Bedford Speedway » 2010 Results


May 8th, 2010

By Dave Harclerode

BEDFORD, PA –  Bedford Speedway fans were treated to the best racing of the season Friday night, thanks to a great surface and some two and three wide racing.  Derek Byler, a former Limited Late Model track champ, made the move to the Super Late Model division this year.  Three weeks into the season, Derek earned his first ever Super Late Model win.  It was Derek’s first win in the division at any track.  Rance Garlock returned to victory lane after a long hiatus in the Limited Late Model division, and Brian Duffy took top honors in the Street Stocks.  Charlie Walter continued his dominance in the Hobby Stocks, and Jeff Treece earned his first win in the 4-cylinder class.

In Super Late Model action, Shawn Claar took the early lead and appeared to have the field covered.  Claar pulled out to a healthy lead and dominated for 10 laps until a mechanical problem on his number 20 brought out the caution and fans watched as he pulled his car into the pits.  Steve Everhart, who was running second, assumed the top spot but his fate would be similar.  On the restart, the air cleaner cover flew off, causing a chain reaction effect on the field.  Several cars were banged up, and only Eric Zembower and Nick Dickson suffered race ending damage.  Everhart went pitside, and Derek Byler assumed the top spot.  When the race returned to green with 15 laps to go, Byler blasted from the pack and took a commanding lead.  Matt Parks managed to give a couple looks under Byler early, but in the end it was all Derek Byler.  The win was his first, and excitement was in the air in victory lane.  Matt Parks settled for second, and DJ Myers scored an impressive third place finish after starting 18th.  Myers battled lap after lap with fourth place finisher Greg Fetters and fifth place finisher Scott Haus.  Rounding out the top ten was last week’s winner Jeff Rine, Jack Pencil, Scott LeBarron, Randy Burkholder, and Jerry Bard.  Heat winners for the 22 car field were Derek Byler, Shawn Claar, and Scott Haus.
Rance Garlock won his first Bedford feature since 2003 in the Limited Late Model divisions.  Garlock started second and was in first by the first lap, and held a comfortable lead the entire race.  However, the action from second place on was excellent.  Donnie Farlling, Rick Singleton, Matt Sponaugle, and Matt Howsare thrilled fans with side by side racing the entire race.  Garlock took the checkered, and Sponaugle used every inch of the top side to take the runner up spot.  Farlling finished third, Singleton fourth, and Howsare fifth.  Sixth through tenth went to Justin Kann, Brian Lesley, Matt Cosner, Steve Bard, and Darrell Dick.  Heats went to Singleton, Garlock, and Farlling.
Brian Duffy earned career win number 16 in a wild Street Stock main event.  Fourth starting Jesse Snyder found himself in the lead after the top half of the field battled it out two and three wide for several laps.  Duffy was able to work by Snyder and take the win ahead of a mob of drivers all battling for position.  In the end it was Duffy, last week’s winner Jim Sayler, Bill Henney, Snyder, and Bob Jay in fifth.  Rounding out the top ten was Greg Hainsey, Daryl Whetstone, Travis Brown, and Donald Wyles.  Sayler and Duffy won the preliminary heats.
Charlie Walter continued his dominance of the Hobby Stock division, winning his third feature event of the season.  Walter started in the tenth spot, and Chad Gambol took the lead from his second starting spot right from the start.  Mechanical problems sent Gambol pitside though, and Terry Norris assumed the lead.  Walter picked his way through the field, and with the benefit of a crash between Ryan Beckett and Travis Group, Charlie found himself in second.  After working Norris over for several laps, Walter took the lead and never looked back.  Norris finished second, with Kenny Imler, Jr., Reed Stickel, Jr., and Ryan Beckett, who battled back from the tail of the field, completed the top five.  Walter and Beckett won the heat events.
It appeared that Jeff Treece had won his first ever 4 Cylinder feature, but his car failed the tech inspection.  Apparent second place finisher Ray Wright also failed tech, and the win was awarded to first time winner Jeremy Miller.  Paul Crynock took home second, and Mike Lauffer, Tyler Beckett, and Ronnie Valentine completed the top five.  Heat winners were Ray Wright and Jeff Treece.
Next week at the speedway is a regular show consisting of Super Late Models, along with Limited Lates, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, and 4 Cylinders.  Coming May 28th, it’s the World of Outlaw Late Model Series.  Check out for more details.
FEATURE:  1.  Derek Byler  2. Matt Parks  3. DJ Myers  4. Greg Fetters  5. Scott Haus  6. Jeff Rine  7. Jack Pencil  8. Scott LeBarron  9. Randy Burkholder  10. Jerry Bard  11. Chuck Clise  12. Steve Everhart  13. Allen Lemin  14. Andy Haus  15. Jeff Miller  16. Tom Decker, Jr.  17. Nick Dickson (DNF)  18. Eric Zembower (DNF)  19. Shawn Claar (DNF)  20. Scott Rhodes
DNS:  Wayne Johnson, Matt Sala
HEAT 1:  Byler, Rhodes, LeBarron
HEAT 2:  Claar, Everhart, Fetters
HEAT 3:  Haus, Rine, Parks
FEATURE:  1. Rance Garlock  2. Matt Sponaugle  3. Donnie Farlling  4. Rick Singleton  5. Matt Howsare  6. Justin Kann  7. Brian Lesley  8. Matt Cosner  9. Steve Bard  10. Darrell Dick  11. Tim Smith, Jr.  12. Ralph Morgan, Jr.  13. Eric Irvin  14. Kyle Wiser  15. Travis Calhoun  16. Eddie Cornett  17. Jeff Shoemaker  18. DJ Troutman  19. Travis Stickley  20. Craig Perigo  21. Daniel Cornman
DNS:  Robbie Black
HEAT 1:  Singleton, Lesley, Dick
HEAT 2:  Garlock, Howsare, Sponaugle
HEAT 3:  Farlling, Bard, Irvin
FEATURE:  1. Brian Duffy  2. Jim Sayler  3. Bill Henney  4. Jesse Snyder  5. Bob Jay  6. Greg Hainsey  7. Daryl Whetstone  8. Travis Brown  9. Donald Wyles  10. Zane Weicht  11. Rich Swope
DNS:  Cody Buterbaugh, Adam Chamberlain
HEAT 1:  Sayler, Hainsey, Jay
HEAT 2:  Duffy, Henney, Wyles
FEATURE:  1. Charlie Walter  2. Terry Norris  3. Kenny Imler, Jr.  4. Reed Stickel, Jr.  5. Ryan Beckett  6. Jarrod Brown  7. Ed Vogel, Jr.  8. Ray Shepherd  9. Mike Ott  10. Chuck Weyant  11. Travis Group  12. Chad Gambol  13. Bill Replogle
HEAT 1:  Walter, Weyant, Norris
HEAT 2:  Beckett, Group, Stickel
FEATURE:  1. Jeremy Miller  2. Paul Crynock  3. Mike Lauffer  4. Tyler Beckett  5. Ronnie Valentine  6. Ralph Miller  7. Cindy Rhodes  8. Juan Ryan  9. Joel Vinglas, Jr.  10. Jon Gephart  11. Phil Best  12. Steve Frederick  13. Mahlon Hoover, Jr.
DQ:  Jeff Treece, Ray Wright
HEAT 1: Ray Wright, Jeremy Miller, Ronnie Valentine
HEAT 2: Jeff Treece, Mike Lauffer, Paul Crynock