Steve Martin,  Morgan Price,  Kolby Crawley,  Jeremy Miller,  Cale Martin,  Derek Iser,  Josh Ringer,  DNS  Josh Fetters,  DQ  Chris Reckner,  Andy Hershberger,  Devon Iser.