Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


May 24th, 2014
 Gregg Satterlee  scored his first ever Bedford Speedway feature win as the Three State Fliers invaded the track Friday night.  The win made Satterlee the 131st different LM winner in the long history of the track and came in convincing fashion.  In other Friday action, Lou Wannyn wired the Semi Late field, Jonathan Taylor won the Emod race and Travis Group won the destructive Pure Stock event,  before third generation driver Bailey Johnson scored his first ever 4 Cylinder race.
   Chuck Clise led the Late Model field to the green but it was Andy Haus ahead on the first lap.  Although Haus opened up an early distance on the field,  Kenny Pettyjohn closed quickly and took over on lap 4.  Several quick cautions closed up the field, coming on lap 5, 7 and 9, but Pettyjohn got away from Haus and the field each time.
     A lengthy caution flew on lap 16 as the cars of Tim Wilson and Chad Hollenbeck tangled and got hooked together in turn 4 in what would be the last slowdown of the event.
    On that restart, Pettyjohn led Haus and a fast closing Gregg Satterlee who had previously run down the leaders.  On lap 17, Satterlee got by Haus for second and chased after Pettyjohn.  The pair battled for several laps, but Satterlee blew by on lap 23 and never looked back.      Haus meanwhile fell back into the clutches of Justin Kann and Jason Covert as he held on to third,
    Satterlee stretched out the field over the last ten laps, dancing in and out of lapped traffic but never looking back.   At the finish it was Satterlee by a straightaway over Pettyjohn, Haus, Kann, Covert and Jeff Rine, who was looking for a fourth consecutive Bedford win.  Colby Frye, Matt Sponaugle, Vic Coffey and DJ Troutman completed the top 10.
    Sponaugle, Pettyjohn, and Kann won the heats.  Troutman won the B.
     Ryan Beckett led the first Semi Late lap but Lou Wannyn got by on lap two.  From that point on, Wannyn stayed ahead of the 6 car mob fighting for second.  A few minor cautions slowed the action but  Wannyn was never headed.   Jim Saylor prevailed late coming from eighth to take second on lap 12, but he did not close on Wannyn  by the finish.   Behind Wannyn and sayler were Beckett, Greg Hainsey Greg Cornell and Bob Jay.  .Jesse Snyder and Sayler won the heats
   New class convert Daniel Cornman led the first few Economodified laps, but like so many times before, Jonathan Taylor ran the leader down and took over.  Dennis Perigo returned from an early race spin to chase Taylor and claim second at the line, followed by Brandon Lasalle , Alyssia Rowe and Cornman.
    Amber Mills led the first few Pure Stock laps before Travis Group got by on lap 4.  The entire field was stopped one lap later as Jimmy Moreland got loose and a massive crash filled the frontstretch.  Moreland got collected and began flipping wildly  in front of the crowd collecting the cars of Tyler Alkine and Dave Lambert, who caught fire.
     On the restart, Group held on to the lead although Charlie Walter rallied late and challenged.  Walter settled for second ahead of Ed Vogel and Dave Riley who came from 10th and 16th respectively.  Kyle Beckett ran fifth.  Mills and Group won the heats.
    Bailey Johnson, grandson of legendary Late Model driver Wayne Johnson, Survived a wild last lap charge to win his first ever 4 Cylinder event.   Cale Martin led early before Johnson took over on lap 5.  At that point Johnson led as Andrew Pluta came from 16th to chase him down.  Pluta was all over the leader and the two actually tangled on the last lap with hard contact,  But Johnson kept his car heading straight and ran to the finish. Ryan Peer came to finish second, ahead of Martin, Tom Brady and Wayne Brenize.  Martin and  Peer won the heats.
.LATE MODEL 35 LAPS  1  Gregg Satterlee,  Kenny Pettyjohn,  Andy Haus,  Justin Kann,  Jason Covert,  Jeff Rine,  Colby Frye,  Matt Sponaugle,  Vic Coffey,  DJ Troutman,  Mike Altobelli J,  Jared Miley,  Waynr Johnson,.  Tim Wilson,  Travis Cottle,  Austin Hubbard   Travis Wilson,  Rance Garlock,  Eric Zembower,  Jack Pencil,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Tom Decker Jr,  Chuck Clise,  Matt Cosner,  Tom Decker III  DNS  Alissia Fox,  Matt Parks.
SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Lou Wannyn,  Jim sayler,  Ryan Beckett,  Greg Hainsey,  Greg Cornell,  Bob Jay,  Justin Michael,  Brian Duffy,  Chad Gambol,  Jesse Snyder,  Scott Sturtz,  Tyler Beckett,  Vigi Zucollotto Jamie Kohan,  Jim sacco
ECONOMODIFIED 12 LAPS  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Dennis Perigo,  Brandon Lasalle, Alyssia Rowe,  Daniel Cornman,  Dave Brown
PURE STOCK 12 LAP  1  Travis Group,  Charlie Walter,  Ed Vogel,  Dave Riley,  Kyle Beckett,  Amber Mills,  Bill Noll,  Denny Norris,  Terry Norris,  Matt Diehl,  Shawn Wyles,  Josh McClellan,  Cale Leppert,  Tyler Alkire,  Jim Moreland  Dave Lambert,  Brad Feight.
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Bailey Johnson,  Ryan Peer,  Cale Martin,  Tom Brady,  Wayne Brenize,  Dave Harclerode,  Steve Riggleman,  Chris Reckner,  Andrew Pluta,  Robert Pluta,  Dustin Drake,  Dustin Kinser,  Brandon Conrad,  Josh Datko,  Neil Bauer J,  David Grimm,  Robert Shore,  DNS  Ian Will,  Steve Frederick