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For 2013- Modifieds

November 8th, 2012

 Bedford Speedway will be introducing the e-mod division at the track next season. Across the country the e-mod concept has proven to be highly successful. It is a division with a proven formula of keeping costs down, providing exciting racing and having a fair and uniform set of rules.

It is our intention to provide competitors with a division that is affordable, has readily available parts, and is fun.  The e-mod concept has proven to be successful throughout the country and we feel that introducing this division will help ensure the long term health of racing in this area. Our rules will utilize IMCA style e-mod specifications. We intend to introduce this division next season and intend for it to grow and thrive, providing those who wish to race a great chance to do so. The e-mod concept benefits racers; it is competitive and has common rules across the country. We are committed to the long-term success of local racing and we feel that e-mods will become the intermediate class of the future.

Complete e-mod rules will be posted on this website shortly. Our rules are based on the successful national IMCA concept. One of the difficulties racers face in this day in age is that seemingly every track has a different set of rules for what should be the same division. This issue disappears with the modifieds which have a uniform set of rules across the country. This allows racers to race at any track which they wish without worrying about rules issues. We feel the benefits of e-mods will revitalize racing among those who want to race, but are prevented to due to difficulties with current divisions.

 None of the current divisions will be dropped for the 2013 season. Complete rules for every division are currently being worked on and should be finalized in the next week. No major changes are planned for any division.