Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


May 3rd, 2014
The Three State Flyers invaded the Bedford Speedway Friday night but it was track regular Jeff Rine in Victory Lane after the 35 lap event.  For Rine, who went all of 2013 winless at the track, it was the second win in a row in 2014 and the 14th of his Bedford career.  In other action, Lou Wannyn took the Semi Late event, Jonathan Taylor won the Economodified race and Charlie Walter won the Pure Stock nightcap.
    Jim Yoder brought the field to the green but it was Matt Cochran ahead at the end of the first lap.  Cochran led relatively easily through 4 early cautions, each for minor events, but third place starter Rine, who took second on lap three was in pursuit.   Cochran took off after what would become the event’s last restart on lap 9, but , after losing ground early, Rine began to close.
    Rine took several looks on lap 12 but on lap 14 he blew by Cochran for the lead, then proceeded to run away from the field over the last 20 all green flag laps.  While Rine was ahead, the battle was raging back in the field.   Kenny Pettyjohn took up the chase on Cochran but he was passed for third by Jason Covert on lap 17.  They both ran down Cochran but it was Pettyjohn who got by first, moving to second on lap 23.
     While that action was going on behind Rine, Matt Sponaugle and D J Troutman were climbing through the field and Dan Stone was on a romp forward after starting 19th.  Stone excited the    crowd with full blast passes on the outside of cars almost every lap.
     At the finish, it was Rine with the convincing win,  ahead of Pettyjohn, Covert and Stone, who got by Cochran on the last lap for fourth.  DJ Troutman, Matt Sponaugle, Davey Johnson, Brian Tavenner, and Greg Satterlee completed the top 10.  Rine, Pettyjohn, Covert and Cochran won the heats, Jim Yoder won the B main.
    Jesse Snyder led the Semi Late field to the green, but it was Lou Wannyn leading the first lap.  Snyder got by to lead lap two but Wannyn took it back the next lap and led tp the finish.  Snyder had his hands full holding off a mob as Jim Sayler Greg Cornell and later Bob Jay  ran in a pack together for the spot.  A lap 14 caution set up a one lap dash to the finish but Wannyn held on for the win.  Snyder held off the gang for second while Jay returned from a mid race spin to take third at the line.  Ryan Beckett and Justin Michael completed the top 5.  Beckett and Saylor won the heats.
     It was another Taylor family reunion in Economodified Victory lane.  This time it was Jonathan making it look easy going pole to pole for the win.  Vic Vandergrift chased him early until Evan Taylor got by for second on lap nine.  At the finish it was Jonathan, Evan, Vandergrift, Tony Daniels and Dave Brown in the top 5.  Jonathan and Vandergrift won the heats.
     The Pure Stock event stopped before it started as the field balled up in turn 4  on the first lap.  After that cleanup, Dave Lambert led the field to the green and was the early leader.  Travis Group and Charlie Walter ran him down and put on a three way battle until contact sent Group spinning down the backstretch on lap five.  Lambert  led on the restart but Walter got by  on lap ten to take the win.  Dave Riley put on a late race charge to take second at the line, ahead of Ed Vogel, Lambert and Denny Norris.   Terry Norris and Preston Imler won the heats.
LATE MODEL 35 LAP 1  Jeff Rine, Kenny Pettyjohn.  Jason Covert, Dan Stone,  Matt Cochran,  DJ Troutman,  Matt Sponaugle,  Davey Johnson,  Brian Tavenner,  Greg Satterlee,  Dylan Yoder,  Tim Wilson,  Mike Altobelli,  Travis Cottle,  Rance Garlock,  Jim Yoder,  Wayne Johnson,  Matt Cosner,  Justin Kann,  Mason Zeigler,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Shawn Claar,  Matt Parks,  Chuck Clise,  Travis Wilson,  DNS  Tom Decker III, Tom Decker Jr,  Alicia Fox,  Eric Zembower,  Kerry King Jr,  Trevor Feathers,  Bo Feathers, Jerry Bard, Ron Delano.
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Lou Wannyn, Jesse Snyder,  Bob Jay,  Ryan Beckett,  Justin Michael,  Greg Cornell,.  Jim Saylor,  RT Troutman,  Paul Gambol,  Scott Sturtz,  Justin Bonnett,  Kerry Molovich,  Dave Whetstone,  DNS  Brian Duffy
ECONOMODIFIED 15 LAP  1 Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Vic Vandergrift,  Tony Daniels,  Dave Brown,  George Bekett,  Brandon Lasalle,  Derek Graybill,  Alyassa Rowe,  Adam Daniels,  Ryne Pennington
PURE STOCK 12 LAP  1 Charlie Walter,  Dave Riley,  Ed Vogel,  Dave Lambert,  Denny Norris,  Kyle Beckett,  Terry Norris,  Brad Nesline,  Travis Group,  Brad Feight,  Jarrod Brown,  Rod Mock,  Matt Diehl,  Shayann Bard,  Brad McClellan, Bill Noll,   Shawn Shoemaker,  Tim Brown,  Greg Beckett,  Amber Mills,  Dalota Foor,  DNS  Stan Muir,  Preston Imler.