Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


May 17th, 2014
    It was a night of repeaters in the headline races at Bedford Friday night.  Robbie Stillwaggon returned to repeat  his 2013 win in the exciting URC event while Jeff Rine prevailed for a photo finish to take his third Late Model win in a row at the track.  In other action, Jim Sayler won the Semi Late event, Dennis Perigo won the Economodifed race and Ryan Peer took the 4 Cylinder nightcap.
     Randy West led the URC sprints to the start and was the early leader.  West was ahead when the field went red for a Brad Franks flip in turn three  and ran off a bit from the field on the restart.  But Stillwaggon was on the march, running third already.  It took four laps after the restart for Stillwaggon to get by Brian Carber for second and the race was on.
     Each lap Stillwaggon closed and on lap 12 he struck to take the lead.West stayed in the game though and got a second wind.  After a quick caution on lap 15, West struck back and retook the lead on lap 17.  
   Stillwaggon the challenger chased the leader and after a bit of side by side action he once again prevailed for the lead on lap 20.  After that he ran off for a 10 length win at the finish.
    West ran second, ahead of Ed Aikin, Dave Franek, Carber and Joe Trenca.   Stillwaggon and Frenek won the heats.  The first heat was highlighted when Kevin Darling got over the second turn wall without flipping.  He was able to start the feature.
      Jeff Rine took 24 and 99 hundredths laps to get his third consecutive Bedford win.  He started eighth in the field which was led to the green by Chad Hollenbeck .  Hollernbeck ran off from the field early as Rine climbed forward.  He was only up to fifth as the field took the halfway flags, but closing.  He got by Mike Altobelli then Chuck Clise on lap 16 but was then well behind Hollenbeck and second running Matt Cosner.
      A yellow for a spinning Travis Wilson on lap 17 closed the field, and Rine got by Cosner one lap later.  In two laps he was all over Hollenbeck but could not get by.   As the white flag flew, Rine went for one last run at the leader.  The pair came off the fourth turn for the finish side by side digging for the line .  After checking the photo, it was determined that Rine prevailed by inches at the line for his 15th career win.  He became the first Bedford threepeater since Scott Rhodes did the trick in 2003.
    Behind the photo finishers, Cosner took third, ahead oof Matt Sponaugle, Chuck Clise, Altobelli.DJ Troutman, Keith Barbara and Eric Zembower.  Clise and Tim Fedder won the heats.
      Jim Sayler came from the pack to claim the Semi Late win.  Brian Duffy was the early leader but he attracted a mob at the front.  Sayler emerged from that four car chase action to prevail over Duffy on lap 10.  From that point he got away from the field as Duffy fought off the herd. At the finish it was Sayler, ahead of Duffy, Bob Jay, Greg Hainsey, Ryan Beckett and Greg Cornell.  Cornell and Duffy won the heats.
    Dennis Perigo prevailed over the small Economodified field.  He guy by George Beckett for the lead on lap 2 and held the distance.  Brandon Lasalle, Alyssia Rowe and Adam Daniels trailed.
    Ryan Peer went pole to pole in the 4 Cylinder event.  He was chased the distance by Dustin Drake who settled for second.  Baile Johnson rallied for his best career finish at third, followed by Ian Will and Tom Brady.  Peer and Robert Pluta won the heats.
URC  25 LAPS  1  Robbie Stillwaggon, Randy West,  Ed Aikin,  dave Franek,  Brian Carber,  Joe Tranca,  Will Eggiman,  Josh Weller,  Nate Snyder,  Chad Trout,  Jimmy Stitzel,  Troy Betts,  Dan Mazy,  Jonathan Swanson,  Eric Riggins,  Kevin Darling,  Wes Irwin,  Scott Lutz,  Brad Franks. David Swanson.
LATE MODELS 25 LAPS  1  Jeff Rine,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Matt Cosner,  Matt Sponaugle,  Chuck Clise,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  DJ Troutman,  Keith Barbara,  Eric Zembower,  Gene Knaub,  Tyler Castle,  Tom Decker III, Curtis Heath,  Travis Cottle,  Travis Wilson,  Tim Fedder,  Alissia Fox,  Wayne Johnson,  DNS Tom Decker Jr.
SEMI LATES… 1  Jim Sayler,  Brian Duffy,  Bob Jay,  Greg Hainsey,  Ryan Beckett,  Greg Cornell,  Jesse Snyder,  Justin Michael,  Scott Sturtz,  Kerry Molovich,  RT Troutman,  DNS Dave Whetstone
ECONOMODIFIEDS  12 LAPS  1  Dennis Perigo,  BrandonLasalle,  Alyssia Rowe,  George Beckett, Adan Daniels,  Vic Vandergrift.
4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  1  Ryan Peer,  Dustin Drake,  Bailey Johnson,  Ian Will,  Tom Brady,  Mike Meck,  Steve Riggleman,  Josh Ringler,  Cale Martin,  Will Wellman,  Andrew Pluta,  Wayne Brenize,  Dave Harclerode,  Rusty Martin,  Robert Pluta,  Garrett Watkins,  Jeff Vasos,  Chris Reckner,  DNS..  Dustin Kinser,  Dalmer Ryan,  Joe Shorr,