Bedford Speedway » 2013 Results


September 29th, 2013
 Six happy feature winners closed the 2013 season at Bedford as Fallfest drew to a close Saturday night.
Included among the winners were two track champions, Robby Black in the the Limited event, and Bill Replogle in the  Pure stock race.  Big winners also won as  Jonathan Taylor bested the largest modified field of the year to earn his fifth win of the season and Ryan Peer took his third 4 Cylinder win.  Two first timers emerged as Jamie Swank survived to score the Semi Late win and Roger Irvine took the 305 sprint event
     Robby Black survived a crashfest to score his sixth Limited win  in their 35 lap headliner.  Josh Berrier was the early leader with Ron Bottenfield second.  Multi car crashes and frequent cautions dotted the early laps as Berrier led.,  Andy Anderson worked his way into second  with Black in third  until a restart after another multi car crash on lap nine caused the red flag..  On the restart Anderson and Berrier collided with Anderson retiring.
    After early race chaos, the field settled down and Black took over from Berrier on lap  19,  Just before Eric Irvin slammed the first turn wall,  flipped, and had a small fire,     causing another red flag to fly.  That break seemed to settle the field as  the remaining 15 laps ran off cleanly with Black running off to a big lead.   Craig Perigo avoided all the mayhem and completed his march from 18th starting position by moving into second on lap 26, but he never closed on Black who won easily.  Kyle Lee also had an eventful evening, coming from 15th and a trip to the pits  to take third  over Berrier and Bottenfield at the end.  Heats were won by Mike Altobelli, Black and Anderson.
    The Semi Late 35 lapper was the take of two races.  The field started with 21  green flag laps  with Tom Warren getting off to a large lead.  That all changed  after a caution for Dave Whetstone.  On the restart,the three cars behind Warren, Bob Jay, Jim Sayler and Lou Wayann got together,collecting 11 others. That set the stage for the chaos that was the last 14 laps.
    Sayler did not stop in that mayhem and was second when Warren’s  car came up lame on lap 25.  Jamie Swank was second chasing Sayler, and they were caught by Bob Jay and Mike Franklin who blasted through the rapidly depleted field.  Saylor held on through five more caution breaks although Swank was all over him.  Twice Swank was up to his door, but he could not complete the pass.
     Sayler  fought off Swank between cautions, then added one of his own as he spun  on lap 34.  Jay was also collected along with a few others.  But Swank had the lead.  On the one lap shootout,  Swank held off Franklin for the  big win.  Greg Hainsey, George Beckett and Jim Sacco trailed, the only cars to complete all 35 laps.Beckett and Hainsey won the heats.
    Skip Daugherty was the early leader in the 305 event.  Roger Irvine hunted him down and took over on lap 6.  Jeff Miller took second on lap nine after the only caution of the race.  Although Miller closed often when the pair ran through lapped traffic,  Irvine led to the finish ahead of Miller, Brian Walker,  Steve Kennewell and Ryan Lynn.  Kennewell and Miller won the heats.
     Jonathan Taylor jumped into the Economodified lead at the start and led the distance  Deanna Groves chased him for the duration and finished there, ahead of .   Evan Taylor  Matt Quade and Dennis Perigo.  Like the sprints, this event featured only a single caution.  Groves and Jonathan won the heats.
    If Bill Replogle hold to his retirement plans, he finished in style with a big win.  Bill Noll led  at the start but Ed Vogel took over.  He led as Replogle and Travis Group picked their way through the field.  Vogel held on through a few minor cautions until both Group and Replogle got by on a lap 26 restart.
   Replogle, as he has done so many times before, rallied late to slide by Group on lap 29, and hold to the finish.  Group was second.  Vogel, who slid as far back as fifth at one point, rallied back for third at the end,  ahead of Charlie Walter and Noll.  Justin Michael Trent Clark and Noll won the heats.
   Keeping with the mood of the evening, the 4Cylinder finale was a slugfest.  12 cautions dotted the 20 lapper as action was everywhere.  Ryan Peer led from the start with Nick Iski in hot pursuit.  The pair ran that was from the start to the end,  with Dustin Drake and Robert Pluta, who started 24th and 25th closing at the end.Bailey Johnson was fifth.  Iski and Peer won the heats.
LIMITEDS 35 LAPS  1  Robby Black,  Craig Perigo,  Kyle Lee,  Josh Berrier,  Ron Bottenfield,  Travis Calhoun,  Chaz Walls,  Nathan Lasalle,  Bryce Stevens,  Mike Laughard,  Dion Lasalle,  Troy Swindell,  Kaydee Smith,  Dave Stamm,  Bryan Benton,  Joe Moyer,  Eric Irvin,  Larry Foor,  Mike Altobelli,  Andy Anderson,  Ralph Morgan,  Justin Weaver.    DNS  Bob Foote, Curtis Heath,  Buddy Jones,  George Dixon.
SEMI LATES 35 LAPS   1  Jamie Swank,  Mike Franklin,  Greg Haimsey,  George  Beckett,  Jim Sacco,  Jim Sayler,  Bob Jay,  Donnie Farlling,  Justin Bonnett,  Kerry Molovich,  Tom Warren,  Jesse Snyder,  Lou Wayann,  Mike Grady,  Dave Whetstone,  Dennis Collins,  Buddy Fickes,  DNS  Zane Weicht, Joe Collins.
305SPRINTS  20 LAPS  1  Roger Irvine,  Jeff Miller,  Brian Walker,  Steve Kennewell,  Ryan Lynn,  Skip Daugherty,  Anthony Fiore,  Joe Zap,  Dusty Shatzer,  Nicole Walker,  Greg Bertchy,  Ron Aurand,  Dan Sotosky,  Rossie Bartchey,  Jeff Bacha,  Ed Messaro,  Jim Kennedy,  Todd Lynn
ECONOMODIFIEDS  20 LAPS  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Deanna Groves,  Evan Taylor,  Matt Quade,  Dennis Perigo,  Dale Smith,  Mike Reynolds,  James Sparks,  Ryne Pennington,  Bruce Breistadt,  Brandon Lasalle,  Matt Fulton,  Adam Daniels,  Justin Milburn
PURE STOCKS  35 LAPS  1  Bill Replogle,  Travis Group,  Ed Vogel,  Charle Walter,  Bill Noll,  Willy Ling,  Rod Mock,  Trent Clark,   RT Troutman,  Tyler Ritchey,  Jarrod Brown,  Dave Riley,  Dave Lambert,  Devin Weyandt,  Tyler Alkine,  Justin Michael,  Dakota Foor,  Kyle Beckett,   DNS  Mike Sigele, Terry Mitchell,  Brandon Fickes4
    CYLINDER 20 LAPS  1  Ryan Peer  Nick Iski,  Dustin Drake, Robert Pluta,  Bailey Johnson,  Dave Harclerode,  Phil Best,  Irv Fleegle,  Wayne Brenize,  Jan Dibert,  Mike Meck,  Dustin Kinser,  Dan Jackson,  EJ Johnson,  Pat Breahm,  Austin Nichols,  Doug Hostettler,  Andrew Pluta,  Brandon Conrad,  Rusty Martin,  Nathan Altobelli,  Justin Queen,  Tom Brady,  Cale Martin,  Jordan Helsel,  Steven Shore