Bedford Speedway » 2010 Results


June 19th, 2010

By: Verna Dunkinson and Kevin Clites

BEDFORD, PA – With summer approaching next week the racing action is getting hot at the speedway. Fans enjoyed an action packed night with Scott Haus winning his first feature of the year in the late models here at Bedford, closely followed by the “flying school teacher” Jack Pencil. Rick Singleton, of Hunnington Pa., took the checkered flag in the limited late models with a commanding lead over Matt Sponaule, and Brian Duffy returned to victory lane in the street stocks with a impressive victory over Dave Brown, Bill Henney, and Mike Desch.  Two previous track champions, as well as previous feature winners, won features in their respective divisions, Charlie Walter in the Hobby Stocks and Mike Lauffer in the 4-Cylinders.


Four time track champion Scott Haus was lucky at the pill re-draw and started on the pole and never looked back leading all 25 laps of the the Late Model Feature. Jack Pencil started working his way up thru the field and caught Haus but was unable to challenge him for the win. Meanwhile battling for the third and fourth positions were Jeff Rine and D.J. Myers and when the checkered flag dropped it was Rine in third and Myers fourth. Finishing a sound fifth was Jeff Miller. Brian Booze, Scott Rhodes, Mike Altobelli Jr., Randy Burkholder, and Derek Byler rounded out the top ten. Eighteen LM were signed in at the speedway and Haus and Myers crossed the line first to win their heat events.


Once again, due to the luck of the pill re-draw Rick Singleton was sitting on the pole and at the drop of the green flag he took off and never looked back. Matt Sponaugle starting fourth made several attempts on restarts to catch Singleton but just couldn’t get the job done and had to settle for second. The end of the race seen Rance Garlock, Tim Smith Jr. and Brian Lesley all fighting for  the third position with Garlock grabbing third from Smith with four laps to go. Smith and Lesley finished fourth and fifth respectively. Rounding out the top ten were Matt Howsare, Mike Duck, Grant Adams, Craig Perigo, and Donnie Farlling. Heat winners for the evening were Singleton and Darrell Dick.


The street stock feature got off to a wild start with three cars getting together Jerry Robinson, Rich Swope and Zane Weicht and  Weicht getting the upside down end of it.  When the field realigned for a complete restart Khi Swanger, Mike Desch, and Brian Duffy  were battling three wide down the back stretch. On lap nine Duffy took the lead from Swanger and the rest was history. Following Duffy to the checkered was Dave Brown, Bill Henney, Desch, and Darrell Whetstone. Finishing out the top ten were Swanger, Kerry Molovich, Jim Saylor, Travis Brown and Donald Wyles. Heat wins went to Bill Henney and Dave Brown


Charlie Walter was once again in victory lane after starting 9th and gradually working the field to the finish. Following Walters and racing hard for several positions were Bill Replogle, Tyler Ritchey, Travis Group, and Todd Goss and they finished in that very order.  Heat wins for the night went to the Lou Wannian and Charlie Walter.


In four cylinder action tonight it was Mike Lauffer getting the win by default as the winner Ian Will was disqualified after going thru tech inspection. On lap five Paul Crynock was going for the lead and got out of shape and had to rejoin the field in eleventh place. Finishing after Lauffer was Andrew Pluta, Jeremy Miller, Steve Frederick, and Cindy Rhodes.  Heat wins went to Cindy Rhodes and Lauffer.


Please make note we will be off Friday night and running Sunday night June 27th, the PA Posse 410 Sprints will be invading Bedford Speedway.  Also on the card will be the Late Models.  Monday June 28th will be the rain date for this show, with a one-half hour early start time. Visit for more details.


FEATURE:  1.  Scott Haus  2.  Jack Pencil  3. Jeff Rine  4. D.J. Myers  5. Jeff Miller  6. Brian Booze 7.  Scott Rhodes  8. Mike Altobelli Jr.  9.  Randy Burkholder  10.  Derek Byler  11. Shawn Claar  12.  Wayne Johnson  13. Greg Fetters  14.  Chuck Clise  15.  Allen Lemin (DNF)  16.  Matt Sala(DNF)  17 Matt Parks(DNF)  18 Steve Everhart(DNF)
HEAT 1:  Haus, Byler, Booze
HEAT 2:  Myers, Altobelli Jr., Parks


FEATURE:  1.  Rick Singleton  2.  Matt Sponaugle  3.  Rance Garlock  4.  Tim Smith Jr.  5.  Brian Lesley  6.  Matt Howsare  7.  Mike Duck  8.  Grant Adams  9.  Craig Perigo  10.  Donnie Farlling  11.  Kyle Wiser 12. Daniel Cornman  13.  Darrell Dick  14.  Corey Weaver  15.  Eddie Cornett  16.  DJ Troutman (DNF)  17. Matt Cosner (DNF) 

DNS:  Lincoln Ritchey, Eric Irvan
HEAT 1:  Singleton, Sponaugle, Howsare
HEAT 2:  Dick, Adams, Cosner


FEATURE:  1.  Brian Duffy  2.  Dave Brown  3.  Bill Henney  4.  Mike Desch  5.  Darrell Whetstone  6.  Khi Swanger  7.  Kerry Molovich  8.  Travis Brown  9.  Donald Wyles  10.  Jim Saylor  11.  Mathew Custer  12.  Jessie Snyder (DNF)  13.  Cody Buterbaugh (DNF)  14.  Bob Jay (DNF) 15.  Rich Swope (DNF)  16. Jerry Robinson (DNF)  17.  Zane Weicht (DNF)

DNS: Greg Hainsey
HEAT 1:  Henney, Saylor, Duffy
HEAT 2:  Brown, Whetstone, Desch


FEATURE:  1.  Charlie Walter  2.  Bill Replogle  3.  Tyler Ritchey  4.  Travis Group  5.  Todd Goss  6.  Kenny Imler Jr.  7.  Jake Gongloff  8.  Reed Stickle Jr.  9.  Lou Wannin  10.  Ed Vogel  11.  Chad Gambol  12.  Jarrodd Brown (DNF)  13.  Terry Norris (DNF)  14.  Justin Vaughn (DNF)  15 Mandy Jay (DNF)
HEAT 1:  Wannin , Ritchey, Vogel
HEAT 2:  Walter, Replogle, Goss


FEATURE:  1.  Mike Lauffer  2.  Andrew Pluta  3.  Jeremy Miller 4.  Steve Frederick  5.  Cindy Rhodes  6.  Phil Best  7.  Martin Vinosky  8.  Ronnie Valentine  9.  Ralph Miller  10.  Dave Lambert  11.  Paul Crynock Jr.  12.  Matt Winegardner  13.  Jon Gephart  14.  Casey Fleegle  15.  Chris Hedge  16.  Juan Ryan (DNF)  17.  Ian Will DQ 

DNS:  Jeff Treece
HEAT 1:  Rhodes, Ryan, Treece
HEAT 2:  Lauffer, Best, Vinosky