Bedford Speedway » 2013 Results


June 1st, 2013
 A wild night of racing at Bedford Speedway Friday night led to a statistical anomoly as all six feature winners were first time Bedford winners.  Rance Garlock led the parade as he scored not only his first Bedford win but his first career Late Model win anywhere.  Curtis Heath won his first Bedford Limited event, Lou Wannyn won the Semi Late 25 lapper, and Jarrod Brown won the Pure Stock race.  Evan Taylor did them one better as he won the Economodified race in his first ever Bedford start before Garrett Watkins won the 4 Cylinder finale in the tech line.
     The Late Model 25 lapper started off wildly as much of the field balled up in a first lap melee.  That crash eliminated Wayne Johnson and Chuck Clise,  and forced Jeff Rine to the pits for repairs, a move that affected the outcome of the race.
    On the second attempt at a start, Cory Weaver was the pole sitter but Rance Garlock shot by before the first lap was completed.  Weaver, then DJ Troutman, then Matt Cosner chased Garlock, but all eyes were on Matt Parks as he came forward from the pack and Rine, who had restarted last.  Rine and Parks were near the top five when Parks mount quit on lap 14, but Rine was still on the move.
     Rine took third on lap 15,  and got by Cosner after a spirited battle on lap 20.  But by that time Garlock had a huge lead and Rine ran out of laps before the end.  Garlock ran perfect laps and was able to score the win by almost a straightaway over Rine at the finish.  Rine took  the hard fought second place finish, followed by Cosner and Troutman.  Chad Hollenbeck came from 14th to score fifth, ahead of Weaver, Matt Sponaugle, Steve Campbell, Eric Zembower and Shawn Claar.   Troutman and Campbell won the heats.
      Ron Bottenfield led the first 11 Limited laps and looked like a first time winner.  Nathan Lasalle and then Curtis Heath chased him hard but Bottenfield held on.  Heath shot by on a lap 12 restart and took over.  Travis Stickley got second a lap later as Bottenfield retired and he chased Heath to the finish of the caution plagued event.  Donnie Farlling rallied to take third at the line followed by Travis Cottle, Larry Foor and Bob Foote.  Dave Leidy and Robby Black, both feature retirees, won the heats.
     Clearly the best race of the night was the extra distance Semi Late event. Front row starters Ryan Beckett and Lou Wannyn went bumper to bumper and side by side  almost from the start.  Added to that pair was Bob Jay and Jim Sayler in the same formation battling for third.  Action was halted on lap 14 as Sayler was struck by something in his car and  action stopped for medical attention.
    When racing resumed, the front  battle did as well.  Wannyn  took the lead on lap 19,  but Beckett fought back.  Becket led  lap 21, but Wannyn took it back on lap 22.  This time he was able to hold Beckett off  to score his first win.   Jay held on for third, ahead of Tom Warren, Chris Chamberlain, Kerry Molovich and Brian Duffy.  Chamberlain and Warren won the heats.
     Evan Taylor made his first Economodified start a good one as he went pole to pole unchallenged.   Dennis Perigo  gave chase but finished second in the event.  Brandon Lasalle, Chris Ramich and Jonathan Taylor trailed.
    Mike Ott led the early stages of the Pure Stock event, but he drew a crowd at the front.  Jarrod Brown was among the chasers and he made his move on lap 8, taking over and leading to the finish.  Dave Riley took second, followed by Ott, Travis Group and Ed Vogel.  Terry Norris and Charlie Walter won the heats.
     The wildest event of the night was the 4 Cylinder finale.  Ryan Peer led early but Casey Fleegle took over on lap 4 as Peer broke.  Fleegle led until he got spun on lap 6, handing the lead to Nick Iski.  Iski was the leader when the curfew ended the race on lap 8,  but he failed in the tech line.  That left first time winner Garrett Watkins in the spotlight for the glory.  In the revised rundown, Jeff VasosRon Valentine, Nathan Altobelli and Jordan Helsel were the top five.  Three of them had started 20th or worse.   Iski, Jarrod Barclay and Pat Breahm were the top five.   Post race activities resulted in vacations for several 4 Cylinder drivers.
LATE MODEL 25 LAPS.1  Rance Garlock,  Jeff Rine,  Matt  Cosner,  DJ Troutman,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Corey Weaver,  Matt Sponaugle,  Steve Campbell,  Eric Zembower,  Shawn Claar,  Chaz Walls,  Matt Parks,  Tom Decker III,  Mike Walls,  Wayne Johnson,  Chuck Clise,  DNS  Travis Cottle.
LIMITED 18 LAPS  1  Curtis Heath,  Travis Stickley,  Donnie Farrling,  Travis Cottle,   Larry Foor,  Bob Foote,  Matt Eckman,  Travis Wilson,  Ron Bottenfield,  Tim Smith,  Dale Claycomb,  Dave Leidy,  Nathan Lasalle,  Dave Troutman,  Robby Black.
SEMI LATE 25 LAP  1  Lou Wannyn,  Ryan Beckett,  Bob Jay,  Tom Warren,  Chris Chamberlain,  Kerry Molovich,  Brian Duffy,  Dave Whetstone,  Jesse Snyder,  Tom Wakefield,  Dennis Collins,  Scott Grubb,  Matt Krause,  Greg Hainsey,  George  Beckett,  Jim Sayler,  Jamie swank  DNS  Mike Lauffer
ECONOMODIFIEDS    1 Evan Taylor,  Dennis Perigo,  Brandon Lasalle,  Craig Ramich,  Jonathan Taylor,  Adam Daniels,  Justin Milburn
PURE STOCK  1  Jarrod Brown,  Dave Riley,  Mike Ott,    Travis Group,  Ed Vogel,  Jim Moreland,  Dave Lambert,  Jim Sacco,  Kadee Smith,   Brad Feight,  Terry Norris,  Greg Beckett,  Bill Ringer,  Ryan Beckett,  Charlie Walter,  Bill Replogle,  Brad Karns,  Trent Clark,  DNS  Bill Noel
4 CYLINDER  1  Garrett Watkins,    Jeff Vasos,  Ron Valentine,  Nathan Altobelli,  Jordan Helsel,  Jon Gephart,  Steve Frederick,  John Diehl.  Nick Zborovancik,  Keith Deeter,  Matt Diehl,  Casey Fleegle,  Dustin Drake,  Wayne Brenise,  Jordan Conrad,  Andrew Pluta,  Pat Breahm,  EJ Johnson,  Robert Pluta,  Bailey Johnson,  Ryan Peer,  Cale Martin,  Jarrod Barclay,  Ian Will,  DQ  Nick Iski