Bedford Speedway » 2013 Results


August 31st, 2013
On a night dedicated to the first ever Bedford Speedway winner 77 years ago, Billy Winn,  Nathan Lasalle became the newest first time Bedford winner Friday night. Lasalle’s big win in the Limited Late Model headliner followed in the footsteps of his famous father, Dion,  who won in four different divisions at the track, as well as uncle Chuck and cousin Brandon, also winners.  Greg Hainsey , who only a week ago won his first ever Semi Late event, returned for a second dose Friday, this one won in the tech line.  Tony Daniels also was a first time winner as he prevailed in the best Economodified race of the year.  Paul Bacchus won the special exhibition of the PenMar classic club, before Ed Vogel and Ryan Peer closed out the evening with wins.
   Nathan Lasalle started on the pole and grabbed the early Limited lead.  The event was slowed by caution for Robby Black on lap three  and Craig Perigo had already worked up into a challenging position on Lasalle.  But Perigo’s night went south as he banked off the wall on the restart and headed pitward with a flat.
    Curtis Heath  assumed second on that restart but Lasalle got away.  Lasalle had a safe lead wiped out by the next caution, thrown for a grinding crash between the elder Lasalle and Devin Fry.  After that cleanup, Lasalle ran off from the chasing Heath for the big win.  Heath took second, ahead of George Dixon, Eric Irvin,  Troy Swindell and Mike Duck.  Perigo and Heath won the heats.
    Although he endured a miserable evening,  Robby Black clinched the 2013 track title.
    Last week Greg Hainsey had to go 20 extra laps to score his Semi Late win.  This week he had to wait 20 extra minutes after the race to get one.  Front row starters (both number 38). Brian Duffy and Mike Lauffer went at it early before a multi car crash slowed things on lap three.   On the restart, Lauffer spun, Duffy fell back and Zabe Weicht took over.  Lou Wannyn moved into second on lap 6 and the pair ran together but Weicht was not headed.  Hainsey, Duffy and Bob Jay battled for third for the duration with Hainsey taking that spot for good on lap 10.
    That move by Hainsey proved fortuitous as after the race both Weicht and second place finisher Wannyn refused to pop their hoods for a tech check.  Hainsey, already loading up,  was eager to return to the tech line and was rewarded with his second win in a row.  The revised rundown had Duffy as second, ahead of Jay, Daniel Farlling, Ryan Beckett and Matt Krause.  Duffu, Lauffer and Beckett won the heats.
    Bill Yohe was the early Economodified leader .  In definitely the best race in that class all season, he was chased by James Sparks and they were  caught from behind by eighth starter Tony Daniels.  After several laps of battle, Daniels got by Sparks for second just before Yohe spun out.  From that point on Daniels ran off to record his first ever Bedford win.  Sparks trailed him, followed by Brandon Lasalle, Adam Daniels and Matt Fulton.
    Eight of the Pen Mar club members arrived with their cars and Paul Bacchus scored that win.  He was followed by Rob Casti, Scott Rickrode and Fred Thompson.
    Ed Vogel led early in Pure Stock action but had to run for his life as point leader Bill Replogle ran him down. After a quick caution on lap three the race went caution free and Vogel was able to hold off every Replogle advance to the end.  Brad Nesline was able to secure third  spot on lap 8 but never closed on the front pair.  Charlie Walter and Terry Norris completed the top five.  Walter and Replogle won the heats.
    As usual the 4 Cylinder finale was the wild race of the night.  Rusty Martin led the first lap, but Wayne Brenize led the next  two.  Ryan Peer took over on lap four but Andrew Pluta got  by on lap 7.  Peer retook the point on lap 10 and held to the finish.  Pat Breahm was elevated to second when Pluta jumped a restart, Brenize and Jeff Vasos completed the top five.  Pluta, Brenize and Peer won the heats.
LIMITED 25 LAP  1   Nathan Lasalle, Curtis Heath,  George Dixon,  Eric Irvin,Troy Swindell,  Mike Duck,  Ron Bottenfield,  Matt Eckman,  Kayden Smith,  Greg Fetters,  Ed Rockwell,  Ralph Morgan,  Craig Perigo,  Donnie Farlling,  Devin Fry,  Dion Lasalle,  Bryan Benton,  Robby Black,  DNS  Scott Daniels.
SEMI LATE  15 LAPS  1  Greg Hainsey,  Brian Duffy,  Bob Jay,  Daniel Farlling,  Ryan Beckett,  Matt Krause,  Kerry Molovich,  Jim Sacco,  Rick Wright,  Tom Wakefield,  Dave Whetstone,  Mike Lauffer,  Jimmy Iser,  Jesse Snyder,  Jim Sayler,  Tom Warren,  Chris Chamberlain,  George Beckett,  Don Wyles,  DQ  Zane Weicht,  Lou Wannyn
ECONOMODIFIED  12 LAPS  1  Tony Daniels,  James Sparks,  Brandon Lasalle,  Adam Daniels,  Adam Fulton,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Bill Yohe,  Justin Milburn,  Rob Varner,
PEN MAR 15LAP  1  Paul Bacchus,  Rob Castri,  Scott Rickrode,  Fred Thompson,  Rick Pastor,  Glen Pobletts,  Mark Weigle,  Stew Wenrich.
PURE STOCKS  12LAPS  1  Ed Vogel,  Bill Replogle,  Brad Nesline,  Charlie Walter,  Terry Norris,  Tyler Alkire,  Brad Fieght,  Dave Riley,  Justin Michael,  Jim Moreland,  Dave Lambert,  Trent Clark,  Kaynen Smith,  Greg Beckett,  Jim Ringer,  Bill Noll,  Travis Group,  Josh McClellan, Kyle Beckett,
4 CYLINDERS  12 LAPS  1  Ryan Peer,  Pat Breahm,  Andrew Pluta,  Wayne Brenize,  Jeff Vasos,  Rusty Martin,  Cale Martin,  Brandon Conrad,  EJ Johnson,  Bailey Johnson,  John Diehl,  Phil Best,  Dave Harclerode,  Nick Zborovancik,  Jordan Helsel,  Mike Meck,  Stan Muir,  Tom Brady,  Keith Deeter,  Nathan Altobelli,  Garrett Watkins,  Matt Diehl,